Well, that was a bit unexpected. Apple just released iOS 6.1 beta 5 to developers. The release comes just hours before the previous beta, beta 4, was scheduled to expire.

As we noted in a previous post, this is only the second time that Apple has released a fifth build for a non-major iOS update. Developers can head over to the development portal now to download the latest beta release.

It’s a bit weird that Apple released the beta on a Saturday evening, but as mentioned, it’s a bit more odd that this isn’t a golden master release like we expected.

This proves to be disappointing, because it means it pushes out the window for an iOS 6.1 jailbreak release a bit further. It’s widely expected that the team working on the iOS 6.1 and iPhone 5 untethered jailbreak won’t budge before iOS 6.1 is public.

Still, as we always do, we plan on providing you with a tutorial that shows how to jailbreak the iOS 6.1 beta as soon as we can.

In the meantime, let me know what you think in the comments section.

  • When does this one expire?

    • According to twitter, it doesn’t.

  • Annoyance. Can the jb team confirm that thier jb still works on this beta?

    • Well, I think they should keep quiet about that. I love information, but apple also gets the information that we get.

  • man what a Fruity Company lol

  • It’s official. We’re in a stalemate between apple and the evad3rs.

    • What part about “official” is it that you do not understand?

  • Fuc* come on Apple. Screw the beta. Just release

  • NoBrainer

    Ohh come on Apple!! Do you know how much i miss Cydia on my iPhone 5?? I tell you how much. I miss it so much that i took my girlfriend’s iPhone 4 and jailbroke it just to see whats new… Beta 5 is a real bitch move.

    • addictive cydia go in it 2ice a day on my 4s

    • FabianPVD

      Can’t miss something that was never there..

      • NoBrainer

        Yes you can, the iPhone 4 was mine before. Furthermore i have been using iPhones for around 5 years and jailbroke my devices since the first jailbreak was released. I only bought myself an iPhone 5 because i was hoping that it wont take very long for a jailbreak to release..

      • I think he was referring to the “Cydia on my iPhone 5” part.

      • I think he means not being able to use cydia on his 5.

  • I bet apple is just trying to drag time or delay progress by releasing builds.. Because apple can take this chance to dig out exploits

    • JamesR624

      Exactly. The stupidest thing the Evad3rs did was release their plans. Apple checks these things and are now not going to release 6.1 until they release the jailbreak for 6.0 so Apple can patch the exploits.

      • Todd Young

        Ahh… no. The hackers are under no pressure to release their jailbreak, and Apple doesn’t hold up a release just for a couple of guys.

      • bloodshed

        i strongly disagree, Evad3rs can wait a couple of weeks, months..so can we (thu it’s a bit harsh)..but Apple cannot.
        hell to Apple if Evad3rs can screw up its schedule and plans.

      • Falk M.

        lol 😀

  • At the time of this comment, it’s unavailable OTA

  • Oh man, Apple is driving me nuts. Come on and release 6.1 already. We are itching for a jailbreak.

  • Some people must thought beta 4 is the last beta and got ready for new Jailbreak tool lmao

  • Guest

    is there a site where i can download it? I rememeber the days where you could simply grab it from IMZDL, but since it’s not providing anything new…where do i get betas from now?

    • christodouluke

      You don’t

  • wonderboydave

    cant wait! fuuuuu…..

  • SimonReidy

    Just how amazing is 6.1 supposed to be? Given Apple are taking so long on it? (answer: not amazing at all for stock iOS users, but mind-blowing for jailbreakers).

    Unless there’s still OS bugs to iron out, it’s hard to understand why they need this many betas (unless it’s simply designed to delay iOS6 jailbreaking as long as possible?)


    Beta again , Comon apple this is Sucks We Want That Jailbreak
    Cant live in your Jail

    • “Can’t live in your jail.”

      Then why do you own an iPhone?

    • why? pay ones in your life for an app… don’t steal forever..

      • Bruce Lee

        Why do you think that he’ll use it to pirate? Don’t assume things, Jackass.

      • rosssimpson

        Bruce Lee is correct. Don’t assume anything.

      • Jailbreak is not about stealing apps for god sake!

        If you want to steal an app there are tons of other options like 25PP

        Jailbreak is all about tweaks and cool apps. I can’t live without ScummVM for example and SwipeSelection

  • rosssimpson

    Wasn’t more LTE support meant to be released next week? How’s that going to happen without an upgrade to 6.1? Unless this beta just lasts days?

    • That does not need a software update to get it but rather a Carrier update will do

      • rosssimpson

        Fair point 🙂

      • You are wrong actually people in my country can’t get LTE support unless they have IOS 6.1 beta 2 or above.
        So I’m pretty sure that apple needs to support it.
        I cant wait to have LTE on my iphone. Come on APPLE.

  • Jdoc


  • Tbh, I think I’d rather wait a little longer than have an iOS version that’s filled with bugs

  • Kind of sucks they didn’t released the Golden Master Seed
    But at least they not willing to cause the developers to be troubled when the beta 4 expire and have to restore to 6.0.1/6.0.2 and can’t get back their backup

  • this is bull shit. even after 5 beta’s you know they will release it then a week later 6.1.1 will be out to fix something…….. so stop with the beta playing game. its fine. i bet there was no changes from beta 4 to 5

  • Lorenzo Adler

    When will iOS 6.1 Beta 5 expire?

  • @i0n1c: “Interesting thing about the iOS 6.1 Beta 5 release is that it has the build ID of a final, not that of a beta.”

  • doesnt matter

    i agree with the public wanting the JB but the ones that announced that there is a JB should of just kept their mouths shut until the 6.1 was out then released the jb, so i blame the JB team for opening their fucking mouths damn it

    • Show some respect gentleman.

      • You can bet, the above complainer will be 1st in line to take the new JB tools even after his disrespect. So sad.

      • bloodshed

        yeah wish there’s a chance to prevent him from using it..bastard

      • petros

        My wife is desperate for a jailbreak cause i dont give her my jb 4s and from what i see i’ll never do

      • Perfectly said. Thump up for both of you my friends!

      • Lol dats true.. :p I wonder who gave that 1 thumbs up o_O

  • Apple releasing iOS 6.1, beta 5 is HUGE news. This means they (Apple) actually read twitter and iOS blogs because there is no other reason to release another beta for 6.x. In my honest opinion, The Evad3rs shouldn’t have told the public they have an iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak. They showed their card too soon in excitement.

    • No reason ? who are you to say this ?
      I’ll give you a reason, maybe the newsstand glitch ?

      I don’t think it’s because of some tweets from JB… They’ve always known there is a jailbreak coming at some point -_-‘

  • Liam Mulcahy

    No!!!!!! I wanted the ios 6.1 GM so we could have the untethered jailbreak

  • I guarantee you this is Apple’s way of stalling the jailbreak, and it pisses me off. Now Apple and Jailbreak devs are in a waiting battle… first one to cave loses, but either way, jailbreakers lose first. :p

  • Cody M

    i cant get the software update it is running ios 6.1 beta 4 but I cant get beta 5 on my ipod touch 5g

    • Are you doing via iTunes or OTA?

      • It is not available either place. It was released to developers only.
        Please read the information.

    • As far as I can tell, the OTA update isn’t live yet. I have the same situation on my iPhone 4S, iPad 3, and 5th Generation iPod touch. You can either wait for the OTA update to be released or go to the Dev Center

  • Goddamit all to heck! I need to update my iPad so I can finally use the iOS 6+ version of Procreate! But obviously I won’t update at the cost of my jailbreak! 🙁

    • yesterday i got tired of waiting XD

  • It’s amazing how many whingy bitches there are in this world who aren’t happy with iOS 5….or an iPhone 4S.

    Such demanding little law breakers–and before you start with the cries of “It’s not illegal”, just remember there are more countries in the world then just the USA.

    I wonder how many down votes I can receive and how many negative comments I can receive for this comment, but think about it…you all are demanding something that just doesn’t exist so stop complaining because it will happen when it happens.

  • Ronald Weaver

    I know it kinda sucks but I’m patient. Hopefully it might help us get a more stable iOS and jailbreak. : )

  • maverickmax

    learnt my lesson long time ago:” ‘NEVER’ update after the latest jailbreak”words to live by xD

  • Anyone know the changelog?

    • Angry at Jeff Benjamin for not posting it out.

      • From what I hear there is no changelog and this is the gm

  • Come on apple release 6.1 asap

  • Who cares, I’m making beef stew and dumplings for tea!

  • Zugo

    How long should I wait ipad 3 jailbreak.??

  • Just want cydia on my iphone 5 so i can have zephyr.

  • El_cano2008

    The Evad3rs was so kind of stupid telling apple to hurry up relishing IOS 6.1 nowing that apple will try to not aloud a jailbreak! Is a old saying “In close mouth the flys don’t come” so we are anxious for the jailbreak but don’t said after you have it!!

  • It’s a Bit sad they didn’t released the GM, but hey I’m running around with a smile since it’s pretty sure 6.1 gets JB. Just wait some days more…for me = no problem 🙂

  • Apple is playing Tom and Jerry with hackers !! :p Hackers figure out some exploits, they release a new beta…

  • guys, you can delete and download individual songs in beta 5 using itunes match. Kinda nice

  • There’s been a carrier update for Verizon iPhones

  • Amrit Singh

    We were taught An APPLE a day keeps the doctor away…

    As the tym has changed and now “An Apple’s another Beta release is keeping JB away” !!!

  • RyanFoley

    DON’T RELEASE ANOTHER UPDATE A DAY BEFORE THE CURRENT ONE EXPIRES!! Now because I missed it yesterday, my iPhone locked up, won’t activate and I’m levels deep in iPhoneception trying to reactivate it. Bitch won’t even power up, but for some reason iTunes still detects it in DFU mode so I might have fixed it.

  • Reppy 07

    Why would Apple be in fear or loathe jb’ing? It makes no sense to me. The iPhone is garbage and basically a user friendly piece of hardware. That is until it’s jailbroken , then it’s all of a sudden an amazing customizable tool that the majority people BUY the iPhone for.

    I highly considered going back to Android until I jb’d my phone to see what the hype was all about. Now it’s a phone I personally tweaked to my personal liking as most people did.

    So, why apple? Is this amazing phone capable of many things, restricted to so little? Whatever.

    When an untethered comes out. I’ll be happy. If you keep trying to lock us out. You’ll lose a lot of us.