The iPhone-connected wristwatch has been the unicorn of iOS accessories for the past few years. Folks have been asking for one, but manufacturers have yet to produce one that appeals to the masses. Then came the Pebble.

MacStories points to a brilliant Kickstarter project for a smartphone-connected wristwatch known as the Pebble. It’s developed by the same folks who made the InPulse Smart Watch, and is packed full of features…

Pebble is a customizable wristwatch that connects to your iPhone or Android device via bluetooth. As of right now, it can pull data like caller ID, email, calendar alerts, Facebook messages, and Twitter notifications from the handset. But using the SDK, third party developers will be able to add all kinds of different functions.

And the watch’s features don’t end there. It also has an e-paper display β€” viewable in direct sunlight, a built-in accelerometer, and a battery that will last you a staggering 7 days. The Pebble comes in arctic white, jet black, cherry red, and a mystery color to be decided on by Kickstarter backers.

At the time of this writing, the Pebble project had already received $388,000 of its $100,000 goal. So it’s for sure getting funded. But for those of you who are interested in the watch, a pledge of $99 scores you a jet black Pebble β€” which is about $50 less than it will cost you when it hits retail stores this fall.

What do you think of the Pebble?

  • Need

  • It’s even got a vibrator! Only problem, not in uk!

    • I don’t think it’s THAT kind of vibrator though πŸ˜‰

  • DO WANT. =D

    • Same. But $150 without kick starter pledge is a lot to sell on the market when the iPhone itself costs $199. I feel like they are getting greedy with the pricing, and something about the creator guy makes me uncomfortable

  • Anonymous

    Nice product

  • Anonymous

    Awesome unless you happen to be oh, i dunno, INSIDE. Kindles i could understand this with because attaching a light is easy enough but this watch? Sorry but this watch will be useless to a lot of people, and i mean a LOT.

    • Anonymous

      So then do us a favor and do something about…..then when your ready post your link to your kickstarter here and I’ll donate something towards the cause

    • Not sure if you’re complaining about lack of a backlight because well.. There is one.

    • Anonymous

      Okay. I apologize for not seeing anything about the backlight until now. Usually with e-ink displays, I have NEVER seen an e-ink display with a backlight, that and the way the technology of the screen seems to work, made it seem as if a backlight was impossible to be put in e-ink displays. (I still don’t know how that works). Plus I never saw on even mentioned in the video or description. So how was I even suppose to know about a feature that isn’t mentioned anywhere on the page? AND this seems like a feature that they should make clear about, its pretty important if they want anyone to buy the product.

    • Anonymous

      Q. Does the watch display stay on all the time? A. Yes. The display shows a watchface at all times.

      Q. Does it have a backlight? A. Yes, Pebble has a backlight to view the display at night.

  • Anonymous

    Soooo… Does the features of this watch comparable or even better to the features of MOTOACTV watch and the like?

    Hope this is packed with more functionality. It will be saddening to think that this will only contain ho-hum features but will still sell a lot only because it is made for iPhone.

    • It’s got an open SDK thats to be released alongside it, so there isn’t really going to be any limitations, even on the iphone somebody could develop a cydia tweak that allows for finer control over bluetooth. With an SDK the limitations are simply what the hardware can do.

  • This won’t sell or probably make it to market it’s a knockoff of the i’m watch they failed at the epaper display seriously and they pretty much stole the whole concept except I’m beat them and was at Ces and it’s started shipping this month I get mines the 24th so well see if it lives up to the hype

    • Well you’re already wrong, it’s got 6x the amount of backing that they were originally asking for already and there’s still 36 days left to go.

    • Anonymous

      The I’m watch is waaaaaay over priced.

  • My only wish is that it weren’t so damn expensive. I don’t see what (besides original die casts and production costs) is particularly expensive about it, I’d really like to know build details such as what it’s made out of and more exact specifications. Also some of those watch faces look a bit odd what with being cut off at the sides. If I had the money though I’d definitely put it down on this, looks really solid.

    • Anonymous

      Had high hopes for this product. Looked at this post, looked at the price and declared it dead. Nobody is going to want a watch that costs MORE than the iPod nano! A whopping $150+! So much for this being successful. Nobody will pay that much just for the convenience of not pulling out their phone for two seconds.

      • Nobody? πŸ˜€ Sorry but they already have 1,9 Million pledges because people want it^^ Including me… I ordered 2 Pebbles πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      What is the final cost? What exactly is “more than $150”?

  • How do we pledge?

  • Not bad…..

  • it all seems amazing… i would love to have one of those

  • Is this water proof or splash proof I sall him washing dishes lol

  • The kind of people who would buy this watch are the kind of people who would have a 4s. so why no Bluetooth 4.0? It would double the watches battery and be less of a drain on the phone too.

  • I need this in Pakistan…..

  • cool but why would you want a watch to remind you of your fb messages and calls etc? find it redundant…..perhaps if it has some function like loud alarm sound when iphone is more than XX m away… you wont ever lose your phone!

  • Brilliant! waited for this. Ordered 2 right away πŸ™‚ Thanks for showing me!