The new iPad giveaway!

By , Mar 16, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, this is by far the biggest giveaway that we’ve done at iDownloadBlog, and we’re inviting you to participate.

Yes, we’re giving away a 3rd generation iPad to one fortunate reader. Why buy a new iPad when you can get one for absolutely free?

All you have to do is follow a few instructions and you’ll be entered to win. The winner will be announced next Friday. Check inside for more details…

How to win a new iPad (Black, 16GB, WiFi only):

Step 1: Like this post on Facebook, and like our Facebook page.

Step 2: Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and post a comment on the video with your thoughts and your Twitter or Facebook ID. We’d also appreciate it if you gave a thumbs up to our video, though that has no bearing on the giveaway.

Step 3: Follow us on Twitter and retweet this post.

If you successfully perform those 3 steps, then consider yourself entered to win.

If you don’t have Facebook or Twitter, remember those services are free to sign up. It’s worth it when you consider that you can win a new ipad for free.

This giveaway is open to international readers, and we will handle the shipping cost involved as a courtesy to you.

We really love our readers and the awesome support that you have shown us over the years. We wish we could give an iPad to each and every one of you, but this is the next best thing.

Have you entered yet? A winner that meets all of the requirements will be randomly selected next Friday, March 23rd, 2012.

This article is brought to you by Duet Display, an awesome app that turns your iPhone or iPad into an extra display for your Mac or PC. Get it now in the App Store.

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  • faradura

    awesome giveaway… @miszfara_01

  • faradura

    I love iPad!!!

  • Tonka Thor

    Someone claimed to be you and sent me an email saying I won…I was disappointed to find out it was an ad. :( I hope I win!

    • Marty

      I got the same thing from myjailbreakmovles (L instead of I in movies) .. pretty pathetic

      • John Vautour

        same here.. bummer…

  • Anonymous

    I want it !!!! :)

  • FreeManRepo

    I’m in this Giveaway, my chance of winning is 0,00000000000000000000001% but let me try ;D

  • Gavin Thompson

    anybody else get an email saying you won that sends you to a spam website?

    • Kris Triplett

      Yeah, I just got it. Definite spam.

  • Tom

    Hey Gavin.

    I got one too. It was from ‘myjailbreakmovLes’ (with the L in lower case). I spotted it so I didn’t click the link.


  • Joseph C. Carr

    Some Spammer is sending out emails through YouTube claiming to be you and telling people they’ve won. Just a heads up.

    • Stefanie Nicholas

      Yeah, I got it too! Whats going on?

  • Danish

    thanks alot for the contest idownloadblog!!! hope i win twitter –@danish319
    facebook —danish chowdhry
    This thing doesnt come out until may in´╗┐ my country n available at a premium of 500$ :/

  • Maria Moccia

    maria moccia in fb
    ytb: pentagon2002

  • Zeljko Nikolic

    A boy from greece with 13 years won the ipad from greece?Are you kidding?A boy with 13 years is no reader!I think.I am wondering he can speak english!
    But i never win. so let it be……..

  • Matthew Bryson

    Spewing! I would have loved an iPad 3! :(

  • yasminec9

    i have received a email to say i have won what do i do now

  • Chelsea Bondoc

    Just checked my mail and it says I won and upon checking website it says I didn’t. :(

  • Stefy Ste

    chi ha vinto

  • Tengku Izzurudin

    I wish i could have it.. I’ve already tweet you. subscribe you, and others way. Thank you so much. I wish I could win it.. :)

  • Tina S Rath

    Have done all 3 – like shared and tweeting @sewingmema

  • Aaron Pickell

    I do b etter at the Craps table rather then giveaways for awesome products..but what the heck..I’m in

  • Kenneth Vicidomina

    Would love to give the ipad as a birthday gift

  • maira abro

    i never win any thing please give me one please please..