With every new Apple device coming out, you can expect this typeof videos to pop out all over the web. Yes, it’s stupid. Yes. it’s a waste of money, and no, the iPad doesn’t win against an assault rifle.

But will it blend? That’s a question that really keeps me up at night. I’m sure we’ll find out soon though.

[iPhone Savior]

  • Let me guess… iPad won? Because iPad is magical and full of shiny love. Rifle is not.

    • sorry if ur being sarcastic but it even says the ar one

      • I’ve “tried to guess” so I haven’t read the article.

      • So I hope you were originally joking right? And personally I would take an assault rifle over the iPad any day!

  • I would of swore the high pixel density would of stopped the bullet

  • Seriously, you can’t tell that was a joke. I’m surprised you could even log in to comment

  • Anonymous

    anyone who risks their money just to make a video like this to waste their time or to irritate fanboys is silly.

    • They actually do it to make money

  • Anonymous

    this is so fuc*ing dumb i can’t begin to tell

  • Too bad they didn’t have the screen on while they shot at it. It would’ve been mildly more interesting.

  • Dan

    that’s just dumb…

    They should make ”stupid gun nut VS assault rifle” next time…

  • Anonymous

    It’s only dumb if you watch.