Pod2g has just put up quite the interesting poll on his personal blog. The infamous hacker, who is responsible for a majority of the recent exploits found in iOS, is asking folks to vote on the following question: “Shall we hold off the jailbreak for iOS 6?”

The question comes just a few days after we heard that hackers were finally making some progress on the iOS 5.1 jailbreak. Of course, if it’s released before iOS 6 comes out, the exploits will almost certainly be patched up in the new software…

This would mean that pod2g, and members of the Chronic Dev and Dev Teams helping with the jailbreak, would essentially have to start all over again when iOS 6 is released. And if Apple debuts the software at WWDC, that’s just a little over a month away.

So, should hackers continue work on the iOS 5.1 jailbreak and release it as soon as it’s done? Or, since 5.1 isn’t much of an upgrade from 5.0.1, should they wait for iOS 6? Well over 45,000 voters have turned out to answer the question. And here are the results.

56% of folks think that pod2g and team should release the iOS 5.1 jailbreak as soon as possible. 40% believe that the hackers should hold off until iOS 6 is released. And, well, 2% picked the irrelative “Where’s my bottle of beer?” answer.

The poll is still up, and will be for the next 6 days. And its results will hold major weight in the decision of when to release the next jailbreak. I guess since the decision affects a whole community of people, it’s only right that you gather everyone’s input.

Which answer do you choose? And why?

  • Jonathan Gutierrez

    Release the method of downgrading 5.1 to 5.0.1, keep the exploits for 6

  • Anonymous

    I think that they should release it for iOS 5.1. Those who say that it is preferable having a jailbreak ready for iOS 6 are not considering the fact that iOS 6 can be very buggy on its release and apple might take several weeks or even months to release a new version wich would fix bugs and jailbreak xploits so the hackers will have to find new xploits anyways.

  • I say release now. I’d pay for a jailbreak. I downgraded my phone to 5.0.1 to jailbreak but I mean, my iPad (3rd generation) is bored and I’d rather now wait a whole year to have to jailbreak. I’d pay roughly $20 for a jailbreak now.

  • Dan

    I say do it now, I got a new phone (old one broke down) and I don’t have blobs 🙁

  • Please don’t release it. It would be very unfortunate for iOS 6 to be released and any hopes of a future jailbreak be compromised for months. I would also like thank pod2g and the other DEV teams for doing this for free. I’m 33 years old and working professional with hobbies of my own. …that I’m not paid for. Please ignore the rants of children with very few or zero responsibilities and provide us with this very sprecial and free gift when the time is right. Thanks again for what you do for the community.

    • Anonymous

      ibet ur iphone is jailbroke if it wasent u woulkd be singing s different tune all of u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’d rather wait for the jailbreak when the iOS 6 comes out. I wouldn’t risk releasing the jailbreak when within a few months, Apple will be releasing the new iPhone plus a new OS. This would ensure that any exploits that has been found, will not be patched right away.

  • “56% of folks think that pod2g and team should release the iOS 5.1 jailbreak as soon as possible. 40% believe that the hackers should hold off until iOS 6 is released. And, well, 2% picked the irrelative “Where’s my bottle of beer?” answer.” – That’s 98%.

    Where is the last 2% you forgot about?

  • WWDC will probably announced but I don’t think will come out until October with the release of the new iPhone5, then will be a wait of at least 2 to 3 months. which leave us with a year worth of not updates. with that said, I think they should do it now.
    Thank you so much for your help to the community. another donation will be added as incentive. 😛

  • Don’t release it yet because when IOS6 comes out, that is going to be the new talk of the town and of course i love everything about jailbreaking and I know that other people do too, so therefore we would all be really anxious and unpatient if we all have to wait this long for the new one to come out. Including to the fact that 5.1 is still not released yet.

  • They should wait

  • i would be gratefull if he releases it now because i have a brand new iphone 4s never used because i updated to 5.1 i regret i updated it .just my opnion wating patiently for the release.

  • R Skse

    I am for getting this out as soon as possible…Ive had to update to 5.1 and i hate being without a JB for this long.

  • Apple is quick in patching exploits jailbreak after jailbreak…
    Even if he releases the jailbreak, in about the next 2 days Apple should come up with a new update that patches that exploit and probably some others.
    Many of us a are desparate for that 5.1 untether jailbreak but it will be no point if an update comes out and fixes it all…

    Over all I think he should wait.


    As long as Apple uses the same A5 or A5X chip, jailbreak exploits will be found. Apple can’t patch them all since they don’t even know where the exploits are. They have to wait for the exploits to be exposed. I think we should wait and save the few exploits left for iOS6 and iOS7.

  • Wait!

  • People need I think of everyone else and not themselves. It’s rude that you’re thinking “I’m perfectly fine on a 5.0.1 jailbreak so let’s wait.” NO!

    5.0.1 is HELL A buggy. I have wifi problems all the time that my iPod on 4.1 isn’t having. My stuff quits and my phone turns off all the time, why do you guys not think of the people who have problems. The people who are new to jailbreaking. You may have been an idiot one time who updated when a new iOS was out. We should release the 5.1 so everyone can benefit it instead of make those who buy a new device or didn’t know any better suffer.

  • What do you get in 5.1 that you don’t in 5.0.1? a fancy lockscreen camera? whoop. you can get that on 5.0.1 anyway with a jailbreak. a fake 4G symbol on your AT&T 4s? yay.

    REALLY NOW. don’t support the idiots that updated to 5.1…(sorry to those who had to update) but 5.1 doesn’t add sh*t, and iOS 6 should be cool

  • Where’s the other 2% that’s missing….Dead??

  • Just wait.

  • 5.1 please, Need to jailbreak my ipad 3. Cannot wait for iOS6

  • They should actually wait for iOS 6 ‘cuz Apple closes all the vulnerability in iOS and maybe one day it will take much longer for the hackers to find some exploits.
    So and maybe they can use the same exploit, which the wanna use for iOS 5.1, in iOS 6, would be much better!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Where’s my bottle of beer?

  • Well if your the owner of a new iPad “3rd gen” like myself I’m eagerly awaiting a jailbreak and would like them to finish the 5.1 but at the same time I agree that 5.0.1 was not much different and it would be worth the wait so they didn’t have to start all over again on iOS 6 because waiting this long for an exploit again IS going to suck.

  • Anonymous

    I bought a 4s recently ad it has 5.1, so some poeple would like it now.

  • i just say..Apple has security testers.. what ensures us that they will not find this security hole in those months ? release the thing and make all happy then party with the donations ..u never know when a zombie apocalypse will come just saying

  • there will always be exploits on all APPLE IOS and there will always be a HACKER to jailbreak it
    every hacker need challenges – no challenges = no hackers
    hackers will always beat apple at the game because they have common sense not book sense
    release the 5.1 jailbreak for A5 devices think about it
    theres a key for every lock,lets open it to the world.