Perhaps the highlight feature of the new iPad is its Retina display. And folks I’m not kidding, the Retina display is absolutely gorgeous. It features more pixels than your 1080p HDTV, leaving it to be clearest tablet display that is currently on the market. The Retina display boasts a 2048 x 1536 resolution, which contains a whopping 3.1 million pixels. The eye can’t even single the pixels out.

We’ve already shown you the iPad 2 and iPad 3’s display shown off side-by-side, and it’s obvious which one is better. Our test was pretty unscientific, but hey, it worked. However, software engineer Lukas Mathias put both the iPad 2 and new iPad’s display under a microscope, to take a look at the total pixel count, giving us a better look…

Mathis set his microscope to 80x magnification:

From the side-by-side above, you can really see the difference in how many pixels the third-generation iPad has, compared to the iPad 2. Apple said the new iPad has quadruple the pixels, and that appears to be true.

Mathis also put the new iPad beside the iPhone 4S, both of which have similar Retina displays. The iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 contain a few more pixels, 326 ppi, while the new iPad is at 264 ppi.

The new iPad has one of the best displays I’ve ever seen on a mobile device. The eye can’t make out individual pixels on the Retina display, leaving you under the impressions that you’re just looking at paper. We’ll talk more about it in our review coming up.

What do you think of the Retina display? Does it live up to the hype?

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  • Truly amazing technology. The future is looking brighter already (ba dum tss).

    • Anonymous

      Not Apple’s technology though, it has to be said !

      • Anonymous

        as far as i know, it is apple’s tech, but its NOT produced by apple.

      • It isnt apple tech…!!!…on which other device u see it..??…w8 nt on a single one…:p
        Ps: w8 till apple buys sharp den u ll understand whose tech it is…:p

      • Apple doesn’t make hardware. The display, for instance, is physically manufactured by Samsung. Apple may have commissioned it and helped in some way, but it’s really Samsung’s tech. Even their desktops and laptops aren’t really Macs anymore. They use Intel chips, Nvidia GPUs, and are built on x86 architecture. Macs are no longer Macs, their Apple-brand PCs. That’s why you can install Windows on them without virtualization.

      • Who spend millions of dollors for the r&d of that screen…if it was samsung tech, they would be shouting with it on their s3….
        Nd regarding the mac thing, i totally agree but none of the other pc manufacturer is using its own tech in that…consumers love the reliability of intel…now if you want the ram used in iPad should be developed by apple den i think it is a little over the top…they innovate where it is needed…

      • Fred Ricardo

        who cares?

  • This just proves my point on the 3GS to iPhone 4 upgrade in pixels. The 3GS to iPhone 4 difference 161 in ppi, the difference between iPad 2 to iPad 2.5 is just 62 ppi.

    • iPad 1 and 2 have 132ppi the new ipad 264ppi si 132 is the difference

      • I stand corrected. funny I used Siri to get the answer But even then I think I took the iPhone vs iPad numbers instead u win and lose some

    • 132 difference in ppi… 264 vs 132. Its still a huge difference on a screen this size.

  • The new iPad being sexually harassed lol

  • I prefere more the quality and screen amazing resolution of the ipad1. These two look so bad!!!

  • Kok Hean

    Apple wasn’t lying when it showed the colours on the new iPad’s video 😮

  • To me, all look the same…….
    Anyone else out there on my side?

  • Folks he’s not kidding sheesh your starting to sound like that c$&t Sarah palin.

  • Lionel Loeb

    We want computer screen like that !!!! 300 dpi !!!!

  • Lionel Loeb

    As I don’t have any TV, I’ll have to buy a big magnifying glass for using my iPad as an HDTV !!
    (like the old gameboys magnifying glass of the past) !! :p

  • Can’t be described moving from the iPad 2 to the new iPad, eye strain is almost unevident, such a gorgeous screen and it’s stunning to read on, in the past I’d often put my iPad down for the iPhone, that won’t happen anymore.

  • While I haven’t seen it in person yet, I have to admit – I was hoping for higher ppi than the iPhone4/4S, not lower. Or at least equal. Not 60 pixels less PER INCH! The human eye can detect around 400ppi at 12 inches. Technically, the first retina display wasn’t even up to par with the eye. Now we’ve lost 60ppi on a bigger device. Personally, I’m quite disappointed. But, maybe I shouldn’t be giving so much weight to the numbers and just wait and let my eyes be the judge…

  • Just got the “new ipad” and i have to say i am dissapointed with apples claim of retina display. Sure its ok from a distance but text is nowhere near as crisp as the iphone 4s which i personally think needs more ppi. I think apple made a huge mistake in keeping the ppi under 326 but maybe that will be saved for the ipad 4 lol

  • Truly amazing technology. The future is looking brighter ,,hmmmm why do the screen of the iphone 4s looks different from ipad3