We’ve heard the reports from “insider sources,” and we’ve seen the leaked parts. But just in case you had any doubts that Apple was on the verge of releasing a new iPhone, check this out.

A handset, believed to be one of Apple’s next smartphones, has been spotted pinging a developer’s server logs. Codenamed iPhone 5,2, this could be a sign that a release is imminent…

TechCrunch reports:

“A few short days after rumors began swirling that Apple would hold this year’s fall event on Sept. 12, a reliable source just sent a screen grab of a next-gen iPhone popping up in his/her/its server logs.”

The report goes on to say that it’s not known whether this, the iPhone 5,2, the iPhone 5,1, or both are in production. It’s possible that this model is just an internal test unit.

TechCrunch is believed to be fairly reputable when it comes to Apple rumors. The site played a part in the talk regarding the iOS 6 Maps makeover leading up to WWDC, as well as the rumored switch to a smaller dock connector in the next iPhone.

At any rate, it’s not hard to believe that folks inside Apple are testing the next iPhone against the web, apps, and other sources. The September 12 media event, in which Apple is widely expected to unveil the new handset, is just a little over a month away.

  • Isn’t 5,2 just the 4S? Because 4,1 was the 3GS… and 3,2 was the 4.

    • Solowalker

      Yikes. No.

      iPhone = 1,1
      3G = 1,2
      3GS = 2,1
      4 = 3,1
      4 Verizon = 3,3 (I think)
      4S = 4,1

      Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

      At any rate, these identifiers are based on CPU architecture changes, the same as Apple’s other products (i.e. Macs). First number is a major change, second number is a minor change. I don’t believe Apple has ever skipped a major revision number but they have skipped minor revisions (Verizon 4 is an example). And yes, the original iPhone and 3G were essentially the same phone on the inside, aside from the 3G/GPS antenna.

    • 4,1 is the 4S, 3,1 was the 4, and 2,1 was the 3GS

    • I’am sure the 4s is the 4.1..
      And how on earth can the 4 be a lower No. The the 3GS

  • That’s wouldn’t make sense, iPhone 5,2 means, iPhone 5 revision 2. If the product hasn’t even came out yet shouldn’t it be iPhone 5,1?

    • Solowalker

      Not necessarily. The new iPad model identifiers are 3,1 3,2 and 3,3 (wifi, AT&T, Verizon). Depending on what LTE chipset they go with, they may need multiple models for various frequencies, like the iPad. One would hope, however, that they would use the new Qualcomm chips that can handle multiple LTE bands so they would only need 1. But you never know.

      • Good point, I forgot about that

      • Syed Ali

        Then again, Apple TESTS the next years prototypes while producing the current release version, and works on designs on the model dating beyond these two devices..

      • Completely wrong…

  • seyss

    Anyone can set anything as their user agent device.. Hell I can be on iPhone128,1 if I want to.

  • Looks like Apple is going to be forced to fragmented