And you thought your iPhone 5 would keep you on the bleeding edge of technology. A new report out of Asia this morning claims that Apple plans to begin trial production of a next iPhone, the iPhone 5S, in December. The reason for such a hasty production schedule? Low yields that continue to affect availability of the current iPhone 5.

In order to avoid similar problems with the next iPhone, the story goes, Apple wants to start trial production of the iPhone 5S as early as possible so the company could work out any kinks ahead of volume production, which is apparently slated to begin in the first quarter of 2013…

Asian trade publication DigiTimes relays a report by Chinese-language newspaper Commercial Times which has it that initial production volumes are likely to top 50,000-100,000 units.

Facing low yield rates in the production of iPhone 5, Apple has accelerated the certification processes for related parts and components for the iPhone 5S, the paper revealed.

Volume production is expected in the first quarter of 2013. The following quarter, Apple is also thought to release a new version of iPad.

The reason for this, the story goes, is because Apple is aware that the display resolution of the iPad mini “has come out lower than expected”.

While both publications have less-then-stellar track record when it comes to accurate Apple reporting, I think they’re onto something.

Apple this year under Tim Cook’s leadership has made a number of changes to its business. Most notably, the company released a re-tooled version of the iPad 3 just six months following its March introduction.

Apple is also facing strong competition from Android makers who are not married to annual refresh cycles like Apple is and churn out handsets with latest technology on a weekly and monthly basis. Realizing this, Apple could be moving to a biannual schedule for iOS devices.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities wrote in a note to clients last month (via AppleInsider) that “though the iPad mini is expected to be successful, we think launching the lighter, thinner 9.7″ iPad as quickly as possible matters more for Apple strategically”.

The theory has legs. Instead of waiting two years for major device upgrades, we could see, for example, the iPhone 6/6S released in the same year.

The former would bring major updates to the form factor augmented with the a major new iOS version and the latter would serve as an incremental upgrade bringing the device’s internals up to date in terms of processor, screen, cellular, wireless and other technologies.

Does that make any sense to you?

  • What does the S mean? Since 3GS is speed, 4S is Siri. I think apple has to either find another new reason or they will break the tradition.

    • “scuff free”

    • billypuntove


      No more glass or aluminum. Your new iPhone is made of this fabric.

      *standing ovation to Johnny Ive*

      • Satin would be something that Forstall would’ve made it out of, or linen, to match the UI.

      • I hope S doesn’t mean slimmer. OMG SLIMMER IPHONE 5!

    • maybe”Suck”

    • I think you will find that the S just means speed. Because its just a speed increase over the last iphone of that type

    • the next one would be “S” for Shitty Same design

      • Asaf

        I think the new design looks much better,
        I hated the glass design cuz its easy to break.

      • iamnotfan

        Sorry i didn’t c u

    • S usually mean Speed but for fun part i will say S mean Same

    • The “S” in the new 5S means Samsung-less

    • means faster… but the 5 is already fast enough … hell the damn 4S is still more than fast

    • iamnotfan


      Ooops Sorry

  • iPhone 5 was announced on September , 6 month from then is exactly March which Apple usually announce a Special Event
    I dont really believe they would do this as I not sure what they could add since A6 Processor is not bad as what it is that needed a refresh so fast

    • but they would probably add an even faster chip, lets say the A6X

      • nima

        i dont think so, becaz apple never has added x chips in there iphones

      • well the only thing they can do then is invent A7 chip because otherwise there wont be any new things in the 5s unless they add NFC but i highly doubt that , thats for future iphone not the 5s

      • nima

        i think its very bad to release 2 iphone in one year

  • Just doesn’t make sense, I don’t buy into it.

  • Makes no sense. Way too soon. Why would Apple canibalized their, very popular and already hard to get, iPhone 5?

    • Dan

      they did it with iPad 4

      • They probably did that because of the Lightning-connector. It’s just confusing; iPhone, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, iPod Nano all equipped with a Lightning-connector, the big iPad 30-pins? While they added the Lightning-connector they also added they A6, to make it a bit better than the cheaper iPad Mini.

    • they are in panic mode.. they are on the way down

  • Noooo 🙁 Don’t do that Appl

  • If this is the case guys, you will see significant software upgrades in iOS 7, as well as a minor upgrade to hardware (as some of you have stated that A6 was more than good enough for now), akin to the 3GS and 4S iPhones. Why do I say this? This is because whenever Apple releases an ‘improved on’ design, not an ‘all new’ design, the software upgrade is great, like iOS 5(Siri, Wifi sync’ notification centre, banners etc.) and 3.(Copy and paste, MMS, Remote wipe if I’m not mistaken.)

    • “great software upgrade” when was that?

  • No no guys there gonna release it half ass like iPad 4th and come out with a iPhone mini on march lol

    • the iphone is already “mimi” compared to most other smart phones..lllol

  • Never buy and iPhone with an S on it because it stands for Stuck, because you get stuck on that current cycle of devices and then when the good new phone comes out then your not do for and upgrade so therefore you have to pay mad money out of pocket in order to get the new good phone, I opted to stay away from the iPhone 4s(stuck)

    • I think that you will find that the devices with out the S have more problems than the ones with..
      Apple seem to sort out the problems for the S devices .. Plus if you get the device with out a S on it you still stuck unless you pay to get out of your contract .. Just like the. S devices ..

  • Marcos

    OMG I have just bought an iPhone 5, i can’t believe it, is ridiculous. They have to focus on iOS not more hardware.

    • *bought

      • Marcos

        it’s true, sorry, I’m not english, my fault, corrected now 🙂

  • Very smart move, but I hope they release it in October next year and don’t come back to the summer schedule.

  • Okay sok apple is going to keep cranking out “NEW” versions over everything and what new features are we getting ?? faster… thats it,…

    Hey apple the 5 is fast enough already can you give us new UI and features that actually make use of all this new speed please?

    The ipad 3 was fine there was no need for the ipad 4 at all… please slow down hardware and focus on some cool new IOS features and look please..

  • i can see it now … after the boring iphone 5S apple will release iphone6 with wider screen.. lol yup… wider.. oooohh

  • We are not rich to spend 1000$ on a phone every month wtf

    • nima

      your exactly right! if apple does this lets all not buy it so that go broke. i think this tim cook is not right for apple

      • its just to compite against the samsung galaxy s4 coming..

      • nima

        ya but when i just got a new phone the next one comes put! not fare! steve jobs would never do that!

      • I know..

  • Ff123

    I hope Apple work more on iOS this time..

  • nima

    nooooo!!!!!! why!! ?????? i just bought one with all my saving for 1500$$ in dubai!!! its really hard to get it!!! wtf!? some talk to me!!!

    • All the post says is there testing it .. It doesn’t mean it’s coming early..

      • nima

        testing to release it for march!

      • I don’t think so

      • nima

        type in google news, iphone 5s!!!
        sorry to ask. i was going to buy an iphone 5 tomorrow, and saved all my money. would you suggest me to buy the iphone 5 or wait!!?

      • I would wait .. The 5s will be the phone the 5 should of been….

      • nima

        been what?

      • The 4s looks looks the 4 but what it carrys inside is so much better..
        Apple make a device and then the following year make it so much better..the phone after that its a new design and has problems , the 5s will be the phone that apple should of made the 5
        I hope that makes sense

      • nima

        it does after a few reads. but i have been waiting to get an iphone my hole life! i never had one. and the problem with the iphone was the back which gets scrachy, and i dont care about that i just wont an iphone. and i read in a few blogs that it will be lunched in early summer! thats like 8 months!

      • If iwas you I would get the 5 then. You wil not regret it .. I’ve had iPhones since the first one and I would not get any other phone now..

  • DroidDoesnt_2

    At this point, it doesn’t matter what Apple does. Extremely disappointed with this iPhone 5….nothing more than a thinner, longer 4s….this will be my last iPhone for a while

  • I honestly alway go with the S models, they are the complete version of the current iPhone, I bet this will be A7 Quad core equipped too!

  • Jackrainz

    Relax people… This report came out of Digitimes originally. Digitimes employs the “spaghetti on the wall” tactic: lets throw a bunch of ideas out there, and see what sticks. Their track record has more holes in it than swiss cheese. They’ve been wrong way more times than they’ve been right. Even if the iphone 5s does go for early production in December, it won’t be available for the consumer until June 2013 at the earliest. No need to get yer panties up in a bunch.

  • apple needs a big game changer in order for me to upgrade from my I5.

  • So what? & as his post say the source isnt that credible. U don’t think they will stop, what iPhone 5 is the last 1? I didn’t upgrade myself. Rather have wider (that’s what she said). Apple will keep releasing, “upgraded” versions of their products, no matter what, if u like it or not. 1 thing I’ll say I’ll never pay more than $200 for a phone. So I can wait a contract out

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    “And you thought your iPhone 5 would keep you on the bleeding edge of technology”…..i would hardly call the iphone 5 “bleeding edge of technology” has the most basic functions that android had 2 years ago and it still lacks current tech like NFC…what apple needs to do is an overhaul of what is now an extremely stale and boring OS

  • I still don’t understand why it’s called the iPhone 5. I mean, it *is* the 6th generation…

  • I will not see jailbreak for A5-later chips until 2020

  • davred64

    Glad i stuck with 4s coz until Apple finally blow me away with something original and a vast improvement to make it worthwhile spending stupid amounts of money i’ll be sticking with my 4s .

  • disqus_yvPGdmnZc4

    I can’t believe it because of the change for these

  • Anand Kaligotla

    And thus starts the rumor cycle!

  • hahahahhahah this is so dumb…they just released a phone that millions of people have just bought and are still buying. why not make some nice ass software for all of the phones so that we all can be happier instead of worrying about the next iphone that is going to come out with all of the same features

  • Mohammed

    I have 3Gs since 3 years which is quiet a lot.. Don’t you think it’s good for me to get iPhone 5!!??