SNES9x EX+ Snes emulator iOS

Robert Broglia, the developer behind the free Snes9x EX jailbreak app, and a number of other commercial ‘.emu’ emulators for other consoles, just released Snes9x Ex+. Broglia’s latest branch of his popular iOS Super Nintendo emulator is based off of Snes9x version 1.53, which is the most recent available build of the PC software.

The more recent v1.53 codebase should provide near-complete emulation for a number of games, especially those that make heavy use of mode7 scaling or the Super FX co-processor…

If the Snes9x developer journals are anything to go by, the 1.5 codebase should also allow for support for IPS patching within zip archives, which is especially handy if you’re using fan translations. I didn’t get a chance to see if that feature was implemented.

Snes 9x EX+ yoshi's island

There is a downside to switching from the old 1.43 codebase to 1.53, which is that the new version requires a little more horsepower. As a result, Snes9x EX+ requires a jailbroken device with an ARMv7 chip – minimum iPhone 3GS, 3rd generation iPod Touch, or a 1st generation iPad along with iOS 5.0 and up. On the bright side, demanding games like Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island run great on my beefy 3rd generation iPad.

Snes9x EX+ is available in the BigBoss repository on Cydia. Though it shares the same feature-set as Broglia’s paid emulators; including a few nifty CRT-style graphics filters and bluetooth support for the iCade, iControlPad, or Wii controllers. If your iDevice isn’t up to snuff, you can still download the previous build of Snes9X EX, also for free in the BigBoss repository on Cydia.

Snes 9x EX+

What features would you like to see in an iOS SNES emulator? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • jose castro

    sweet cant wait to use it when iphone 5 untethered comes out

    • John714

      there will never be a jailbreak again.

      • There is a jailbreak, they are just waiting to release it until 6.1 so that apple won’t patch up the bugs they found

      • That’s mostly right. A couple things to keep in mind is the iOS 6.1 update is likely to break a few exploits, and the developers like having exploits in reserve in case all the exploits they release into the ‘wild’ quickly get patched.

      • jilex

        and also is like a bet, maybe with 6.1 some exploit for the jailbreak is already patched, who knows?

      • Steve

        And it might also create new holes. Remember, nobody is perfect

      • WonkieInc

        Lol well don’t you look silly now

      • jose castro

        lol dont you read.. there is a 6.0.2 untethered jailbreak by planetbeing… he doesn’t want to use the exploits because it take 4 bugs to run a untethered jailbreak.. he is waiting until 6.1 comes out… so be patient..

      • John714

        fellas, fellas, what ever floats your boat.

      • jose castro

        haha aren’t you in for some failure…

      • Right sorry, so there will be one

  • This must work great on my iPhone 5.

  • Andre Garrido

    If I have an iPad running the emulator, can I use my iPhone as an controller?

    • You can’t currently use your iPhone as a controller with Snes9X Ex+, though you can use Wii controllers, which are easy to get a hold of and are of decent quality. If you have BeeKeyboard installed, there’s also a plugin called iCade Helper that can allow you to use a bluetooth keyboard as a compatible gamepad.

      Alternatively you could politely show interest in using an iPhone as a gamepad to the developer, who goes by ‘@rakashazi’ on Twitter.

      • Hi there I recently got beekeyboard since I want to use my bt kb with icade controls but when I get in an emulator it doesnt detect icade. Do you need additional plugins besides icade helper to fix it?

      • Shoot. BeeKeyboard’s iCade plugin is really hit and miss between apps–sometimes it works great, sometimes it doesn’t. You’ll get more reliable performance if you use Blutrol, and then increase the Blend Amount for the on-screen controls to 100%.

      • Thanks for replying Michael! which emulators would to recommend that work well with the icade helper plugin? I also want to try Blutrol. Does that work with all of the keys on the bt kb?

      • I find the iCadeHelper plugin works best for iCade compatible App Store titles. Works perfectly in Emerald Mine, at least after you mash the toggle button a couple times. I am occasionally able to get it to work with ‘mode’. Like I said, the current version of the plugin is flaky, which is a shame because I really like BeeKeyboard.

        Blutrol uses WASD as the joypad, as well as UIOHJKBNM and space. That should give you plenty of flexibility, and I find the utility is very responsive.

      • Thanks for the info I tried it with the Namco Museum and Temple Run 1 and it works pretty decently with those titles. 🙂 I’ll also check out the Blutrol. 🙂

      • Hello,
        I hope I’m not jumping on this too late, but I am wondering if Icadehelper or Blutrol are working with snes 9x Ex (ipad 3). I have both and can’t seem to get them to work with my bluetooth keyboard. Do you have tips to get it working? Thank You.

  • charlie

    Using my DualShock 3 on my Note 2 playing classic games. It’s awesome.

  • seyss

    this guy is the shit
    we just need 2xsai

  • Nice!
    Now Playing the amazing Killer Instinct!
    making combos and ultras 😉
    oh good times!

    one question:
    How could change the buttons skin?

  • Jawad

    where to download supported games?

  • omar

    i just downloaded it a few day ago, it runs very smooth and easy to use, its able to save games anytime, if you are out of hearts on zelda that im playing

  • sadaN

    Not related to this post, I know, but I’d just love if Blutrol could emulate analog sticks :/

  • Leo121

    Will it ever support Dualshock 3?

  • Alex Chien

    What’s the difference between this and the regular ex version?

  • LAST