Last month, word got out that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission was looking to go after Apple over the name of its wireless iPad model: iPad Wi-Fi + 4G. Soon after that, a handful of other countries joined them.

You see, folks are getting upset because Apple’s LTE tablet doesn’t actually use LTE in any countries outside of the US and Canada. So they want Apple to change its name. And Apple met with the ACCC this morning to talk about it…

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, both Apple and members of the ACCC took part in a mediated discussion this morning to try and hash out some sort of deal. But neither party would budge on the matter, so no agreement was reached.

This means that the case will have to go in front of a judge. A hearing is scheduled with Justice Mordecai Bromberg of the Federal Court in Melbourne for this afternoon.

Apple has thus far complied with all of the ACCC’s wishes. It’s changed the signage in its retail and online stores, adding warnings that the 4G iPad does not get 4G speeds in all countries. And it’s even offered refunds to iPad buyers that felt misled.

But it doesn’t look like the company is going to change its iPad Wi-Fi + 4G name to anything else anytime soon. We’ll see if the court can force them to do so.

Do you think Apple should change the name of its 4G iPad? What would you rename it?


  • They shouldn’t change it because the new iPad does have 4G capability. It’s just that Australia doesn’t offer it yet

    Apple is just expanding faster than countries are able to expand to 4G

    • But not outside USA and Canada, and that was the issue here wasn’t it.
      There you see how easy it is to be misled by wrong advertisement and a misleading name.
      Think you are a living proof they must change it.

  • Not sure why they dont just change the description for countries that dont have 4g. you cant get ipad 2s anymore so theres not going to be any confusion on what model youre getting. The problem is theyre advertising it as 4g when in australia it isnt. there is no way to make it work on australian carriers. So dont say it is when it isnt. most people dont know the difference which is what makes it confusing. what some of you guys overseas dont realize is australia has 4g networks. theyre just on a different frequency to the ipad. so to the average joe when you say the ipad is 4g, logicically you think those 4g carriers will work with it. obviously not the case. This can lead to customers purchasing sims that wont work, which then makes unhappy customers. which as a retailer i hate having to deal with!

    The problem is simply resolved by apple changing the description for its not so savvy customers. Whats the big deal? its 1 number in the description of each ipad. they already had the warning in small print!

  • hellome

    First world problems.

  • This would be a good article if the iPad worked on the US TMobile. Does it?

  • Complete Business Online

    Your missing the point. Australia does have 4G, its just not compatible with it.