Those of you who have been reading iDB for a while know we love a good iPhone concept. So when we came across these beautiful renderings of the iPhone Plus from the folks over at ADR Studio, we knew we had to post them.

If the name ADR Studio sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same design firm behind other concepts we’ve featured on our site, including the iPhone SJ. And as usual, they didn’t disappoint. Meet the iPhone Plus…

As you can see, the handset is gorgeous. It boasts a 4.3-inch Retina display that sits edge-to-edge across the device. But the Plus isn’t just all show and no go. The concept is packed full of features.

Borrowing from recent rumors and reports, the ADR team gave the Plus a liquid metal body and outfitted its display with In-Cell touch technology. It also has a slimmer 30-pin dock connector and capacitive home button.

Then, there’s the wishful thinking. The Plus is sporting a pico-projector, for beaming content onto any surface, a 10 megapixel rear camera, and a 2 megapixel front-facing one. It also has an A6 quad-core processor.

We seriously doubt that Apple’s next iPhone will look like this, but that doesn’t mean these renderings don’t look fantastic.

What do you think of the iPhone Plus?

  • I would proudly own and buy this iPhone, it simply looks amazing

  • I would proudly own and buy this iPhone, it simply looks amazing

  • The width is little to large in my eyes, but the design looks awesome ! Kinda looks like Galaxy tho, hmm maybe just let the home button go?

    • Anonymous

      That was my very first thought. It looks like a samsung phone. Also, if they got ride of the home button, then they would have to use a touch sensitive button, just like almost every android phone.

    • Yep. Looks like another Samsung rip off XD

  • Alex Alvarez

    looks like lumia 900. the slimmer version lol

    • Kok Hean

      I knew that I wasn’t the only one who thought that it looked like the Lumia 900/

  • so ridiclous,why they often design the new iphone like samsung’s

  • Only thing I don’t like it the top and bottom aren’t the same. May make landscape a bit weird…

  • edgar mata

    Looks like an Arc S to me.

  • my next iPhone…………. cant wait! iPhones forever

  • That looks like something Samsung would do. We’re talking about apple here

  • Anonymous

    Wow this looks so much like the GS2 just slimmer I don’t want it to look like that

  • ricardo arriaga

    It looks amazing, awesome, great, incredible i can’t wait to buy it. But wait we do not need to wait for it to come out, let’s just go a grab a Galaxy Note for everyone. It is great to see how all of you iphone fans keep craving for android like features on your crapy ios enviroment.

    • Anonymous

      ^ That. Android FTW!

    • Anonymous

      If you hate the iPhone then why do you read an iPhone blog?

    • Anonymous

      If you hate the iPhone then why do you read an iPhone blog?

      • Because this is not iPhoneDownloadBlog anymore, buddy. It is iDownloadBlog.

    • If you hate the iPhone this is not the place for you….and remember one thing an iPhone 4S with Jailbreak is much much much better than SGS2……the phone is not the only thing that count…is the complete eco-system + software and hardware that make the iPhone 4S a winner. I own the SGS2 and the Htc Sensation Xe because I love android too… but they are not like the iPhone ….Sorry!!!..

      • So true, the iPhone with it’s software + hardware speaks for itself! And if you combine an iPhone with jailbreak, It becomes superb 🙂 Android trolls, be happy with your android sh*t phones and go to the android blogs and discuss there how iPhone “sucks” cause we iPhone owners, simply do not care about what you say cause we know that we have an awesome smartphone 🙂

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      LOL, only if you could run iOS on to of it, that might be a solution for all those “big screen” fans, with BIG hands 🙂

      Not me though 🙂

  • thaats pretty sick

  • meh… is kinda ugly actually….

    • 🙁

    • id like to revise my previous statement…….

      it is really, very ugly…

  • Does any one think the new iPhone 5 will sport a ThunderBolt connection, instead of the 30-pin? It probably wouldn’t because intel owns it. I know it would piss a lot of people off by changing the design but that connecter is getting dated…

  • This is so badass! Watchout Samsung, Apple is bring sexy back.
    Actually the iPhone 4 design is STILL sexier than any windows or android counter part. That means Apple is redefining sexy smartphone once again if they go this route.

  • Its lumia 900…

  • Just begging to be broken. Repair shops would have a heyday.

  • Wow, just wow. That thing looks unbelievably unpractical for daily use and extremely uncomfortable to hold. Aspects Apple might care about a little more then you think.

  • I don’t know if its made for iphone technology, but I used throat mic’s in the Marine Corp. Is there a reputable throat mic developed for cell phones or specifically the iphone 4s.
    Not Junk… I want a good product!

  • huh? concept design is to copy design of samsung note ? what the……

  • huh? concept design is to copy design of samsung note ? what the……

  • Nice

  • Nice

  • Jesus, people! There’s only so much you can do to make a smartphone design. It looks like this, it looks like that… Bunch of whining girls. Go and design something yourself and hear people whine about your design.

  • Jesus, people! There’s only so much you can do to make a smartphone design. It looks like this, it looks like that… Bunch of whining girls. Go and design something yourself and hear people whine about your design.

  • pancake

  • this concept is cool, i love the design and features of this iphone

  • Luke Row

    I can’t help but think all the iPhone concepts I’ve seen the last year are going to be better than the real one whenever that gets released 😀

    • Anonymous

      Well the concepts are a bit unrealistic, if you expect to fit that kind of functionality in a device that size.

  • Looks too wide and boxy, doesn’t look Apple.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure how something that thin appears boxy to you.

      • Not boxy as in thick, but in the shape – it’s very angular and squared off.

        Look at the shapes of the iPhone, iPad and Macbook, they are more rounded off. Apple product design is not about hard angular, masculine aesthetic like some of the Android phones that have come out recently.

  • it doesn’t exist. your derogatory comments are pointless. unless ur joining some meat-head know nothing gang with “members Only” jackets

  • The front is amazing, but the back reminds me of some cheap plastic or just the back of an Samsung galaxy S2… The rendered pic is cool no doubt, but we all know that apple will surprise us with something else 🙂

  • I want a larger iPhone to compete w/ the large screens of the other Androids…but you can only go too far. Make the phone a little smaller and I would gladly and very proudly own this phone. Also with the display, make it from edge to edge. Sexy!

  • Dan

    If Apple was going to rip off Samsung, this would be perfect!


    One thing comes to my mind: What resolution? I mean, 4,3″ and retina display… That means a higher resolution display than the current Retina Display for iPhone, and we already have 4 different resolutions to go for: iPhone, iPad, iPhone Retina and iPad Retina…

    I doubt neither the developers would want that, nor the customers (as universal apps would become gigantic in size).


  • Anonymous

    This is stupid, make it four times thicker with all battery and I’ll be happy. The Droid RAZR learned its lesson that battery technology isn’t ready to accomodate that much mAh in such a small size (hence, the RAZR Maxxx).

    My 4S can’t even go a full day of heavy usage, I would sacrifice a few more mm of thickness if it meant it could go a damn day. When I’m at 100% and play a round of golf (GPS active whole round), I’m at 10-15% battery after 18 holes, would be great if I could get 36 in, but that doesn’t seem possible without an extra battery pack.

    • You’re obviously not that great at golf then…
      Nah, I’m just joking. I’ve had a similar problem.

  • it looks amazing. but if it´s really so thin where is the headphone jack? i didn´t see one.

    • Hunter Gordon

      This is fake but if apple made something this thin it would just have Bluetooth headphones or they would make there own small headphone jack .

  • Anonymous

    It better look like or be similar like this or else…

  • Anonymous

    Hand devices must have a non-screen space on the sides otherwise your palm would keep touching the screen.. This is the reason I find all these “concepts” horrible

  • The home button will be always triggering in your pocket if you put your hand in there; no way; too impractical. But then you have to use the capacitive slider to swipe it on so maybe it’s cool. Yes I would probably upgrade to it. Looks beautiful.