This is pretty interesting. It looks like Apple has posted up the full schematics for the iPhone 5 on its developer website. Even if you’re not a dev, you can find them in the Resources section.

Essentially, these are the blueprints for Apple’s new smartphone. And they give accessory and case makers dimensions for everything from the ringer switch to the home button…

From the diagram’s Note section:

  1. No metal contact withe iPhone 5 metal.
  2. Do not obstruct the acoustic openings: front mic, earpiece, and speaker.
  3. Do not obstruct the imaging features: front camera, rear camera, rear flash.
  4. Do not obstruct the proximity sensor or ALS (ambient light sensor).

Apple also says not to block the top and bottom glass windows on the back panel with metal. There’s antennas behind them, which is why the back isn’t completely aluminum.

The schematics won’t mean much to most folks, but they’re still cool nonetheless.

[Joel Johnson via Gizmodo]

  • I was wondering why apple didn’t make the whole back aluminium. smart apple.

    • Because these two glass sections are for Wi-Fi, bluetooth, GPS… got it?
      AAAND sorry for my English

    • JamesR624

      What I don’t get is why they didnt just do what they did with the iPad and iPod touch and make a small matte black part for the antennas. It would’ve looked MUCH better than this fugly two tone back we got.

      • javierE186

        The iPhone needs more space for all it uses. The iPod only has the WiFI and the Bluetooth antenna. The iPhone has those and the cellular antenna, plus the one for better GPS and GLONASS, Digital compass. It needs for space to get better signal so people won’t complain about bad service.

  • They are really cool for me, I’ll make a 3D iPhone 5 (actually I did before)

  • Wooha, just what Samsung was waiting to start copying!

    • sackboy

      Looks nothing like Samsung

      • learn english… samsung was waiting for these blueprints to copy the new iphone 5.

  • Well_Said

    That just makes it easier for Samsung

    • JamesR624

      Haha! Samsung made a phone similar to Apple’s phone just like every TV and car manufacturer does! That means we should totally blow it out of proportion and keep going with the same joke and beating this fucking dead horse ’till it’s a zombie! Right guys?

  • iKid

    What’s there to copy…its the same shit as the last two years.

    • javierE186

      Yet this still tried to copy it. Doesn’t matter what year it was you cannot deny the similarities that Samsung phones have had since the iPhone 3G. I do give them credit with the SG3, it was a big change that was very much needed. (Although I am more of an HTC man)

      • Think u missed his main point

      • javierE186

        Yes I do understand what he was saying. The design hasn’t changed in the last 2 years, however it doesn’t make my point wrong. Samsung still copied a design that was 2 years old and some of the GUI. I think you missed my point.

      • His point was relevant. Yours was not

      • javierE186

        I guess you do not know how to read because I could swear he said ”
        What’s there to copy…its the same shit as the last two years” if you read the first four words it was clearly meant for everyone that was saying Samsung copies Apple. How is my comment which had to do WITH Samsung copying not relevant. I think you need to learn how to read before you comment on something.

      • When you run out of arguments. Blame the other guy for not being able to read