I don’t know about you, but we are pretty pumped up about the iPhone 5 here at iDB. No doubt, everyone on the team will be getting one as soon as possible.

We wish every one of our readers could get their hands on an iPhone 5 too, but we understand that for obvious reasons, that might not be possible. Don’t worry though, because your friends at iDB have got your back. With that in mind, we decided to give away an iPhone 5 to one lucky winner…

To be completely clear, we’re not giving away a physical iPhone 5, but we are giving away a $200 Apple Store gift card that you can used towards the purchase of an iPhone 5. Wondering why we’re not giving away an actual iPhone 5? It’s all about logistics! There are just too many variables entailed (such as your carrier, your contract, your location, etc…), so we thought it’d be easier to give you the cash, and let your purchase the iPhone yourself.

Now that we’ve gotten the housekeeping stuff out of the way, let’s dive into the details of this awesome giveaway.

Who can enter?

Anyone, anywhere in the world can enter. There is no age or location restriction. If you’re old enough to use a mouse and do a right click, then consider yourself eligible for this iPhone 5 giveaway.

How to enter to win?

  1. Click the Facebook “Like” button at the top or bottom of this post
  2. “Like” iDownloadBlog on Facebook
  3. Follow iDownloadBlog on Twitter
  4. Retweet this post by clicking here
  5. Leave a comment with your Twitter username, your name on Facebook, and why we should pick you as the winner

We will go through the entries and select a winner next Thursday. Don’t forget to leave your Twitter and Facebook username in the comment section so we can easily get in touch with you.

Good luck everyone!

Winner announced!

We’ve announced the winner. Thanks everyone for participating.

  • Twitter: saf_fire

    Facebook Name: safira.mumtaz

    Why: Because I’m a loyal Apple fan and die-hard iPhone lover, can’t imagine my life without such a sexy gadget to keep you geared and decked up <3

  • Twitter: PhilPlckthun
    Facebook: Phil Plückthun

    You should pick me because i’d like to develop iOS Apps after my Android apps. I love Apple and it’s devices and the iPhone 5 has a great bunch of performance.

  • twitter: ishaan993
    facebook: ishan vadwala

    you should pick me because it’s the best iphone ever and i really want it.And i’ve been reading your blog since the first iphone came out.

  • hi my name is brittany bt my facebook name is natural beauty jones and the reason why i should win the iphone 5 is because i love the design and i don’t have the money to buy one. and imma medical assisant at school so i need a phone to stay in contact wit people

  • d2z

    twitter : d2z

    facebook: n.m.zubaidi

  • Twitter: ishaan993
    Facebook: ishan vadwala
    It’s the best iphone yet.and i. Really want it.

  • Twitter:Nest303
    Facebook:Nestor Calderon

    please pick me! in school for computer network ive been following you guys for years.

    thank you! goog luck to every one

  • twitter: @lukegee9696
    Facebook: lukey gee

  • Dave Ward

    Twitter: DavidWard06
    Facebook: Dave Ward

    You should pick me because I only have an iPhone 4, with a cracked screen. I was going to upgrade to iPhone 4S, but selflessly gave my upgrade to my younger sister for her birthday! I need a new iPhone badly! 🙂

  • Twitter: Ghost in the Shell (@Mortif3r)
    Facebook: Geørge V. Mortis
    I want the iPhone 5 because i seriously need an upgrade from my iPhone 4 and I need its new features!

  • o/ Facebook: Daniel Auler
    Twitter: danielauler7
    Email: daniel-auler@hotmail.com

  • Twitter: cristofercruz
    Facebook: Cristofer Cruz

    Using an HTC with a cracked screen. 🙁 I could really use the new iPhone, please!

  • twitter mattlouder
    fb matt louder

    i think im the lucky one this time!

  • Twitter: SnD_3r
    Facebook: Snderdotnl

    A reason to pick me…
    Well, i never win somthing.. and maby will this nice post change that fact. 🙂

  • Twitter:@AppledevAbid
    Facebook:Abid Amirali

    You should pick me because I am eligible to enter the giveaway 😉

  • Calvin Kun

    Twitter: iCalvinn

    Facebook: Calvin Kun

    Cause im a huge fan of apple, and of course iDownloadblog for the best cydia reviews. There AWESOME! Keep it up 😀

  • Neztor

    FB: Neztor Ezca C

    I would like the iphone 5 because I’ve always wanted a phone like this. No I have to buy a phone like the iPhone 5 so I want to earn it please let me be the winner!

  • Twitter: fadastikos
    Facebook: Chris Lonis
    This is my entry,I hope you choose wisely (me,you silly!) good luck to everyone even if I don’t really mean it 🙂 kkthxbai

  • Facebook: Kamal Ahmad
    Country: Pakistan
    I do not have twitter

  • Twitter:drs1685
    Dustin spencer
    Because I can’t live without it!

  • Twitter: Kingharlem

    Facebook: don’t have

    I should be picked because i am a student who has been looking to get a new phone and is interested in great technolgy that is released especially apple

  • You should pick me because up to now, have been used by IDB many good things. The life and career is very easy and interesting with IDB services. It would be special, if I’m the winner. God bless IDB staff.

  • Twitter: emo_levskara

    Facebook: Emil Apostolov

    You should pick me because I am eligible to enter your giveaway 😉

  • Twitter: BouchardAnthony
    Facebook: Anthony Bouchard

    I’d love to win an iPhone 5 because it’s a financial release for me and I could get up to speed since I’ve been stuck with an iPhone 4 for two years.

  • Twitter: @x98car
    Facebook: Simon Franklin
    iPhone enthusiast 🙂

  • I already entered but GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! 😀

  • Facebook: Jaco Nieuwoudt
    Twitter: @jakkie001

    Ever since I saw how beautiful the iPhone was and what it could do, I wanted one. Although I can’t afford it, I still hope that one day I will be able to have one. Never owned any apple products, but I consider myself a fan boy ^_^

  • Tyrell Golden

    Twitter: Major_Golden

    Facebook: Tyrell Golden

    I should win because I am a hard working, dedicated college student seeking my degree, and I believe the iPhone 5 would greatly help me to better manage my class work and social life, optimising the time I have so that I will become a productive member of society while having the best time doing it. Thank You.

  • RidvanE

    I just read an artikal in the Turkish news that ther is a company in Izmir that is willing to pay 100dolars a day + sigarets (if you smoke that is)+ all your expenses (food, flight, vesum) + blanket for those who are willing to go to America and stand in line for the iPhone 5!! I just got a boner! (Is that wiered?) I’m in turkey right now and who knows, many ill be standing in line for the iPhone 5 :p

    Sorry for my pore English BTW.

  • Tweetings: aRandomTom
    Facebooks: Tom Prestridge

    Well… There is a major list, but one will do: I’m your favourite follower, subscriber, website watcher (if that’s a thing?) and Facebook liker! Oh, that was more than one? 😀

  • Twitter: davidburnhams

    Facebook: David Burnham

    I feel you pick me as I long for world peace and for idownloadblog.com to be the world wide webs no 1 website!! Who am I kidding the voucher prize rocks, pick me me me xxx seriously thou idb rocks

  • Karl Lundgren

    Twitter: @KarlLundgreen

    Facebook: Karl Lundgren

    I think you should pick me because I love your site and it visit it several times a day, I love your variation of news and the look of the site, not to mention the well-written articles.

    My iPhone 3G just broke down, not completely but the battery time is about 2 hours and the vibration is broken, I almost never have a signal with it either.

    I’d really need a new phone, but unfortunately I’m low on money.


  • Twitter: martinuresti
    Facebook: Martin de Jesus Uresti

    Its kind of hard trying to write this because I don’t wanna sound like if im going to die if I don’t get the iPhone 5. It would be really neat to win it but the chances are like 1 in a million. But winning this would make me really happy and I would most likely be in shock! I started reading idownloadblog since I got my iPhone 3GS and since then I have help many family members to jailbreak their own iPhones by all the tutorials you guys have made”

  • Mysteroy3k

    Who won ?

  • twitter: noelgeorgi
    facebook: Noel Georgi

    I have been waiting for an iPhone 5 since it leaked pictures flooded the net. Just watched the official trailer and its soo awesome!!! Apple is the best company with the best desing..

  • Twitter: Sacroflammae

    Facebook: Joshyua Yost

    You should pick me because i recently broke my phone and am in dire need of a new one 😛

  • Twitter: ishaan993
    Facebook: ishan vadwala

    Because.If you don’t have an iphone, you don’t have an iphone.
    I don’t have an iphone.and i really want one.

  • Guest


  • Twitter: @ofsp6070
    Facebook: Paco Francisco

    You should pick me because why i need to pay for an iPhone if you are giving it away

  • cgoodermote

    Twitter: @codygoodermote
    Facebook: Cody Goodermote

    You should pick me because I’m a recent college grad who’s currently unemployed and can’t afford a new iPhone because Verizon is forcing me to buy it off contract to keep unlimited… I can’t afford it on contract either.. A geek needs his new toy!

  • Twitter: lakerice

  • Who won

  • Twitter: s3r3nity01
    Facebook: cha hernandez
    You should pick me because I’m a big fan of IDB. i check your site a few times a week to stay up to date with all things apple and this $200 gift card will go towards helping a single parent out with her new iphone. and possibly join the IDB team 🙂

  • TWITTER @icantos
    FACEBOOK William Cantos

  • Mariam

    Please please pick me please my sister is dying for one she never had a phone before and if I give her an iPhone 5 she will
    I have no Idea what would happen to her please
    Pleas please ease

  • Twitter: itsklsyyy
    Facebook: Kelsey Trenholm

    I never win things, please show me that there is “good luck” and restore my faith in humanity