Could be a fun weekend project, no?

Yes, we know it’s fake. It was likely created to advertise the next Call of Duty.

  • Anonymous

    Lots of CGI in that video.

  • You are aware that this is fake, right?

  • Why another decade? I think in one year it will be something good

  • Anonymous

    o love fpsrussia vids, but this one is fake and i expected him to be more hardcore, in fact more professional russian.

  • So it has come to this?

  • I’ve seen people blow up an iPad before, but apparently, “in Soviet Russia, iPad blows up YOU!” lol

  • Actually theres something like this in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier!

    • it reminds more of the cyphers in Metal Gear Solid 2 sons of liberty/substance

  • think somebody beat you to it , its called an Apache attack helicopter

  • Black ops 2……game on..

  • I honestly don’t think that’s a CGI, FPSRussia never makes fake stuff

    • it was a promotional video. and any recoil would absolutely take that thing out of the air. it’s made from styrofoam

  • Indeed FPSRussia has put up some crazy videos including the rc car bomb but never are any videos fake. Russia might have a headstart on US. Should’ve blown up an android tablet.