Among the big announcements that were expected is some improvements to FaceTime. During today’s WWDC event, Apple senior vice president of iOS Software Scott Forstall announced that FaceTime will finally allow for calls over cellular network.

That means you are no more tied to your wifi network to have a FaceTime conversation with someone…

FaceTime now works over cellular networks as well as Wi-Fi, so you can make and receive FaceTime calls wherever you happen to be. You can even make and receive FaceTime calls on your iPad using your phone number. That means you can use FaceTime wherever you are, on any device. And never miss another wink, smile, air kiss, or eye roll.

On top of that, Apple is now launching a unified phone number and Apple ID, which means that if someone starts a FaceTime call using your phone number, your iPad will be able to be rang as well.

  • Ernesto Carrillo

    Ive had this with 3g unrestrictor and my 3g on cydia. But even better now.

  • 2008crna

    Yea. Pretty much a feature available for awhile on jailbroken devices so no biggie. I hardly use it anyway.

  • James Allen

    3G unrestricted? Same concept

  • MagicDrumSticks

    They add the ability to auto reply to missed calls and you all celebrate like its the greatest feature ever? Wow!!

    • For us IPhone users who didn’t have this feature before, are maybe a little bit excited/relieved because we did not have it… If we did, then probably it was an Android phone or whatever + we know, Apple is doing this on purpose but hey, I rather wait so that people at Apple perfect it, rather than having something half baked :/

      • MagicDrumSticks

        Aside from fragmentation, what exactly is “halfbaked” about the Android OS? In my opinion, Ice Cream Sandwich is every bit as smooth and reliable as iOS is. However, ICS has MUCH better customization and already has all these features. I don’t feel like iOS is evolving but rather just getting small updates which should have been implemented long before.

  • Does the unified Apple ID and number also apply to iMessages because that has been bothering ever since getting an iPad and using Messages Beta on Mac.

  • Shadowlink

    Way to innovate apple, just copy some good tweaks from cydia and there u go a new iOS.

  • Most of the new features are from Cydia and we’ve been enjoying these upgrades for awhile now.. iOS 6 is yet another jailbroken iphone just like 5 was.. Take the twitter/Facebook posting from notification centre, a tweak for that just came out within the last week.. Now I bet the Dev for that is pissed his tweak was paid and now it’s part of IOS
    FaceTime over 3G big deal .. Most jailbroken device have a tweak that has it covered .. Most are paid for but there is a free tweak called 3Gvenice …
    I’am not knocking iOS 6 I was just hoping for more… But I guess I’ll have to wait and see … As for dropping the first iPad…Not good Apple..not good

  • I have one Apple ID associated with 2 phone numbers (mine & my wife’s)–so does this mean that the Face Time calls will be separate on our phones (i.e. only the phone with that number will ring), but shared on the iPad (i.e. calls to both numbers ring the iPad)?

    • I was wondering about this myself, but for the opposite reason — my wife and I share an iPad with my Apple ID for Apps, but hers for messages. I assume they will unify with the Apple ID used for messaging, and the two can still be different. So as long as the iPad is using a different ID for iMessage, they won’t ring simultaneously, and you can FaceTime each other.

  • Jailbreaking is going good for Apple, they have to thanks Saurik and Dev’s Team.

  • I bet they’re allowing this now because the next iPhone will be a 4G device. Apple would never put Facetime on 3G if they think the connection’s going to fail them.