9to5Mac did an awesome job combing through an iOS 6 build running on a prototype next-generation iPhone unit.

They were able to surface a couple interesting details which help paint a pretty accurate picture of the innards likely to power the final product.

These reportedly include a variant of the A5x chip sporting an ARM S5L8950X processing core, 1GB of RAM and “something entirely new” for the graphics subsystem…

According to Seth Weintraub, who runs 9to5 sites, he was able to uncover hardware details of Apple’s next iPhone, referenced as a model iPhone5,1 or the “N41AP”.

Hardware specs that surfaced in an iOS 6 build include an application processor identified as an ARM S5L8950X unit. This unit was also referenced in iOS 5.1 beta code alongside the S5L8945X, found in the A5X chip powering the iPad 3.

However, the S5L8950X system-on-a-chip (SoC) for the next iPhone won’t necessarily be marketed under the A6 moniker for it’s reportedly referenced internally at Apple as a variant of the A5 chip.

The author speculates that the 5L8950X is most likely manufactured at the same Samsung fab in Austin, Texas where Apple’s other A-series chips are being built.

“We’d place our money on a low power dual core processor similar to the new iPad 2 on Samsung’s 32nm fab”, Weintraub explains.

He also noted that the chip will have 1GB of RAM, adding:

The S5L8950X is a step up from the S5L8940X on the previous iPhone and the S5L8945X on the ‘new’ iPad but we’re not sure what that means in terms of cores, processor speed or fab size.

Code strings also suggest “something entirely new” for the graphics unit that appears to be the works of UK-based fables GPU maker Imagination Technologies.

The GPU chip, which will continue to be part of the SoC, is called “SGX543RC*” (the asterisk is another sensitive number that could identify people working on the device). This GPU technically does not exist yet and we don’t have specs.

The article also provides a redacted screenshot of the new 3D Maps app using Apple’s in-house tiles.

Other notable findings include the following items:

 • an iPhone prototype in question runs iOS 6.0 seed 10A33X with iBoot version iBoot-153x.x, which compares to an iBoot version of iBoot-12xx.x.x in iOS 5.x builds, depending on the device and version
• an iOS 6 build also sports Darwin Kernel Version 13.0.0, “a full release above the most current developer version of MAC OS 10.8 Mountain Lion”
• the XNU build is also higher, 21XX in iOS 6 versus 2050.5.8 in iOS 5.x
• Weintraub has been told that Apple is “far along in its iOS 6 development”
 • this particular unit uses the same type of Qualcomm baseband found in the 4G iPad 3 and other prototypes have the older Qualcomm Baseband chips, but the author expects the final product to carry the latest Gobi chips that feature low-power voice/data on a variety of mobile networks, including China Mobile’s TD-LTE

The article also notes that Apple should have no trouble meeting its self-imposed October deadline, though “an earlier release is possible”.

Wrapping up, Weintraub teases “a lot more information” coming his way ahead of the WWDC, “including an entirely new iOS app from Apple”.

Very exciting development.

I, for one, was concerned that the next iPhone might have just 512MB of RAM. Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be the case and doubling the amount of memory available to the application processor will allow for smoother multitasking and faster performance overall.

As for the SGX543 GPU, it’s most likely a low-powered variant of the SGX543MP4 quad-core graphics found in the new iPad’s A5X chip, likely offering a notable step up in graphics performance compared to the A5 silicon inside the iPhone 4S.

So, what do you guys think?

Is this what you’ve been hoping for?

  • Anonymous

    Well, I guess CPU cores aren’t that important to phones anyways; RAM on the other hand is. In other words, Apple upgraded what needs upgrading and kept what doesn’t. Still unsatisfied with the new iPad overall though, due to its weak processor and low RAM (both integral to making the iPad a main device to work with).

    • CPU is extremely important!

      • Yeah, the CPU is important, but having a quad-core CPU is completely pointless! A dual-core CPU is more than enough. A quad-core processor is just going to cost us, the user, more and the battery life will most likely be affected.

      • I agree it’s like getting 16GB of RAM it’s just there to show off, truth is you will never use all of it

    • Anonymous

      That’s one thing I don’t understand about Apple either. Which is why Android users think iOS users are crazy for continuing to buy Apple products. But the soft is what keeps me coming. But they could just go all out on the hardware as well every now and then.

    • You’re certainly welcome to your opinion, although personally, having upgraded from an iPad 1 to an iPad 3, I certainly wouldn’t call either it’s processor weak nor its RAM low.

      You feel that 1GB is low, compared to the 512MB in the iPad 2? Sure, it could be more – but Apple is never generous on these specs. I’m just hoping we do in fact see the same boost on the iPhone.

  • Interesting tidbits for sure.

  • I would love to see LTE and better hardware on the new iPhone and a 4.3 in screen would be perfect

    • Oh, better hardware. Good idea. Might want to call them and make sure they put that one on their to-do list.

  • Anonymous

    CPU is important! I was hoping for quadcore.

    • You will get dual core CPU with Quad core graphics most likely

  • If the “New iPhone” gets similar guts to the iPad 3 then you people that skipped the iPhone 4S were dead wrong. Should we see nominal boosts in performance aside from the GPU and RAM, this will be the most nominal upgrade we have seen since the 2G-3G refresh.

    I’m happy about the RAM and GPU, but I am very glad that I got the 4S and will be skipping this new iPhone.

    Oh yeah… the 4G LTE is a must as well – but its been a long time coming. I still think that this iPhone is the one to skip. I will eat my words if it gets a MASSIVE bump in battery life; which aside from 4G LTE, is the most needed bump the iPhone needs.


    • Anonymous

      You don’t think this iPhone will house 4G LTE? If it doesn’t I very well may keep my 4S. But I think it will, besides they have to. Nearly if not all the manufacturers are producing LTE capable phones, the iPhone should not be an exception.

    • Wrong, how exactly? I always skip a gen, just like it sounds like you plan on doing. If need be I’ll skip another gen, but extra ram, a bigger screen, and (what you call) “nominal” specs sound good to me.

      Keep in mind that by skipping a gen the upgrade gets less “nominal”. My 4 doesn’t have Siri, or the new camera, for example.

  • IPhone seems to always be on the smaller side of specs compared to the plethora of new smartphones that flood the market, yet, it runs smoother, games play faster/better, and lag-free. Go figure.

    • Kok Hean

      Android fans don’t get this.

    • That’s because unlike android iOS doesn’t have a bunch of useless junk on it therefore we don’t need such high specs


    I’m very happy with the performance of my iPhone 4S and I wouldn’t mind if Apple went straight with it. The main thing that needs adjustment would be the battery for me, as it’s never enough 🙂

    I wouldn’t really want a bigger device, or a taller device in that matter… I think this size is the best for a mobile phone. I have the iPad for my other needs.

    Then, there’s gaming… Well, for casual gaming on the road, the iPhone 4S (or even the iPhone 4) is way more than enough… I’d go for battery in that regards as well…

  • They should at least try and beat the galaxy s3 in terms of power and performance.

    • Why? There’s need for a quad-core processor at this moment in time. The Galaxy SIII would still run extremely well with a dual-core CPU. It’s merely there for show. Apple can easily get the same, if not more, levels of performance out of a dual-core device.

      • No man…u need a quad core for android…ios can run on dual core but not android….i hav used d note nd d s2…nd they both lag…

      • LOL! The Note and SII don’t lag. I run a technology reviews website and had these devices sent over for a few weeks. They performed absolutely brilliantly on dual-core!

      • My S III runs on a dual core krait and i notice no slowdowns, freezing… my friends with 4S’s tell me my phone is lightning fast. But 2GB of RAM for apps is the icing on the cake. I never get anywhere close to running out of RAM

  • Where did you get the iOS 6 Beta from?

  • The iPhone really does not need a quad core processor. I mean what do you do on your phone that requires a quad-core processor? This new CPU will be noticeable in just using the device and the new CPU + GPU will likely be enough to handle games. 

    • tipoo2

      Many things could be sped up with more cores, web browsing for instance. We could finally have true multi-tab loading on phones.

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    truely beautiful. With that kind of ram the bar for gaming graphics would be set very very high. i could easily see ps3/x-box only just being able to compete.

  • Not so excited about “the new iPhone”, on the other hand iOS6 makes me extremely curious!
    I want to “taste” the beta

  • It’s not a goddamned XBox. I don’t actually NEED a wicked GPU, I need RAM and lots of it. 1GB is a good step. More would be better.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty excited about the new design and will be buying the 5 at full price to replace my 4S, which is a great phone in itself.

  • Anonymous

    i just want the same power as qualcomm krait dual core that bite the quadcore processor performance

  • Wael Abdo

    it’ll all be more than satisfactory in the end.
    as always…….

  • Anonymous

    I’m just hoping these guys are all WRONG and we can pick up a new iPhone in 2-3 weeks…. I DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT want to have to settle for one of these stupid android phones cuz I CAN NOT wait any longer….. PLEASE apple gods rain down upon me one of your shiny new liquid metal iPhones for my wife and I and we will be forever in your graces. Also my 2-1/2 y.o. Daughter loves my wife’s 4s of which she doesn’t get to play with until………WWDC, hopefully 🙂

    • Were you able to wait? 😉
      I’m camping out this Friday for mine.

  • tipoo2

    I’d be disappointed if they left it at a dual core Cortex A9 with no significant clock speed jump. In the face of archicectures like Krait/Snapdragon S4 and even Tegra 3, that’s a bit dated already, let alone in another year. The pixels aren’t going up that much, I’d rather a Krait like CPU architecture between A9 and A15 with the same GPU, rather than a new GPU and the old processor cores.