How to destroy 127 iPhones in 3 minutes

By , Jan 29, 2013

Just like that…

And yes, these are counterfeits, but it still hurt, doesn’t it?

[Unkrainian iPhone]

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  • Chris Eko


    • Maxim∑

      counterfeit fake iPhones

  • Maxim∑


    “A large consignment of counterfeit iPhones had been destroyed by the Office of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Directorate of the MOI of Russia for the Amur region.”

  • Zorvage

    Oh my God! They should have gave me some of them :(

    I’m gunna hold my iPhone 5 very close to me and pray for the fallen ones tonight.

  • imot65

    F***G CRIMINAAAAAAaaaaAAaaaaaaAAaaaLS!!!!!!!!

  • Tob.

    Look at 0:43. They are fakes. Camera-Ring is not the original one, also the “iPhone”-Text is not the original. Maybe only the Backcovers are fake or they are all fakes.

    • Maxim∑

      it also says it in the description…………..

    • seyss

      really Einstein

  • Zachary Kratochwill

    Waste of money.

  • e420Kush

    So stupid. What a waste of a bunch of good iPhones!! I could make some loot selling those on eBay!!!

  • 〖✞ɑʟɑɳ♚〗

    And not a single fuck was given that day.

  • Christian Calgie

    they are fake – the camera is different and the legal stuff at the bottom is wrong (0:43)

  • brch gbgd

    It is not iPhones. China copyes of iPhone.

  • Eddy

    Whats the context behind this video? Are they stolen and this is how the police dispose of them? Seems like a massive waste no matter what the reason is.

  • Zachary Kratochwill

    Fake, Translation:

    Уничтожение контрафактных айфонов = Destruction of counterfeit iPhones

  • Razick Rilshad

    Fake phones

  • Tob.

    They are fake. Look at 0:43, wrong Camera-ring and wrong font for “iPhone”.

  • Andreas Müller

    why oh why…..
    any russian speaking human who can translate ? I want to know why one would do that. There is absolutely NO reason…or I just don’t get it.

    edit: okay these are counterfeits, then thats okay :-)

  • Liam Googolplex Merlyn

    I never understood this, what was the point? It wasn’t funny or smart or interesting, absolutely no good came from this. It’s just morons with way to much money

  • Eddy

    Translated the description in video…
    “A large consignment of counterfeit iPhones had been destroyed by the Office of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Directorate of the MOI of Russia for the Amur region.
    Excavator ride on expensive devices: 127 iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.
    No tears will not look.”
    So they’re not real iPhones? They sure look real.

    • Sebastien

      Yes of course they are fake. Why would they destroy real iPhones? It still hurts pretty bad though :/

      • sadaN

        Why of course??? No one’s suppose to know anything here…

      • Icecoolg

        That was until google translate was invented :)

    • Adam D

      Looking legitimate is the aim of fake devices – most of the time you only find out it’s fake once you turn it on and notice the horrible OS.

  • Bladimir Slavik

    What the f**k man what is the problem with this guys

  • Omar Zaldivar

    those are counterfits….you can tell so because they all have the storage capacity printed in the backplate…original ones don’t…….just saying

  • Thomas

    Why this kolaveri di?

    • Ishaan Malhotra

      Though this song is from my country, it pisses me off!!

  • babybaby95

    They could just give us all these 127 iPhones in 3 mins instead of destroying it… Waste money and that is one of the reason why it sell out so fast… … … -.-‘

  • Alatoerka

    Fake iPhones, but it still hurts!

    You can sell those iPhone’s parts on eBay! Waste of money!

  • Kevin

    I’m glad I actually know Russian, since it says its the destruction of fake iPhones. Anyways, I almost cried before I read the description on the video.

    • piti4ek

      Who said its fake iPhones? I mean yes, they are fake, but the man on video says the are from Apple.

  • Раиль Хабибуллин

    fake iphones 100%

  • UnlockBoot


  • Mohammad Ridwan


  • yan

    cruncky sound

  • Tomoshi

    iPhone Copy

  • burlow

    at least turn one on! i’d love to see what OS they run

  • Kurt

    makes me think about the chinese boy who gave up his kidney to buy and iphone 4 and ipad 1. sad.

  • jorith

    That the way to recycle… ow wait not its not…. F russia

  • keparat energik

    why dont blender it??

  • Sejad Jr Sejdic

    In Russian, iPhones destroy you!

  • tarek

    these are fake iphones from china so no problem

  • Guest

    They are fake

  • Anass El Janati

    fake iphones !