With iTunes 11, Apple’s music software received a complete, much-needed, makeover. Unfortunately, it also removed some much-loved features like Cover Flow and the ability to find your duplicate track listings.

Well today, users can get at least one of those features back via a new update. Apple has just released iTunes 11.0.1 to the public, and as expected, it includes the duplicate item finding feature and other fixes…

Here’s the iTunes 11.0.1 release notes from Apple’s support website:

“This update to the new iTunes addresses an issue where new purchases in iCloud may not appear in your library if iTunes Match is turned on, makes iTunes more responsive when searching a large library, fixes a problem where the AirPlay button may not appear as expected, and adds the ability to display duplicate items within your library. This update also includes other important stability and performance improvements.”

If you haven’t tried iTunes 11 yet, you should check it out. It features a redesigned UI, revamped iTunes Store, and some new features like UpNext. It also has a new MiniPlayer, and enhanced iCloud integration.

To get the latest version of iTunes 11, follow this link to Apple’s downloads page.

  • Where did coverflow go? I tried v.11 and had to downgrade. Thanks to the iJailbreak vid from Jeff.

  • Is this jailbreak safe?

    • yup …i jailbreak my ipad last year until now it work perfect )

  • neorich

    Seriously, unless you want to lose a host of features available on iTunes 10, avoid 11 like the plague.

    It’s very clunky and slow and, if like me, you used the D.J. feature continually, which is missing on 11 and not “fixed,” with 11.01 it’s quite a task reverting to 10.7
    Even then, I lost all my playlists etc and had to start from scratch.
    That, at least, was better than having to go without D.J.
    Until this is “fixed,” there’ll be no more upgrades for me, inspite of Apple offering them almost daily, even though I’ve checked the box that says “don’t remind me again.”

    Perhaps Apple are determined to pull everyone into the Abyss on this one?


  • Michelle

    I hate it! Where is my iphone when I plug it in now??

    • Ronald Weaver

      I think u have to go to view and add side bar

  • i have to down grade to itunes 10… i tried 11. and 11,01 but there is no cover art in song list. besides other features are missing, i hate this new version of itunes,

  • I cannot recommend anyone with a large library switch to 11. Even if the update addresses the dreadful searching speed, it still doesn’t address the lack of cover art display in the list view. The album view is better than before, but you cannot customize the information displayed, meaning anyone that likes to see comments or grouping while scrolling is stuck with the downgraded list view. We also have limited capability to move tracks from your iPod to the desktop or general library and moving artwork from web pages to cover art (now it has to be saved). I work from iTunes everyday, and this version is much less useful for me.