Well, it looks like the photo of the iPhone 5 box we posted earlier today is definitely legit. This, after BGR posts what they claim to be the world’s first iPhone 5 unboxing.

I always thought that unboxings were only for video, but I guess they can appear in photo form as well. We look forward to bringing you a video unboxing, but in the meantime, these shots are admittedly pretty mouth watering.

As usual with Apple, everything comes neatly wrapped in a minimalistic package. The black looks very nice, I’m glad I picked it this time instead of white. Which color did you choose, and what do you think about the iPhone 5 packaging?

[via BGR]

  • Johnny manidis

    Have the white 4s and picked black this time ’round. Started to question my choice but now it looks pretty sweet. And the box is nice too 😛

  • If only i can get the iphone 5. I live in canada for 1 year :/

  • black, just looks sleeker this time around

  • fffatih

    i thought there is no glass on the backside?!?

    • rosssimpson

      probably the plastic cover to stop it scratching that you peal off

  • I picked black, was a very tough choice but it looks super sexy

    • Kurt

      sexy? it’s more manly with the black bezel. but i guess if you like it more manly then…

  • seanodotcom

    Black this time. If only to blend nicely with app letterboxing.

  • I think thats not a real Unboxing because there is written iPhone and nothing else under iPhone!

    • rosssimpson

      if you look on the apple website, that is how it is designed :’)

      • Not true! Go to Apple / iPhone / tech Specs.
        This unboxing is fake!

    • Guest

      I think your right, the iPhone 5 back just doesnt look right, it almost looks like there is glass on the entire back.

    • and the Calendar is displaying 11 when apple ship their iPhone it usually display the same screen as the one, online or everywhere on their website which is currently displaying 12

    • Joshua Ventura

      it’s a real unboxing. first of all, all you people saying its fake. it’s not. the new iPhone 5 comes with the apple not anymore with the little writing

      • FCC markings are still on there, according to Apple’s website

    • If you look at the writing where is says iPhone, it is just black instead of shining like its supposed to because of the plastic wrapping and the lighting is bright. The writing on the back is already in black so you can imagine that it basically became invisible because of these two factors. If he would have removed the plastic and taken a darker picture, it would have been visible. But this is just a speculation of mine. We will just have to wait till another unboxing to see if this is real or not.

    • yeah. you’re right. And where the hell is the remaining pics of unboxing.



  • @official_jdc

    How many will be putting all the leads and cables away tidy like that after every use 😛 can’t wait till Friday!

    • Shadowlink

      Yea right ill do that maybe once and then everything starts getting lost 😀

  • lebboytech

    i dont think that’s a real iphone because in the back the alumnum doesnt have glass over it so it doesn’t shine like that

  • I chose white again after my 4s was stolen the ins company sent a black it holds 2 many prints. Either way it’s a long awaited new model new design. New iPhone.

  • lebboytech

    but the rest looks legit

  • I want one!!! It looks sexy!

  • Where’s the connector adapter that’s supposed to come with?

    • That was an error on Apple’s part. There is NOT one included 🙁

  • I preordered a black because I had the white before. Don’t get me wrong I loved the white iPhone, but the black slate iPhone 5 looks ah-mae-zing!

  • Wolfgang Loss-Wells

    The sweet, sweet allure of pre-release day tech. Imagine the nerd-bragging rights… *sigh*

  • I chose white this time. I had the black iPhone 4 then the white 4s. I like the white better. Can’t wait til mine arrives!

  • hu

    that’s really nice love it

  • It’s the plastic that protects the phone! Good god! When they release the unlocked one I’m getting 32g black! Nice!!!!

  • NotJustin


  • NotJustin

    White with blue metal band, like on the apple site.

    • NotJustin

      Crap, never mind. I think what I saw is an iPod touch.

  • rosssimpson


  • I would like some more pictures, or a video!

  • Those are the worst pictures I have seen of the iPhone. Take the plastic off the back. This unboxing is real, but def not the time that Jeff takes to do something. Finger prints all over the devices, i mean come one clean them up a little before you start taking pics, especially with flash. The crap stands out way more with the flash on.

  • Frankie Gross

    no way this is real, the back looks like shit

  • thedarkknight80

    I had the white 3G, then the black 4S.
    The next logical upgrade is to get the white 5 ? Nope !

    Black indeed ! It just looks awesome.

  • It’s got the plastic still on the phone that’s why the back looks like that people its real

  • you lucky bastard LOL!

  • that box looks beautiful. lol. i’ll be getting sexy black on Friday!!!

  • Thatd not an iphone 5 0_o

  • I chose the white this time. I’ve always had black

  • got a black one, the white one is so ugly this time around

  • i like the back of the black one but if your like me your going to use an case which will cover up the back of the iPhone and then your back to the same ol black iPhone i’m going with the white one it just has that clean look.

  • cant be real the iPhone letters on the back look to bubble. look at your iPhone and compare i notice that the letter e was not the same

  • Jerry

    takes a huge loser to actually take the time effort and $ to make a fake unboxing

  • iDevizes

    I want a white one 🙂 But i don’t think it’s a real iPhone 5 on the pic, i agree with @twitter-312692294:disqus

  • If that’s an actual iPhone unboxing, I’m a platypus.

  • cooooooooooooooooooool

  • Looks good whether it’s fake or not. I’ve had a 3G,4,& 4S all white. Ordered my 5 n black. Took leave for Friday. I’m gone sit at home all day and wait. Lol.

  • The black one does look sexier for some reason…..but when you add the OtterBox it looks like crap…too bulky and you can not appreciate the iPhone anymore.

  • winappleworld

    It isnt Orignal. If it was, Jeff would have done a Video on it xD

  • Yeah i’d go for black

  • rakesh varma

    i feel iphone 5 in us is just 10 thousand rs

  • Kurt

    black is ugly and the front is so old looking. as a valley girl would say. “That’s so 2007″…looks like a military tactical phone with that black bezel.

  • Meh, I guess I’ll see what happens in 2014 when my contract is up. There is no way I’m gonna pay a ETF for that… Maybe if the one next year is a more of a change I’ll get that one. 😀

  • rosssimpson

    my bad! it seems i was wrong!