At vonCase Designs, the team aspires to create an “exceptional iPhone case that is as unique as it is durable.” Utilizing American-made aircraft grade aluminum to craft complex designs with a hand-finished touch, vonCase enters with four eccentric iPhone cases that catch attention. Anodized for a permanent finish, the Variants, pop with vivid color and protect your precious device from drops and dings…

Design and Function

The four different vonCase models are all two piece, aluminum cases held together by four screws. The screws clamp the iPhone into a very trusting cover of metal, which holds the iPhone in place and prevents sliding or jostling. An allen wrench is provided to assemble and disassemble the case. Also, thank you for providing the extra screw because I promptly and unhappily lost one under the dishwasher.

Inside the exoskeleton, the case uses rubber bumpers to suspend the iPhone between the metal slabs. This prevents glass scratching and helps absorb shock if dropped. Honestly, if I dropped my phone, I am certain the metal would hold up to a nasty fall.

With designs a hair on the wild side, if you are looking for a case that really grabs people when they see you using it, you should be the first in line for a Variant. I brandished mine for a week in the office and caught a lot of comments, compliments, and weird looks. The case is machined aluminum, but I greatly appreciated the brushed finished, which is clearly applied after the case is shaved from the metal block.


Overall, I like the Variant 4 ($80.00) pretty well and am thankful my friends at vonCase sent one over for review. The not-so-subtle design is not particularly my style, but a solid piece of machined aluminum is perfectly my preference. Immediately after getting my iPhone locked into place, the whole setup just felt good, felt solid, felt right. The first few moments reminded me of the way a well-balanced pen feels when signing your name on a piece of paper. I appreciate the included allen wrench and extra screw, which shows vonCase is concerned with a positive customer experience, going a long way in my book. If you are looking for some American made, metal protection for your iPhone, make your way over to vonCase for free shipping!


  • I’m a really big fan of machined aluminum cases
  • Shock absorbing rubber studs
  • Snug fit
  • Intriguing designs


  • After using the case for over a week, I swear the metal case affected my reception. I noticed limited coverage in areas I usually have excellent reception, but I cannot prove the case caused the interference
  • Cost
  • Was this post sponsored..?

    • No. Sponsored posts are always clearly labeled as sponsored.

  • They look awful!

  • Omg ugly…

  • Latinpride011

    $80!! Seriously?!

  • lol u can get better lookinh ones in australia for 25$

  • They look so ugly

  • that’s sooo ugly!!

  • Brandon Williams

    they do effect reception. I have two different metal cases and when I use them, I definitely notice a signal drop in areas where I had full bars before. If I stand there and remove the case, the reception will return to normal.

    • Kok Hean

      What in the world is an “effect reception”?

  • there shouldn’t be metal covering the iPhone, it will affect reception

  • Ah, the 3rd variant looks nice but it should be black or different color than pink. Together it’s.. yuck, eww

  • hideous !

  • I’m sorry but I didn’t even read your post. Just saw pictures and went straight to the comments section to say that these cases are hideous !

  • The only case i would buy is the Taktik case from Minimal if i buy an iphone 5.It looks very good and it is durable.For my iphone 4 i prefer a real leather case with slideout because i want to hold the iphone in my hand and not a piece of silicone or cheap plastic.If you like plastic then buy a samsung hehe

  • for that price… I’d rather dine out in a fancy restaurant… =P

  • Well guess it a matter of preference… I love my EDGE Design ALFA case. Its provides solid protection, is super cool and user friendly. Worth every penny!