Consumer Reports caused quite a stir yesterday when it reportedly found Apple’s new iPad to have an overheating problem. While there’s evidence that the tablet runs a tad warm, a lot of folks have called the report sensationalist.

Well the folks at CR are back again today with their review of the new Apple TV. And no, there’s no mention of “heatgate” this time around. It actually sounds like they’re genuinely impressed with Apple’s latest set top box

“That said, where Apple TV really shines is as a conduit for bringing all the content you own on various iOS devices to your TV. As a result, our initial take is that the Apple TV primarily appeals to Apple-centric users who regularly live within the iTunes ecosystem. If you already live in Apple’s world and have invested in iTunes content, getting an Apple TV is a no brainer, unless you’re looking for more third-party content.”

“Getting an Apple TV is a no brainer” — that’s quite the compliment from a publication that almost makes it a habit to find something wrong with Apple’s new products.

So what about Apple TV 2 owners? Should they upgrade?

“If you already own a second-generation Apple TV, though, it probably makes more sense to update your player to get the new interface, though you’ll still have to live with 720p output.”

I have to say, I agree. I own a second generation Apple TV and haven’t found a good enough reason to upgrade to the new model yet. I have the new interface thanks to an easy software update, and I think 720p video looks just fine on my 40″ LCD.

For those with a larger TV however, or without an Apple TV at all, you can’t go wrong with the $99 box. Especially, as Consumer Reports says, if you’re already in Apple’s iTunes ecosystem.

Have you purchased the new Apple TV yet? Why or why not?

  • Anonymous

    I would buy it if I had a TV. Only Screens I own are iPad and Notebook …

  • Anonymous

    Without a USB port on it it’s still a huge fail imo, not everybody wants to pay to stream things when many people have films, tv shows, documentaries etc stored on external drives and Apple yet again seem to ignore the most basic and widely used of features.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t mind streaming if they weren’t ridiculous about looking down which file formats you could use.

  • Anonymous

    Hope a jailbreak comes out sooner rather than later.

  • Anonymous

    I love my apple tv 2, once jail broken I downloaded xbmc with icefilms and now I can stream every tv show and movie no problem

  • I just got one and am digging it so far. The only downside is it can’t be jail broken. I want to stream some Avi’s without firing up the ps3. Picture quality is very rich and close to blue ray quality.

  • I plan to get one soon, I normally watch films etc off my Playstation 3, but it doesn’t support any iTunes purchases I copy over

  • Anonymous

    “that’s quite the compliment from a publication that almost makes it a habit to find something wrong with Apple’s new products.”

    don’t take it personally. consumer reports is a great organization that has unbiased reviews and are fact based to educate the public about products. saying something negative about a product (ipad, car, whatever) doesn’t mean they’re bashing the overall quality. but saying that a publication “almost makes a habit to find something wrong with apple’s new products”really just takes away from your credibility when you portray this trusted resource as some nay saying blog rather than a periodical that has been helping people better understand what’s out there for decades based upon facts.

  • consumer reports is a fucking loser of a magazine. Barely any fact, but just tons of bias

  • I don’t see the necessity in owning an Apple TV set top box. What does it actually do?

    • You can rent movies, purchase tv shows, stream past purchased, access to Netflix, YouTube, AirPlay, mirroring your iPad, iPhone (soon Mac), plays all local iTunes content, best UI on the market