aTV Flash Black Apple TV 2 5.0

Well, it’s Friday afternoon and the folks at FireCore have just given jailbroken second generation Apple TV owners something else to be excited about as the weekend approaches: an update for the popular software suite: aTV Flash (black).

The update, which brings the app to version 2.1, features several improvements including a new TV show playlist option, which makes it easier to pick up where you left off with your favorite show, customizable favorites, and more…

Here’s the full aTV Flash (black) 2.1 change log from FireCore’s blog:

  • NEW! TV Show Playlists – easily pick up from the last unwatched episode
  • NEW! Custom Favorites – create favorites from almost anything, including search terms
  • Big speed improvements while browsing movies/shows
  • Library and Search items can now be hidden from main menu
  • Now showing ‘Writers’ instead of ‘Producers’ on pre-playback screen
  • .ite folders are now hidden from view
  • Hidden files are no longer included in slideshows
  • Better metadata fetching
  • Better trakt syncing and scrobbling
  • Better handling of network settings and errors
  • Many search related improvements
  • Many subtitle related improvements (special characters, performance, etc…)
  • Fixed rare scrobbling issue
  • Fixed rare problems when playing audio files
  • Fixed a few memory related issues
  • iOS 6 support
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements

The new Favorites feature is particularly cool, as it allows you to access your favorite content on your Apple TV very quickly. For example, if you want a quick link to season 4 of The Office, you can get there in just a single step with Favorites.

As you know, aTV Flash (black) is only available for the second-generation Apple TV, as there’s no jailbreak for the ATV3 yet. And although it claims that it’s compatible with iOS 6, there’s not an untethered jailbreak available for that either.

At any rate, if you own aTV Flash (black), you can download 2.1 for free by opening the app on your Apple TV and going to Maintenance > Manage Extras. Otherwise, you can purchase it from FireCore’s website for $29.95.

  • Now I wish even more that there were an ATV3 jailbreak.

    • air naji

      We’re dealing with lazy hackers my friend. They could charge for the JB and be rich but instead they just let it be.

      • They don’t charge because they believe in freedom. I’d like to see you try and circumnavigate Apple’s security restrictions.

      • jose castro

        you dont even know what you are talking about… why dont you try hacking… it not as easy as you see it on tv. so $hut up man.. seriously

      • air naji

        Jose pull your skirt down seriously. What the truth hurts ? I’m not hacking because I’m not a hacker. But I’m not slacking on anything i do either. And your grammar is horrible. I understand your first language probably isn’t English But don’t call someone an idiot when when your comment is ” we are pretty done with you” . Oh yeah “stop blogging here if your done” isn’t grammatically correct either.

      • Ronald Weaver

        If they charged for jailbreaks they would also have to be more responsible for the software. Think of the problems that they could have for a little bit.

      • air naji

        I agree but no1 cares anymore. Not even apple. Faulty iPhone 5’s and horrible battery life on the 4s. 3 iPads in 1 year. That’s all bullshit

  • air naji

    Fuck fire core. Hey charge for this service but they don’t want to expand? Using 720p instead of 1080p on the atv3. There JB’ers are Lazy. I’m pretty much done with apple.

    • go wine to your self man no one gives a fak

    • Make your mind up on who your having ago at..
      The devs have at to get past apple software and apple don’t make it easy they don’t want it to be jailbroke.. As for firecore no one is force you to use there software.. But I’ll tell you its great..

      • Ronald Weaver

        I sold my apple jailbroken atv2 for fiffty bucks to my buddy when the atv3 came out! XD thinking the new one would be jailboken in a month or two.

      • First rule of jailbreaking don’t sell a device until there is a jailbreak for the new device. .

      • Ronald Weaver

        Yup! Funny thing was i bought the appletv2 and two months later the 3rd gen came out.

      • air naji

        It’s everyone man. there’s so much to say about how everyone is slacking. If I owned firecore I would work on how to expand my clientele since no1 else is. It’s just becoming a hassle with everything.

    • jose castro

      We are pretty done with you… stop blogging here if your done.. idiot

  • Anyone know if the upcoming iOS6 jailbreak will be modifiable to jb the aTV3?

    • Ronald Weaver

      Let’s hope. Sometimes i dont think they care anymore. Next thing you know the new version will arrive and that will be the next one that can’t be jailbroken.

  • AT3 Jailbreak needed!

  • ATV3 jailbreak please 🙁 🙁

  • Daku

    are they making a jailbreak for apple tv 3 yes or no

    • It’s not that there not making one they can find a way in, unlike the iPhone, iPad, iPod, all those device have the same way in (when they find one)
      But the ATV 3 might not have that way in.. Apple made the ATV3 a lot harder to get in..