A little over a week ago we reviewed BrowseInApp, an extremely handy jailbreak tweak that allows you to open URL links in apps like Messages and Mail without ever having to switch to Safari.

If you liked the tweak, and haven’t purchased it yet, you’ll be happy to know that iDB has teamed up with the developer to give away 10 copies of BrowseInApp to our awesome readers…

In addition to all of the great features we covered in our review, BrowseInApp received a major update last week that added the following capabilities:

  • Image viewer – view and download images in the new image viewer with zoom support.
  • Minimization – you can now minimize the browser within an app.
  • Themes – choose between four different themes: Silver, Blue, Grey and Black.
  • Blacklist apps – disable the functionality of this tweak in specific apps.

The new blacklist and image viewer options are particularly useful, and really help round out the tweak. But enough about features, on to the giveaway!

To enter for your chance to win one of 10 free copies of the BrowseInApp tweak, all you have to do is complete these three super simple steps:

We’ll be notifying the winners via Twitter DM on Friday afternoon, so make sure you hurry up and enter!

Winners announced!

The winners of our giveaway are:


All winners will be contacted via Twitter DM with further instructions.

  • Sweet giveaway. Wish there was one for intelliscreenx.

  • I hope to win this time.

  • ali_plus

    Done. Hope I win this time. Good Luck to everyone.

  • Kok Hean

    Have fun, guys 🙂

  • Only four entering and 10 copy’s to gave away.. Count me in I’ll take a copy…..

    • ali_plus

      No there are contestants registering on twitter and facebook also.

      • Are you for real ? At the time of my posting which was this morning ( for me) there was only four on here…and this post would of been up for a few hours before I posted… There for my comment was perfect at the time

  • All done, iDB rocks!

  • i like this

  • all done i have entered this kind of stuff for allot of times but never won hope this wtime i will won cheers

  • Let me win just once

  • Great giveaway guys, just entered good thing i am subscribed to you by email or i wouldn’t notice xD.

  • Done. I hope I win this time 😀

  • Just buy it! I didn’t even think twice about purchasing it when it was released and I have never been happier! Works incredible and the only thing that would make it better is if they implemented it into IntelliscreenX (as mentioned below).

  • Sounds interesting. Looks like it’ll be useful in mail.app whenever I hit a link 😀

  • Good, but not bad ! Good luck everyone! :), rocking IDB!

  • Game on!

  • I want one

  • Thanks a lot IDB!!

  • Winner #9!

  • I cant believe I won!

  • Yeah thx allot idb i won for the first time.

    • Sory for the bad el. It shoukd be alot