As always seems to be the case when Apple launches a new smartphone, the iPhone 5 has suffered something of a dent to its reputation, at least in its early weeks post-launch. We are of course talking about scuffgate, the claimed issue of handsets suffering from paint chips around the phone’s antenna, especially on the black and slate version.

Some noticed the issue right out of the box, while others have found paint missing after days and weeks of ownership. While many have succeeded in getting Apple to swap out handsets with just this issue, one forum-goer decided to take a different route, and we have to say it’s pretty awesome.

Faced with a prematurely paint-less iPhone 5, MacRumors forum member  travis.hansen decided to take matters into his own hands by actually polishing the remaining paint off, leaving a funky shiny metal finish that looks absolutely terrific…

As you can see from the photo and accompanying video, the result is a sort of silver bezel that borders the iPhone 5’s rear panel and, we’re sure you’ll admit, adds something a little different to a phone that is already one of the best looking devices around.

The matter of chipped paint seems to be dying down a little, with rumors that Foxconn has tightened up its quality control for recently shipped iPhone 5. We’re certainly hearing less and less reports of handsets losing their stealth paint jobs, so fingers crossed things are on the up.

How’s your iPhone 5 bearing up, and would you ever be tempted to try improving the appearance of a battered iPhone?

  • lol.. i bought the white one to avoid that silly chipping scratching issue on the black ones.. apple used a avery cheap crappy finishing process..

    • MagicDrumSticks

      It happens on the white one too

      • nope the metal on the white now is already silver .. there is no white paint to scratch off….duh

  • That looks freaking awesome!

  • Looks good actually! And this, guys, is how you can upgrade to the iPhone 5S!

    • Wassim Omais

      Pretty much the big hits are always the numbers on the iPhones, when they jump a whole number, like iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5. This is when they change the actual design, make it thinner, make it faster etc. From what I have seen with the iPhone 4S, when they add an S, it does a few things:

      – Make it faster

      – Lower the battery life

      – Make it a little heavier

      – MAYBE improve the camera

      – And, let’s not forget Siri!

      New iPhone!

      • MohzeenHansrod

        Cool… story bro?

      • Jonathan

        He was being sarcastic. *facepalm*

  • Guest

    I thought the scuff-gate was about the backplate…

  • Looks like a 3G/ 3GS! Very nice accent – i like it!

    • That’s exactly what I thought. Has a “retro” 3GS feel to it. I like it.

  • well, I think the original product should been the way you just did, I really like it!!

  • YUCK

  • Its an upgrade to the scuffed view, but I do think Its not as good as the pristine view.
    Right now (about one month) my iPhone looks pristine, I will however decide if I want to do this after mine gets scuffed (as it surly will over time).

    Anyone seen any pics of someone who has done this with all of the deodorization?

  • He should better patent that , that’s most likely going to be in iPhone5S

    Read somewhere foxcon employe’s are seen with sandpaper dunno what it means 😛

    • mrbyu

      LOL, have you realized after 2 years that you were right back then when you wrote this? :DD

  • Manufactured in FW 39, no problems here.

  • luckyarcher


  • i don’t want to dwell on a thing from so long ago, but what happened to the ipad mini giveaway?

  • Stupid. Who buys a brand new phone and treats it like that in the first place then takes a piece of sand paper to it. If u don’t want to use a case then buy a zag skin or something. It’s anodized aluminum what do u think its going to do, not get scratched like its stainless steal?

    • I take it you also didn’t see the mod on first iPhone that was polished on the back ! Look so much better than this..
      And the person who does this is someone who decide to do something about the problem.. All because you think it’s stupid because its a new device does not mean it is stupid…and like you said its only a phone

    • Stupid, is your comment. My wedding band has caused silver to show from taking my phone out of my pocket. I baby the shit out of my phone and it still happens, right at the chamfered edge. Zagg, wrapsol, whatever, is not going to help that edge. Get over yourself trying to sound like you’re mr. perfect and other people’s solutions are ignorant.

    • a zag isn’t going to do shit for the edges of the phone it leaves the outer edges of the phone completely susceptible to damage, seems like your the stupid one

  • M Last

    crazy idea!
    after couples of months ,buy the spay & paint it? :)LOL

  • hellac00l

    Buy a case is all i have to say. Too many people think they don’t need cases. I like to protect my stuff and if it drops I have no one to blame. My 5 had no scuffs out of the box and has been case/screen protected since day one. Even my macbook has a case.

    • You can’t even see the bezel or the back with a case on so what’s the point of protecting it from scratches? I understand that it will help protect against impacts as well. Personally, I don’t drop my phone. If it gets all scratched up I will slap on a case. Until then, I will enjoy the sleek design of the phone uncovered.

  • I did this to my white one about a month ago ( scratched out of the box ) might do the whole thing and get the apple logo etc engraved on!

  • It looks totally ridicules. Everyone with an iPhone 5, knows they will get scratches on it, one day or another. In fact that includes other phones in the market, just the scratches on other phones are not that visible.

    Lets say you have a coin in you pocket, and your phone is in your pocket, who would know that you can get a scratch on your iPhone 5, but you would. So basically you would pay for an expensive phone, and thereafter get scratches on it, and then you say, alright lets watch this video and make even more scratches on it.

    My opinion:

    I may self own an iPhone 4, not just that I own many other Apple products as well. I do not know if I will buy the next generation or the next after. I love iOS (only jailbroken), but the specs are horrible compare to the latest best android phones, in fact several latest best android phones.

    Look at Samsung, they made two good phones in a year, Galaxy S 3 and Glaxy Note 2 (so far the best phone in the market), both of them have quad-core processor. Look at one of the best cheapest phone in the market with quad-core processor, Huawei Ascend D1. And there are many more etc.

    I know that iOS Apps do not require quad-core processor, most of them require single core, but it does not feel right when every other phone is 5x better when it comes for specs.

    Apple should try to make the colour on the iPhone a bit more proof. iPad mini has the same colour, and i am not certain if it is the same material, but I assume that the metal is, and therefore it can get these sorts of scratches as well.

    Apple is getting worse quality then ever before.

    • 1337lolzorz

      Listen genius, these “specs” that you see on android means nothing. Bench tests prove that the quad core exynos shit chip is slower than A6. Take your specs and shove it up your android

    • Wassim Omais

      I’d love you to compare the A6X on iOS to another quad core processor running Android. True, they are quad-core, but on iOS, the A6X is supreme compared to other processors because they are both Apple’s design. And that makes the newest A6 and A6X technically better.

  • House4life

    Next thing u know is apple selling over priced polishing kit.

  • How?… How did that happen to his iPhone?! I’ve been using mine without a case since release day and it looks brand new.

  • ezra baraka

    so far i have my iphone 5 a month w/o a case and ive yet too see this scuffing problem everyone is talking about.

    • Harout Dushikyan

      Because you treat your phone like it should be treated. Others treat it like a ball, throwing it around without a care, and then complaining for no reason.

  • iamnotfan

    Cool idea.
    I think Masking tape could help, for precision.

  • what music is playing in this demo video?