A new app has appeared on the App Store that allows users to watch premium UK television for a $0.99 one time fee.

We’ve tested it and can confirm it works, though we’re not exactly sure how the developers of the app were able to pull off such a thing at such a low cost.

Because of this, it’s highly likely that the app will be pulled by Apple due to its shady nature…

We were able to test it, and can confirm that although a bit buggy, and not always reliable, it does indeed work.

There are nearly 6 dozen channels included with the app, but your mileage may vary on an individual channel by channel basis.

For those interested in trying it out, you can download TV English Premium here for what is sure to be a limited time.

Shout out to Craig for the link.

UPDATE: Reza from GeeksRiot just sent us the following message: I read some tweets about the developer removing the HD channels, and replacing them with adverts! I confirmed it on my app myself. The SD channels seem to all work fine. I noticed earlier on the day that the HD channels has some heavy lag, so it may have been for performance reasons.

  • Anonymous

    They’re all freeview channels in the UK – not premium. We’ve got an app over here which is completely free and allows all the same channels and it is legit. It’s likely being proxied along which might be able to work around the legal issues in some way. It’s fairly likely to be pulled, whether or not he’s technically worked around the legals.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure about others, but i use TVcatchup to watch freeview channels, which is free here in the UK.

    • So do I. Do you use the app or the website?

  • You clearly haven’t watched these channels if you believe them to be “premium” TV channels :/

  • actionfilming

    You guys are stupid, the picture saying that BBC 3 is offline is because you can only watch it after 7pm its not a bug. and those channels are not premium there standard.

  • Well was happy watching the city match but has stopped working now and just commercials now on all channels . Sky sports IS a UK premium rate channel .

  • Anonymous

    Give the guys here a break. They live in the US and don’t know all the channels in England. I live in England and yes those channels aren’t premium and they are standard, and yes it’s not bugged just because it says BBC3 is offline, but they didn’t know BBC3 only starts at 7pm. How about you name some of the American channels and what time they start, then see as the Americans laugh at you.

  • It appears that there are a few “premium” tv channels on this app, however it would have been nice of you to include a screenshot of these so that it doesn’t just look like the app streams freeview channels.

    Also, if you’re viewing these channels in the US, or any other country outside of the UK, you’re most likely doing so illegally due to the fact that these channels are either channels that need to be paid for or that you need to be a UK resident, who pays for a TV license, to view them.

    I sincerely doubt that Shahla Ghrhchori (the developer) has obtained permission, and / or a deal with various TV networks, to sell their services for 69p so that anyone in the world can view them…

  • Dan

    since it’s most likely illegal, I say why not pirate it, there’s irony for the ‘developer’ lol

  • Doesn’t work for me. Though I use tvcatchup for free 😀

  • Don’t download it, the HD channels don’t work, there’s a commercial everytime and the channels are not launching…

  • If this does get pulled… In safari just type .. Tvcatchup.. And install the web app . I was using this before it was even in the app store..

  • Downloaded the app, but can’t watch any channels just shows adverts. Is anyone else experiencing this in uk or is it just me.

    • Its a scam it seems… I’m experiencing the same problems. I’m just disappointed that iDownloadblog is promoting a dodgy app, without doing any thorougher research…!

      • Kok Hean

        Really? Someone from the UK reviewed the application on YouTube and he had it working.

  • Anonymous

    apart from needing a licence fee, most of these are free to air via Freeview so I don’t know where some ill-informed folks are getting their facts from to say the HD content from Sky Sports, ESPN, History, Eurosport, National Geo, etc, aren’t considered a premium rate service when they are via Top-Up TV. personally I’ve always used TVCatchup and FilmOnFreeTV so I’ll only be trying this for Eurosport and ESPN 🙂

    • Did it work to you?

      • Anonymous

        nah, i deleted it, wouldnt connect even to BBC HD and thats a free service for me and had constant errors or crashes trying ESPN and Eurosport.

  • It’s not work anymore for me, and for you guys?

    • James Harvey

      Works fine for me, starts with a.single advert, then.its fine, all sky sports, racing channels up til 6pm, all premium ans all work fine, btsport 1and 2, all good, so stop saying its crap, get a decent phone and WiFi and all good

  • Yer looks like its game over for this app, videos wont load at all, didn’t last long !!

  • Crashes on my iPad. 5.1

  • Anonymous

    downloaded and all i get is advertisements wasted 69p

    • Yeah some futubox ad.. Every channel i choose is see that ad, really sucks. Away 79cents for nothing

  • Anonymous

    It’s dead

  • Man HOW RIPPED OFF do i Feel? does NOT work, there is no “Premium” channels at all!!
    reminds me of an old saying “something that is to good to be true usually is”….

  • I’m in the USA and getting the UK free-to-air channels is worth 99cents. We’ll see how long it lasts, but looking forward to seeing how well it looks via airplay when I get home tonight.

  • It lets me watch the Frrview channels (BBC, ITV CBBC etc.), however when I try to watch a premium channel (Comedy Central) it says ‘Movie could not be played’. Not worth 69p, but I suppose if it works over 3G then it’ll be good. Also, it’s something like 40 seconds out of sync.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not even loading the channels now 🙁

  • It’s been removed from the app store, and ALL the channels have stopped working.

  • Anonymous

    Just installed from applestore on New Ipad but It doesn’t work,

  • It’s gone from AppStore now..
    I got it to day, and it’s works, but now after the have pulled it away from the AppStore, it’s only crashes right after it says “loading channel”

  • has anybody tried Filmon plus? it is also free and it is million times better than tv catchup. you can access MBC 2 and MBC Action which show a lot of blockbuster movies

  • I received a refund from Apple and a very polite email. Contact apple support if you want a refund.

  • Channels went down for a few days after the release,

    BUT it’s been WORKING most of the time for me FOR THE PAST 2 WEEKS !
    AWESOME when I didn’t know any way to get worthy ENGLISH speaking channels here from PARIS FRANCE where I’m normally stuck with effin boring french shows and f***ed up spoiled dubbed movies.

    am switchinWatchin right now between Channel 4 : The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) and Film4 : classic Trading Places (1983)

    workin flawlessly ! (except I might have to kill the app sometimes if I want to sucessfully change the channel)

    Hope it’ll last for Eva
    and even more channels show up // actually work !!!!

  • I wasted my money on this app. It does not work

  • MarkyBhoy67

    Sky Sports … definitely …premium …NOT free. So this app is incredible. It is also legal to view because it is being brought in from outside UK as far as I think. Court case involving a pub in Scotland showing football broadcast by Sky but bought cheaper from another country …pub won!!! They think this could break contracts rights for sports as it is via online broadcasting and not breaking law from what I understand now.