Those of you who have been around the jailbreak community for a while should be extremely familiar with biteSMS. The Messages app replacement has been around since the early days of iPhone hacking.

The app was updated today, bringing it to version 6.3.10 (or beta 10). The update features some new theming options, as well as several improvements and bug fixes. Full change log after the break…

From the biteSMS forums:

  • Added theme parameter for the character counter.
  • Added theme parameters for links in message bubbles.
  • Added theme parameters for QR square corners and text area background color.
  • Once theme applied, clear caches such that a respiring is no longer required.
  • Fixed iPad crash issues.
  • Fixed a crash associated with unlock the phone during an incoming message event.

If you’re interested in learning more about the new theme parameters, biteSMS explains everything here. You can develop your own themes and send them in, or publish them as free or paid themes in Cydia.

To ensure you get the latest biteSMS updates, make sure to add the biteSMS repo by opening Cydia, and then tapping Manage > Sources > Edit > Add

  • wow how come there’s a lock ? how do i do this ?

    • Gregory Surels

      a lock ? what do you mean ?

      • what i meant at that time was look at the picture they used at the verry beginning you see 4 squares and digits this mean his messages are locked i was wondering how he did that

  • JerseyD

    The theming and all of 6.3 features are still in beta. I don’t think you should posts updates to cydia packages unless it is a public release. Yes anyone can add the bitesms repo but some of the betas are really buggy. I use to have it installed but got frustrated so just wait until they push releases to big boss.

    • Syed Ali

      Trust me with bitesms, their betas are almost as buggy as their public releases lol

      • I dont find the public release buggy at all. I am using it for a year now and had not a single crash or issue with bitesms.

  • no need for this anymore

    • People always find a way to hang on to these things, because they paid for it. Lol, one day, we will all buy an iphone and not need to worry about Jailbreaking it, because Apple would have already incorporated all of the most popular tweaks from Cydia already. Hehe..

      • Gregory Surels

        Don’t count on it. they may release some. I heard they are going to allow facetime over a 3G connection with the release of IOS 6, but things like CallBar & bite SMS, SMS+ & Messages + as well as a ton of others, Highly unlikely man. maybe with the IOS 16 release.

  • the beta version has been available for months and the changes in functionality are almost none. only theming was a new feature.

  • At last, no more crashes when unlocking the phone while a text message arrives! This happens a LOT with me

  • Jeff! What keyboard is that?
    Is it one ColorKeyboard’s theme?

  • The title of this article is very misleading. This is a beta release which are buggy as hell. No thanks.

  • About time they start to add the theming ability… Now, time to tip iSurenix for the upcoming Aycon update to thematize the Bitesms…

    • Neil Popson

      Well it was always themable via Winterboard, and ayecon is a Winterboard theme so… I don’t think this changes anything. If Surenix wanted to theme biteSMS, he could have at any time.

      For those who don’t use Winterboard though (myself included), it would be nice to see some new native biteSMS themes from designers like Surenix.

      • Gregory Surels

        I’m curious as to why no WB ? I have heard it’s a data hoggin & slow boggin install. is that the reason you didn’t install it ? I have WB installed and it does seem to slow it down a bit but not so much to where I would dump it.

  • The most important feature that they should implement for ipad is the landscape orientation support.. We all need this !

  • I love “BiteSMS”, but the thing that hurts me the most is when I go back to a stock iPhone after updating to the new OS and forgot that I don’t have it anymore. Not being able too quick reply kills me lol.

    • Gregory Surels

      re jail break and re install. I just absolutely Can’t live without bite !

  • slowdeath

    6.3 made me respring a lot. took out the repo and put in 6.2

  • HC

    Beta? That explains why it doesn’t show any updates for biteSMS. Thanks.

  • I have the newest update. But every time I do a quick compose it freezes and resprings

  • It’s been updated again. Now at 6.3.11. Frustrating that the changelog viewable within Cydia doesn’t show the changes for each beta update. For me it only shows changes for 6.2.

  • Dan

    Might give them another go. I had some crashes when I unlocked my phone. Also noticed that sometimes my messages didn’t show up as fast in Bite than it did in the stock message app.

  • For me most important update here is the full compatibility with iPad. Before the quick reply function did not work on lock screens. Now it works everywhere like a charm.