Apple continues to roll out its iPhone to regional carriers in the United States with the addition of Cricket Communications, a Leap Wireless company. What’s interesting about this particular announcement is that Cricket is a pre-paid carrier so basically they’ve just become the nation’s first wireless operator to offer the unlocked device with a pre-paid plan…

According to a press release, come June 22 you can get an iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 without committing to a long-contract. Instead, you’ll be opting for Cricket’s $55 a month offering that includes unlimited  voice, text and data for smartphones. Of course there is fine print: data throttling starts once you go past 2.3GB.

The luxury of not having to pay service fees for the next two years will cost you in hardware: the iPhone 4S is priced at $499.99 for the 16GB model and iPhone 4 will be available for $399.99. Note that this is a cool $150 cheaper compared to Apple’s asking prices for unlocked iPhones.

Once you get a Cricket iPhone, you can take it on other networks as it’s not locked, which could be of interest to jailbreakers.

Being pre-paid means you can cancel your service at any time, no questions asked (that’s why they sell you the hardware unsubsidized). If you won’t be using the service for a certain period – for example, while traveling abroad – you can temporarily stop paying for your monthly plan and continue whenever it suits you.

Both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 will be available in Cricket company-owned stores and select dealers in nearly 60 markets. You can register your interest online.

To my knowledge, this is the first time Apple partnered with a pre-paid carrier to offer the iPhone – and at lower prices than its own stores.

With the Cricket deal and the Pioner Wireless announcement earlier this month, the iPhone has now become available across fourteen carriers in the United States.

Moreover, if Apple dropped the iPhone on a relatively small pre-paid carrier, perhaps the device will soon become available via Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, both Sprint properties.

I wonder how such an aggressive roll out across U.S. carriers affects iPhone sales going forward.

  • Anonymous

    Could I then buy a cheaper iPhone and have Cricket be the career? By a jailbreaking method? Instead of paying $500?!

    • I’m wondering the same thing.

    • I just thought the same buy an AT&T and make the carrier cricket. Unlocked phone done!

      • Justin Amberson

        Cricket is CDMA.

      • Isn’t the iPhone 4S a world phone? Meaning it works on both networks? Also, in terms of unlocking you might be able to use Gevey Sim card to get it working

      • Though Cricket is CDMA, that would mean an iPhone 4S would have BOTH GSM and CDMA. And since the phone is being sold unlocked, you should be able to switch without a problem.

        However if you buy an iPhone 4 you are technically locked onto CDMA networks.

      • The phone will be locked to AT&T, you don’t understand how phone locking works. You buy cheap from AT&T but the only SIM working with it will be AT&T

      • Dude I said change the carrier obivously u didn’t understand what i mean! I ment that u can change the carrier this would basically be an exploit like sam did just change the carrier sync and get the activation ticket…
        Simply by faking the software to think it’s cricket.

      • @Jorit Studer – You said :”buy an AT&T and make the carrier cricket” If you buy AT&T phone, it will forever be locked to AT&T and you won’t be able to use different carrier. The phone is locked in AT&T’s and Apple’s database and there’s no way you could simply swap the carrier. As I said you don’t understand how phone locking works.

    • yeah you can… iPhone from Veriozn and Sprint can be full flash to Cricket Network

    • Why would you want to move to Cricket?? They are even worse than boost mobile. There are Cricket stores here in Milwaukee but they are literally all on the wrong side of the tracks… I can’t imagine how bad the coverage/data speeds run.

      You’r ebetter off unlocking your phone and going on T-Mobiles pre-paid. I’m almost positive they are both around $50 a month.

    • Yes, you can buy the iPhone else where and get it flashed onto Cricket’s Network but you wont be able to get on the 55-month plan you’ll be on the 45-month plan. However you won’t get to use the iPhone to the fullest and if there is any network issues they will simply tell you it’s not a cricket phone it’s not their problem. It’s risky but it’s up to you.

  • Anonymous

    Could I then buy a cheaper iPhone and have Cricket be the career? By a jailbreaking method? Instead of paying $500?!

  • Why are telephone companies allowed to use the word “unlimited” when it’s NOT!!!???? Straight Talk is another example.

    • Anonymous

      Think of it this way…. You can use as much data as you like…. The first 2.3 Gigs are high speed. Its unlimited because you don’t pay overage charges. No Hidden bill surprises.

    • Because it IS unlimited in Data usage but not speed. A bit deceptive but everyone is fast becoming aware of the difference and Need to ask up front what the full speed amounts are before throttling occurs and the sad part is that it is usually to 2G speeds – they pretty much want to force people onto wifi which is why Starbucks is filled with computer users all day every day.

  • Anonymous

    Cricket’s prices are actually very reasonable, i programm phones over to cricket such as iphone 4 and other carriers phones such as bionic and razr. And we’ve been waiting for this announcement for a couple of months now. You cant use the att iphone or any other iphone besides the verizon CDMA or the sprint CDMA, i havent tried an iPhone 4s. But this announcement is great for the flashing community and I think this will stop people from choosing big corporation companies such as sprint, verizon or att, and explore there options. Cricket is a pretty good company and they are expanding fast, it used to be a cheap alternative to a wireless carrier and now has grown nation-wide to offer very competitive services and phones. Im currently using an iPhone 4 from verizon on cricket and I have all functions working, such as 3G web, MMS, apps, and facetime. And I dont pay more than 60 bucks a month, and it works every where I go.

    • Bob

      I would like to know if this will work for a Verizon iPhone 4S though?

    • What’s the limit of your data do they throttle you? Or cut you off?

    • how do i get my iphone 4 turned on by cricket?

    • Kevin

      i trried letting my friend flash my iphone 4 from veizon and apparently Cricket isnt accepting outside iphones besides their own. Is this true or is it still possible to make it work on the cricket metwork. Thanks.

    • can you have an iphone that was att & connect the iphone to cricket ?

  • Peter Kanguchu

    not to be rude i feel that iphones would lose some sort of value if almost every cell phone company has it JS

    • Anonymous

      I agree I no longer felt I had a special phone when I saw Verizon AND sprint acquired
      it. Now with cricket…I don’t want anyone to ask me hey, is that the new cricket phone?

      • Angelica c:

        There’s nothing really wrong with cricket..some people have tons of money and just dont wanna pay ridiculous prices for phone plans..

  • Anonymous

    Considering that most devices on cricket are crap and runs android OS , they’ll are really going to be a big hit at cricket.

  • Anonymous

    That HTC One X is looking better and better

  • What about 32GB 4S…???


    • Peter Kanguchu

      in due time

  • Anonymous

    cricket services sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make the iphone look bad.

  • Anonymous

    To bad cricket won’t be getting iPhone 5 or what ever they decide to call it

    • Jhamella

      Cricket has the iphone 5 now. I am coming from att. Was there over 10 yrs when it was cingular. & the prices got too expensive for me. And to be totally honest after cingular was bought out by att my service was worse’ juss saying. And everyone that I know that had had cingular said the same. But back to cricket. Its not at all the best but it will hopefully do for me temporarily. (Fingers crossed)! Lol

  • Anonymous

    Warning!!! Cricket service is the worse. Especially if you travel throughout the states. No service.