It’s pretty obvious that we love our iPhones here at iDB. But we understand the handset can be a bit pricey. So we do our best to try and pass along any deals we find regarding the device.

The latest sale we’ve come across belongs to Best Buy. The international retail chain is currently offering the iPhone 4, on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, for just $49.99 with a contract…

The promotion matches the prices that we were already seeing from Target and RadioShack. And, as with these retailers, the offer appears to only be available via in-store purchases.

Sure, the iPhone 4 is nearly two years old. And to get the sale price, you have to sign a two-year contract with a carrier. But it’s still a much better choice than some of the other sub-$100 handsets out there.

Plus, look at the bright side. Since there’s a bootrom exploit for the A4, you won’t ever have to worry about not being able to jailbreak it. Just a thought.


  • Anonymous

    WTF is the point of writing this, like it’s something good? $50 or not, a 2 year contract, balls to that. To get charged enough to buy the iPhone 4 about 5 times over just so you don’t have to shell out upfront, that’s what they call “Daylight Robbery”

    • Kok Hean

      Look at the blog’s name and you’ll know why this article was written.

  • Anonymous

    Although I think it’s a good price, I wouldn’t want to be stuck with an iPhone 4 since the new iPhone is only a few months away

  • I thought this was no sim $50, i was like WTF buying this, then i read this and changed my mind

  • $50.. WTF you can in the UK get the i4 for free with a 2 year contract
    I got my i4s for only £29.99 on a 2 year contract

    • You’re going to make me download a currency app aren’t you?!

      • Lol….

      • £29.99 is $ 47.71…
        Yes I did download a app , so i take it this is correct ..

  • Polysyllabic Pseudonym

    Sometimes I feel this blog is run by bunch of fanboys with lots of Apple stock they want to grow into mountain of cash 🙂

    It’s almost evangelical. Kawasaki could learn from these guys, lol…

    • Anonymous

      What gave it away? the i the the blog name.

    • Tom

      How stupid are you?

  • Brian Bundrick

    Deal is already over :/