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We’ve seen clever jailbreak utilities for enabling toggles in the past, but I really think the developer behind Carnitine are onto something special. Carnitine, in this case, is a jailbreak tweak that can enable Wi-Fi while select apps are open and not the biological compound.

Carnitine is brilliant because it enables Wi-Fi not from the command of a gesture, a timer, or a GPS location, but from right when you open any set app. The idea is Wi-Fi is there when you need it. Though the implementation in the initial version isn’t perfect, for reasons I will soon explain, I would love to see Carnitine expanded into a larger tweak…

carnitine before after

Users of Protect My Privacy will be familiar with how Carnitine works. When you first attempt to open an app while Wi-Fi is disabled, a dialog will appear asking whether Carnitine should automatically enable Wi-Fi whenever you open that particular app. If you chose yes, opening the app will automatically enable Wi-Fi from that point onward. Seems like a great solution so far?

Unfortunately Carnitine has two big problems. Problem one is the tweak doesn’t close Wi-Fi when you are done with your Wi-Fi-enabled apps. This means if you were looking for an app that would automatically enable and disable Wi-Fi, you’re out of luck with Carnitine. Problem two? There’s isn’t a user-friendly method of removing apps from Carnitine’s ‘enable Wi-Fi’ list. This means your settings are permanent, unless you really dig through system files.

Carnitine Settings

As it is right now, Carnitine isn’t for everyone, but it’s a good proof of concept. By expanding the scope of Carnitine to include settings for GPS, Bluetooth, or cellular data, Carnitine could be useful to many of us who jailbreak and want to squeeze as much battery life as possible out of our devices. Add the ability to automatically disable the services when the app closes, and Carnitine would be a must-have utility.

If you want to try Carnitine yourself, you can download it for free from the BigBoss Repository on Cydia. The tweak can be enabled from Settings and should work with iOS 3.0 and up on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Does toggling services based on which apps are open appeal to you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below

  • Interesting, I prefer previous tweaks that automatically connect to preferred wifi networks, based on time/location settings/profile settings for work, home, travel, etc.

  • What?

  • Alex

    Cool idea!!!!
    This is why I love jailbreaks!

    My iPhone just got better.

  • I don’t get it. I understand the concept, but not why, or how situation the would occur. Maybe it’s just me unable to think outside the box. ;/

    • Like I said, it’s probably not for most people. Claus probably coded it for his own use and decided to share it. I currently see it as a cool tech demo.

    • john

      If you’d like to save battery and time, then this would ( once the 2 big problems mentioned in the op are rectified )most likely be the tweak for you.
      Scenario 1: you forgot to turn off wifi after browsing
      Scenario 2: you are just too damn lazy to enable wifi from auxo, sbsettings or whatever it is that you use.

  • Tom Canuck

    I would love to see the reverse of this. Enable/disable apps for cell network. The possibility to make certain apps WiFi only would imo be more useful.

    • Oh absolutely. I’d love to keep my streaming and podcasting apps restricted to WiFi.

      • just don’t open those apps unless you’re on wifi

      • Unless the wifi cuts out, or I’ve walked away, pressed a button by accident, and it’s still streaming in the background. I’ve got a decent data plan, but it’s still something that’s worried me.

      • Tom Canuck

        Yeah, that is what I’m pretty much doing now. All I’m saying is it’d be nice to have a tweak available heh. Not all apps that primarily require data are useless without a network connection, and ever bit of data adds up for folks on small plans.. Say I wanna watch a video I have stored in ProTube for example, sure it’s not a ton of data but every launch uses some. A poor example since so little data would be used, but good enough to give the jist of what I’m saying

        Could also be useful for those months were people with larger plans went a little too hard on their data. Instead of going into a million app’s options to turn off cell data, just fire up the tweak and shut a ton off cellular from one convienent settings screen

  • Lets hope Apple will make iOS 6 a complete redesign.

    • We already have iOS 6…
      iOS 7 maybe? -_-

  • RarestName

    Thor. Look it up.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I like it

  • M . I

    How i can install on my ipad 3 ?