For those of you who won’t be able to make it to JailbreakCon in San Francisco this year, you won’t have to feel left behind as the event is being streamed live.

I was able to experience first hand that the wifi situation at the venue isn’t very ideal so you might have to deal with some lagging and images freezing, but we can all agree that it’s better than nothing.

The event will start streaming here starting at 9am sharp…

Live stream by Ustream

If you’re at JailbreakCon, come say hello!

  • winappleworld

    fck yeah

    • genXhippie

      What are you saying?

  • When is it in UK time? 5PM?

    • It’s here in about half an hour (in the PST time) so whenever that time is 🙂

  • Kok Hean

    Will there be a full video of the event online after it ended?

    • JomanJi

      hope so….

  • san francisco= cupertino same time zone in your world clock ;p

  • anonmous

    has it started yet

    • No but it should be

      • John Herthep


    • John Herthep


      • anonmous

        how about now?

  • Wuhhhuuu start

  • JomanJi

    Should have started 5 mins ago……

    • John Herthep

      I know right!

  • Just wondering, has anyone got the actual ustream link?

    Edit: Can’t reply to anon. Thanks for the link!

    • nima

      Live stream by Ustream

  • anonmous

    why are we waiting,
    we shud be jail breaking

    • JomanJi

      already jailbroken my iPhone 4 iOS 6…..

      • how u do that and is it unteathered

      • The tethered version of the jailbreak for iOS 6 [only for A4 devices] is already out and it cannot be untethered

  • place your bets, Christmas or the stream lol

  • anonmous

    start then stop that was quick

  • Started!! 😀

  • JomanJi


  • the video stutters on my computer but works great on my iPhone lol

  • Why you don’t use Google Hangout but it’s working finally…

  • aajaas

    no voice !!!

  • what is his twitter?

  • Will dev team release ios 6 Jb after this event ?

  • jack

    ios 6 when can be jailbreak it wait too long!

  • jack

    we want IOS 6 jailbreak!!!

  • Stu

    There are not enough exploits for iOS6 at the moment on iPhone 4S / 5. Have a go at doing it yourselves and make yourself a millionaire into the process.

  • Stu

    Turn the damn amp down, for pod2g I had my volume up full and could hear him clearly, now its on minimum and over modulating! Sort it out.

  • Stu

    Someone tell him to turn the mic sensitivity down. Seems like a good talk, but this is unlistenable.

  • Stu

    Can’t listen to this. Night folks 🙂

  • come onn send the damn links for it i been waiting for hours

  • neonman420

    i could not find an untethered jailbreak so i used a tether but when im on cydia and my ipod touch locks it puts it in dfu mode could anyone tell me why that is??

  • its done men
    turn the camera off !! lol