Demand for Apple’s latest handset continues to outstrip supply, but availability has been improving lately. Throughout September, Apple’s online store consistently quoted a 3-4 week shipping estimate for the handset before improving to 2-3 weeks mid-November. And as the handset became easier to find in Apple’s brick-and-mortar stores, some international online Apple Stores today updated iPhone 5 shipping times to just one week.

This bodes well for Apple’s holiday sales because it indicates the company is catching up to iPhone 5 demand. Apple is expected to soon roll out the device to additional countries, per its promise to make the iPhone 5 available in about a hundred countries and through 240 carriers by year’s end…

As noted by MacRumors, the US online Apple Store at press time quoted 2-3 weeks for delivery but the New Zealand store and other channels now have improved availability with a one-week shipping estimate.

As these things take some time to propagate, we’re expecting shipping times for online iPhone 5 orders placed in the United States and other international markets to improve to one week later in the day.

How’s iPhone 5 availability in your country?

  • where to buy iphone 5 factory unlock in US?

    • Apple Store

      • is it available now in apple store?iwant to buy factory unlock iphone 5 i want to use it in the philippines

    • as Nathan replied I am surprised that a person able to get paid $5103 in four weeks on the network

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  • Maybe because everyone is waiting for the rumored 5s?

    • Samsung made that rumore to slow down the sale… Read more

  • Pixelements

    not yet in germany 😉

  • MagicDrumSticks

    It’s because people realized how many issues te 5 has and got the galaxy instead.

    • ic0dex

      I think that’s exactly it… That’s why Apple still “sold” not delivered more iPhone 5’s then the Galaxy S, when I say sold I mean to a customer and not a store. Buy the way can you please explain these issues that the iPhone 5 has and the prefect Galaxy S does not?

  • That’s crazy, while you wait two week if you order it online, the store nearby in Sindelfingen Germany has some iPhone 5 on stock!

  • Quite bad waiting list we have in Hungary. But this is deliberately designed. All is about the magical “i”. You’ll feel your product more valuable (or something) if you have to wait to get it. “i” is me, me is my ego. Bigger is better for sales. 🙂