Despite all of the praise it’s received for its Retina display and LTE-compatibility, the new iPad does have its caveats. For instance, it takes considerably longer to charge than both of its predecessors.

The reason for this is obviously because the new iPad has a bigger battery. But surprisingly, it’s still rather efficient. According to a new study, the tablet only costs $1.36 per year to charge…

AppleInsider points to a new study from Electric Power Research Institute, a non-profit organization focusing on electricity research and development, regarding Apple’s latest iPad.

“The third-generation iPad, which sports a high-capacity 42.5-watt-hour battery, uses 11.86 kilowatt hours of electricity over a one year period, a stark contrast to a 42″ plasma television which consumes 258 kWh. An average laptop consumes 72.3 kWh while a 60-watt CFL light bulb eats about 14 kWh, costing an average of $8.31 and $1.61 a year, respectively.”

The numbers will obviously vary by location and charging habits. This particular study took place in Knoxville, Tennessee, and is based on charging the device every other day for a year.

Regardless, it’s still interesting to see that, on average, the iPad uses less energy to charge in a year than the average 60-watt light bulb.

  • I don’t think it takes that long to charge it. Especially when it last so long that I never have to charge it from a completely uncharged state. When I set it to charge at night it’s usually in the 40% range. And that’s on heavy use days like all day gaming and video watching. That’s my experience at least.

    • monthly complete uncharge and charge is recommended. this will increase the power and lifetime of the battery.

      • Oh ok. I only did that with my laptop but I didn’t know that same applies to iPads. Does it also apply to iPhones because I never let my iPhone uncharge completely unless nowhere near my charger. So far the battery on my iPhone doesn’t seem to be affected at all in a year and a half.

      • you can apply that rule to every li-io battery.

      • Pukka12

        Actually lithium batteries barely have any memory loss from charging it consistently. The only reason it’s recommended to discharge/charge your device fully is to keep the actual indicator accurate. Other then that it shouldn’t matter.

      • Well I know it is also recommended for the iPhone on apples site but I never followed that rule and my iPhone battery doesn’t seem affected at all in fact I’d say it’s gotten better because of iOS updates. But is it really different for iPads. Because I know it is neccessary for MacBooks because I have witnessed first hand my MacBook’s battery degrading because I left it on and plugged in all the time. I replaced it just about two or three months ago but then again that MacBook came out in 2008 and never had the battery replaced.

  • man i neva see anything releated to electricky…………….good to know……………

  • 11.86kwh * $0.206 (rate in LA, CA) * 2 (I charge everyday) = $4.89/Year for me! Not that bad