If you told me that you had an app that would improve the battery life of my iPhone, or other device, I’d probably laugh. How could third-party software, especially in Apple’s walled garden, substantially affect battery life?

Well Carat, a new application by AMP Lab, is promising to do just that…

TechCrunch spotlights the title, which uses a combination of data it takes from your device, and data it pulls from its crowd-sourced collection, to recommend which apps users should close down based on their power usage.

“Carat’s recommendations break down into killing off bugs and hogs. These usually aren’t “bad” apps. Energy bugs are apps that are sapping a lot more power from you than everyone else because they’re probably malfunctioning, so Carat tells you to restart or re-download them. For example, a notes app that uses little power for 95% of users, but it’s accidentally activating your GPS over and over.

Hogs are apps that just naturally use a ton of power or needlessly run in the background, like streaming music apps. Carat reminds you to shut them down, which is especially useful when you get that 20% battery remaining notification half-way through the day and you’d do anything to still be able to get calls and texts.”

Individual experience will obviously vary from user to user, as we all use a different cocktail of applications. But on the surface, it appears that Carat has the potential to significantly improve your device’s battery life.

If nothing else, it seems worth checking out — especially since it won’t cost you anything. If you’re interested, you can grab Carat from the App Store for free.

Have you tried Carat yet? Thoughts?

  • himynameisBLiNK

    gonna give this a try. i’m a battery whore

  • Umm! Even the software updates didn’t effect the battery life, how come this third-party app will? :/ Still.. LET’S GIVE IT A TRY!

    • Shugo Asakura

      It’s not a matter of “install and done” like software updates, this app (based on what I’ve read) will remind you of the apps that are draining power by running in the background such as Spotify or Pandora, and alert you when apps have run into some kind of memory loop (or something) that causes more battery drain than usual.

  • I had it for an hour or so, but noticed it kept my location services on constantly….

    • Appletiser

      as far as i can see it only uses Loc Services to send usage stats to ‘allow it to do it’s job’. i’ve disabled it for this app so will see whether it still works or not.

      Lol apparently i’ve been told if i ‘upgrade my operating system’ i will get a 47 minute improvement .. no thanks 😀

  • Still too early to tell. Just installed it. But it seems like a good app. Well thought of. Though there seems to be a bug asking me to upgrade my OS… I am already on 5.1.1.

  • Dream on! 🙂 goodbye to the old golden days of battery life, the days of 4.x.x of iOS battery!!

  • khalidzaoui

    Useless app…(

  • khalidzaoui

    I would recommend battery doctor pro the cydia version ….amazing up….that’s the one they should be reviewing not this joke app….)

    • Dude you are fucking AWESOME! truly amazing program! IDB should review this App, its awesome in every way! thanks for pointing it out

      • DJ79KHALED

        I have been using for over a Month now …..and I love it…)

      • jose castro

        i like how they give you a better version of sbsetting. it goes great with intelliborn x

      • DJ79KHALED

        Yes and you know what I love most of about it it you can free memory without loosing you battery statis at the setting app ….)…you can still see much you got from a fully charge battery

      • jose castro

        and don’t forget…. it tell whats draining what hahaha i love it

    • is that the one in Chinese? Is that good? between that one and Battery detective, costs 1.99, and the chinese one, which one would you recommend?

    • MSiqueira

      Try to find it, but I couldn’t.
      From what repo is that? Is the name “Battery Doctor Pro”?

      • nvog

        try search for kbatterydoctorpro

      • MSiqueira

        got it

      • batterydoctorpro. with no spaces

    • Me IDk

      What’s the source .? I can’t find it in cydia

  • I still experience the equal standby and used time here after restoring 🙁 There seems to be no official cure for that. Hope this helps…

    • By the way, love the new comment feature!

      • jose castro

        it be better if the likes and dislikes have a more visual look like youtube….

    • I got that prob once…..you have to do a clean restore…that is setting up as a new iphone….if you restore from backup prob remains…
      Try it, it ll 100% work…:)

      • I tried it but my 4S is on 5.1.1 and whenever I try to restore using iTunes, an error window pops up which keeps saying there’s something wrong…

      • so you get an error when you set up as an new iphone…??

      • oh never mind I just tried restoring and this time it went perfectly. Still the problem remains… Anyway thanks for your concern!

  • Kok Hean

    It told me to upgrade my operating system to get about 33 minutes of extra battery life. I am at iOS 5.1.1.

    • Likely that some developers who are using iOS 6 have this app installed as well thus the recommendation.

    • jose castro

      there just telling you this so you can update it.. if your a jailbreaker.. battery power is gonna drain anyways. regardless

      • Kok Hean

        “if your a jailbreaker.. battery power is gonna drain anyways. regardless”

        False information.

      • jose castro

        how is it false information…. yes not all tweaks drain battery.. but people install the tweaks that do drain battery anyways…. lol just because there cool and such like sbsettings.. winterboard for theme…. ect…. but i do agree to a point… of course if you don’t install the tweaks that are not battery drainers then of course it wont.

      • not true winterboard does not drain batter believe it or not…literally all it does is change the .png files for icons and background images…then just modifies the UI
        so technically if you have winterboard with a blacked out UI your saving battery.
        less screen brightness used.

  • Jack Wong


    And I have few Android users in my office has battery issue… I am surprised.

  • my J score is 0 is that bad

  • The Utility itself will drain your battery more…

  • Dan

    I’ll give this a shot for a few days, would be great if it could tell you which tweak is using the most battery though

  • maurid

    The new Disqus is BITCHIN’.

  • Best thing to happen to my battery was the mophie juice pack plus

  • gmanthebrave

    I haven’t jailbroken, but I’m willing to give Carat a
    chance. It’s free and the complex algorithms
    used for the data crunching are supposed to be cutting edge. After three days I’m going to shut it down
    and then try it again later. I already
    know it is going to tell me two things my iPhone uses a lot; Dish Remote Acess
    app and my screen. I use both for
    watching sports, and I never seem to stop.
    I watch sports on my break at Dish, lunch, on the transit. It sends any channel I want, like ESPN, using
    my Sling Adapter at home, through the internet.
    I can’t wait to watch the Olympics all day this summer.