So this is pretty cool: Autodesk, the maker of the popular 3D design software AutoCAD, has just released a new app for the iPad called 123D Catch. The software enables you to capture 3D images of things using your tablet’s camera.

No, you won’t need any glasses to view these pictures. Simply use the app to snap photos of almost any object (it doesn’t work well with glass) from multiple angles, and let Autodesk’s 3D rendering software take care of the rest…

“Automatically turn your photos into amazing 3D models with Autodesk 123D Catch.

  • Take photos with your camera-equipped iPad and submit them for processing on the Autodesk Cloud where they are automatically converted into a realistic 3D model that you can view, share, and download.
  • Take up to 40 photos and upload them to the Autodesk Cloud for processing.
  • Connect with the 123D Catch Community Gallery to see the amazing captures other users have shared to submit your own!”

Uploading photos to the Autodesk Cloud is surprisingly fast. But you are required to login using a social network ID (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and email address before you’re given the option, which is kind of a pain.

For what it is, the app is pretty cool. Models look great, and exploring other users’ 3D photos is just as entertaining as creating your own. If you want to check it out, 123D Catch is available in the App Store, for free.

Have you tried 123D Catch? What do you think?

  • So, why doesn’t this work on the iPhone when the processing is done on their servers?

    Wish it worked locally instead of cloud based, but I’m always happy to see more of these image -> model converters. Still think there’s a lot of room to improve. Saddens me we have to distinguish between 3D models and “3D glasses”.

  • iPhone support ?

  • Myles Crouther


  • this app is WAY to processor/RAM intensive, not going on the iphone at all

  • Apple + Autodesk = Perfect Combination !!
    I am a 3D designer (Using 3DS MAX) and i love that software
    I am an iPhone owner … and I love it too !!!

    When those two things have been collected together .. for me .. the world will change !!

    but the bad thing is … this app does not work on iPhone !! ;(

  • Damn, doesn’t seem to be available in the UK. At least not yet.

  • Anonymous


  • WHAT! No iPhone support?! Day ruined, this sounds amazing :/