Folks with newer devices on iOS 5.1 will be happy to hear that iH8sn0w has uncovered a new loophole that could potentially allow users to downgrade their A5 gadgets to the more jailbreak-friendly iOS 5.0.1 in the near future.

As noted by Gadgetsteria, the Sn0wBreeze creator announced yesterday via his Twitter account that he has uncovered a “loophole” in Apple’s APticket system that allowed him to downgrade his iPad 2 from 5.1 to 5.0.1…

Here’s the tweet:

This is actually a pretty big deal, considering there isn’t currently a jailbreak available for A5 devices (untethered or otherwise) on iOS 5.1. Nor is there a method of downgrading the firmware on these devices at this time.

Chances are you’ll need saved SHSH blobs from iOS 5.0.1 for whatever hardware you’re looking to downgrade, but we won’t know anything for sure until we see an official release. And unfortunately, we don’t have any kind of ETA.

As always, we’ll let you know more as soon as we do. So stay tuned.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait!

    • Anonymous


  • tim

    hopefully it can’t be easily patched…

  • I hate snow, I mean iH8sn0w thumb up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Can’t wait!

  • Great news! Thanks cody ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    Yes! Untethered jailbreak for 5.1 (just downgrade, then jailbreak, then upgrade, saving all the jailbroken data and putting it back on the 5.1 system)!

  • got no SHSH blob save can i still downgrade to 5.0.1? ipad 2 ios 5.1

    • 1st of all, he didn’t release the software yet, he just told us about it.
      Secondly, you are NOT able downgrade without SHSH since iOS 4.

    • I hoping the same thing.

  • SHSH blobs are unique to each device too aren’t they? Like, I couldn’t use the blobs from my girlfriends 4S on 5.0.1 to restore my 4S right?

    • Correct, you could NOT use someone else’s Blobs

  • Why focus on downgrading ones firmware when he can focus on finding an exploit? I have a feeling iOS 5.1.1 (or 5.2) will be out in a few months time before iPhone 5 release.

  • Awesome… But I’ll miss my 4G icon ๐Ÿ™

  • Anonymous

    I was originally waiting for a bootrom exploit for A5 devices to get the 4S, but this is close enough. As soon as the guide is released, I think im gonna try to get a 4S on iOS 5.0/

  • I have always wondered, what does ETA stand for?

  • Anonymous

    um if we ned SHSHs then this is lame cause most 4Ss are on 5.1 already due to apples auto update

    • Well, then its their problem for updating, “lol” They have been warned so many times not to upgrade by so many websites. There is even a Cydia tweak called “No Update” that will prevent the update from showing up in the Settings app. But even if you don’t have the tweak installed, your device still won’t automatically update during the night (mine didn’t, I installed the tweak about a week ago). iTunes even gives you a warning whether to even download the update, a warning that you can effortlessly ignore forever by clicking the “don’t show again” button.

  • Is there a jailbreak untethered 5.1 of iPhone 4s??? I mean Absinthe

    • Shugo Asakura

      You aren’t a good reader are you? Look at the first paragraph after the tweet post.

  • Finally !

  • I got the iPad 3 with the 5.1 …… How on earth i am gonna have the SHSH blob saved in the first place !?

  • $25 iTunes gift card for $20. Payment is through PayPal if anyone is interested.

    • Shugo Asakura

      Did your mother drop you on your head when you were young? How can we trust that the card is still good? If it is, why sell it for a $5 loss? I smell a troll

  • Release hurry up. my iPad 2 got stuck 5.1 -.- cant install app crack and stuff

  • Osorio11

    On a somewhat related subject: as there is no untether for 5.1 yet and I was forced to upgrde because my iphone 4 wouldn’t boot anymore and couldn’t be restored (at least I fon’t know how) via shift+retstore in iTunes the following question:
    Is it posssible to downgrade to 5.0.1? And if so ;how? I have my SHSH blobs both on Cydia as locally stored. Or is it better to wait for an untehter? I can wait if I knw it would eventally come,but don’t know if the jailbreak folks rather wait for the new iPhone before using an exploit or whatever itis that is neede for an unteher.
    Much obliged with any answers you people here have for me.

    • similar situation here, my iphone 4S is on 5.0.1 and I have saved the blobs, but now the phone is having some problems about keeping the signal, so I need to reinstall 5.0.1, how do I do that?

      Im afraid to try and ending up having to put it on 5.1 and lose some tweaks like mywi, wifi passwords, sbsettings, fusion, and my MGS ringtones and some other stuff I have :S

  • I hope the downgrade will be released soon.

  • Osorio11

    @Angelo: it is actually possible to downgrade at least your iPhone 4, as I did with a program called iFaith. It allows you, provided you got your SHSH blobs saved on your pc, to 5.0.1 by building a signed IPSW. You have to download i.g. from iClarified stock IOS 5.0.1 firmware, stitch your SHSH blobs to it and then shift/restore in iTunes. Wirked like a charm: I am back on 5.0.1, which I jailbroke untethered with Redsnow and put back my favourite tweaks. Good luck.

  • this useless to people that have not saved their SHSH Blobs, Any idea when i jailbreak will be available ???