US ITC Judge James Gildea has ruled today that Apple’s products did not violate Samsung’s patents. This is the second US victory for Apple over Samsung in the last month.

Samsung originally filed the complaint with the International Trade Commission back in June of last year, complaining that Apple mobile devices violated four of its patents…

But apparently, Judge Gildea didn’t agree. Bloomberg reports:

“Apple didn’t violate Samsung’s patent rights, ITC Judge James Gildea said in a notice posted on the agency’s website. The judge’s findings are subject to review by the full commission, which has the power to block imports of products that infringe U.S. patents…

…Gildea said there was no infringement of any of the four patents in the ITC case, and also determined that Samsung had not proven it had a domestic industry that used the patents, a requirement that is unique to the trade agency. The judge didn’t provide the reasons behind his findings. The opinion will be public after both sides get a chance to redact confidential information.”

The ruling is subject to a review by the full Commission, so it’s not final. But this is still a big win for Apple. Since the iPhone-maker started accusing Samsung of infringement last year, the Korean company has been exhausting its own wireless IP in counter-attacks.

Apple for it’s part, also has an ITC complaint pending against Samsung, and we’re expecting to hear a ruling in that case on October 19th. It’s interesting, as Bloomberg points out, the two companies make more than half the smartphones sold in the world, and they are currently involved in more than 30 lawsuits on four continents. And they’re supply chain partners.

Go figure.

  • I call this bullshit. Ever notice how many samsung patents get thrown out. Then Apple tiny patents cause samsungs products get banned.

    • Whos_Jeff


    • Liu Zhenyu

      “Tiny” does not describe the mega trial of the century, it shows how biased your views are.

  • Primo Sidone

    If the iPhone 5 had fulfilled my expectations, I wouldn’t feel too angry about these lawsuits. But since Apple hasn’t released anything groundbreaking since the iPhone 4, I am worried that Apple “winning” all the time will leave us with few smartphone options. Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Sony have been releasing awesome products but this could soon stop and all we’ll have is the not-so-groundbreaking iPhone 5.

  • Poor Scumsang… trying to use frand patents to ban Apple.
    Even the South Korea court warned Samsung about this and this guys are acting like empty heads. So no, it’s not only in the US… in their own country they are being pwned.

    Samsung day by day are losing the sense. they are so addicted to copy everyone that now are acting like a drug addict that can’t face the reality and can’t stop his addiction.

    • Sadly, 20+ years later, icons are still an “innovative” thing, and could get products banned, and rounded corners. 4G is something still fresh, and is a frand patent. Do you see a problem here?

      • come on.. only kids think that samsung only got sued because of round corners and rectangles. they totally ripped-off almost the entire Apple line and got sued. Apple used the patents because of that. If those patents are stupid or not? Maybe they are… but for sure less stupid than seeing Samsung ripping off apple… a competitor and client company. fuck samsung. Everybody and every company jokes about Samsung.. only kids deny that Samsung are wrong. Most probably because those kids never had a iPhone, grown up hating something that they never had, and because since samsung did that dirty job against Apple, now they have their own sSheeps.. or sCheaps.

        Seriously… if you want to talk about quality and original stuff, lets talk about Sony, Apple, HTC… and now Nokia…but definitly not Samsung.

        for almost 20 years working on tech stuff… it was the first time that I saw a BIG COMPANY being so low. And im tired to say this, but Apple was not the first company that they ripped off. Their DNA and story can’t lie. If they are good on chips, HDD, RAM, and other hardware stuff? yes… they are.. but as a smartphone company the lack of originality it’s big and always was big. It was always they motto. “copy the best company out there and make some tweaks to look a little bit different…”

      • Yes, I agree with you the fact that the rounded corners and rectangles was not the primary reason they got sued. But the fact that Apple DID SUE them because of that reason, which makes me hate Apple as a company. I also agree that Samsung does really need start working on originality.

        My whole point is. Samsung copies, gets sued, gets products banned. Apple uses a Samsung technology(not talking about 4G LTE), sues Apple, gets lawsuit thrown out. Considering the fact that Apple has more money than the government, I would not be surprised if there is a bit of judge bribery going on.

      • But it’s easy to explain. Apple uses some samsung chips, and to use them, they need to pay Samsung not only for those chips, but also for patents/royalties that Samsung might charge, and other technologies, aren’t totally owned by Samsung, and Samsung are trying everything to sue Apple without having reason, they have tried with FRAND standards (wireless..3G…4G) and they are losing because of that and others, like chips that they manufacture to Apple, they are trying to sue Apple over those too. It’s crazy.

        Just imagine that I sell you something that I’ve made, and then after that I try to sue you because you use that “thing”. Make sense? Not at all.

        Some people say that it’s time to Apple move on, and Apple are trying to do that, but seems to me that Samsung are still nonconformist instead of just move on and do they stuff.

        Now what’s going to happen? Apple will leave Samsung, sooner or later, since Apple design their own chips and just need a manufacture to make them in mass and Samsung are losing not only in court, but they will also lose their biggest client. Texas Instruments and many other manufactures, like Sharp , will benefict from Samsung stupidity. Samsung are digging their own grave, and most because of stupidity, because they are a big company, they built great quality chips, they have everything to make great products… and they are chosing the wrong path. they thought short term and not long term. now, they reaping that bad choice. And it’s not only apple that will keep great… HTC, Nokia and other brands will take advantage of that too and we will see samsung downfall on the next year for sure.

      • Butting in at the least opportune time, if you have a patent for it, you have the right to do what you want with it. This is all Apple had proved in these cases. They owned patents for certain gestures/hardware design, and if someone does the same, it is up to them to decide whether or not to let it slide or take action. Apple obviously took the action route.

        In a way it kills innovation, in another it fuels it, and you cannot say it only kills it.

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Lol, Apple has more cash than the government, how much does Samsung have? Do you honestly read your own comment before posting?

      • Slide to unlock should be frand

      • Only a kid would say that.

        Samsung lives in the immortal Steve Jobs words: “A good artist creates, a great artist steals.”

        Apple isn’t original at all. Steve Jobs literally said that himself. They’ve copied and stole so much, I’m surprised everyone has let them copy them.

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Such a noob who uses an overused argument where people just don’t get the point. Did you read Jason Duong’s rebut to this? I shall rephrase for a birth defect like you to understand. A product is like a painting, made of different ideas like type of brush, brush strokes, canvas type etc. These are ideas where Samsung can steal for their products, like manufacturing processes and type of material for their products, not the PRODUCT/PAINTING ITSELF, which leads to a lawsuit. Apple changed the ENTIRE industry and REINVENTED the phone, as said by Steve, without it you will still be using Nokia-like phones. People like you say that Apple no longer innovates because their expectations are WAY to high, i mean WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? HOLOGRAPHIC DISPLAY? I hope i enlightened your immature little brain who refers to realistic people as kids when you dont even understand your own argument.

      • Fandroids don’t know (or pretend) the difference between “stealing ideas” and making rip-offs. They are so blind about Samsung that anything they say doesn’t make sense at all.

        And the sheeps are us… lol

        Apple invented some stuff, other stuff they re-invented polishing the gaps on existent technologies. And bought many ideas too. Apple have paid a huge amount of patents to make the iPhone.

        So if this fandroids don’t know the difference between stealing and buying/trading/use the base idea but make it different.. then I don´t have nothing more to add. Morons will be morons always and most of the time they just make us wast time for nothing. They think that raging will make the facts change.

        One thing for sure… hate so much but can’t leave any Apple blog… so nothing more to add. People always talk about “fanboys” but the haters are just losers with a lot of free time, because if they were happy with their devices, they didn’t need to came here and rant every time.

      • Liu Zhenyu

        *sigh* i know right, people who dont understand just post anti-apple stuff like suing rounded-rectangles when it actually goes much deeper than that.

      • Too long didn’t read.

        Inb4 “You have no argument” “You’re a kid” “Fan droid” “Don’t know what I’m talking about”

      • Whos_Jeff

        You seem to have apple’s dick in your mouth. They not paying you to side them

    • Yeap. Sammy needs to own up and start innovating for real. Sammy’s did make a ton of money as a copyist. It’s the addiction – easy money that wont be easy to kick anytime soon.

  • Whos_Jeff

    This website is so bias towards apple. And I’m a iPhone lover. Smh