Ever since Apple released iOS 5.1 last week, a lot of folks have been wondering when the new software would be jailbroken. Older devices can use RedSn0w to perform a tethered jailbreak of sorts, but it’s not really a viable solution.

Then a few days ago we told you that pod2g, the hacker largely responsible for the Corona and Absinthe jailbreaks, was working on finding vulnerabilities in iOS 5.1. But it looks like i0n1c has beaten him to the punch…

In a string of photos sent out over his Twitter account this morning, the infamous hacker confirmed that he has successfully jailbroken iOS 5.1 on an A5 device. The pictures show an iPad 2 on the new software, running Cydia 1.1.5.

This really shouldn’t surprise anyone, as i0n1c was behind the iOS 4 untether that lasted through three software updates — it was kind of a big deal. Now the only question is: when will this jailbreak (if ever) be available to the public?


  • Anonymous

    Shut up and take my money! =)

    • when did you pay for a jailbreak, stop posting this same old line…:p

      • I think what he means is that he is gonna donate as soon as i0n1c wants donations ; ) Think before u write, just another line to get on your nerves :p

      • I really dont think he meant that…:p
        Its a old cleashe line that i come across to often…;D
        But 18 likes mean its still very popular…so shut up nd take my money…lololz…;D

      • And what he means by “Shut up and take my money” is the meme commonly found on 9GAG. Read here http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/shut-up-and-take-my-money

  • Why jailbreak 5.1? Save the exploit for a more important release

  • So apparently he wasn’t trolling to begin with. 🙂

  • Woot! Hopefully the new iPad will be jailbroken soon! I get mine tomorrow! Hell ya! But I will wait patiently as I always do for the jailbreak. I appreciate everything these devs do for us jailbreakers!

  • I’m confused its still a tethered JB right? If so whats the surprise it was gona happen soon. Wake me up when they find the untethered shit.

    • Anonymous

      No, the tethered jailbreak is for A4 devices. This is an iPad2(A5 device) it is most likely untethered unless he found a bootrom exploit.

      • Most likely tethered* you mean. A bootrom exploit would mean permanent untethering.. and would probably be causing a lot more ruckus and come with some proof.

    • ml

      This is iPad 2 A5 processor, there was NO tethered jailbroken 5.1, so wake up and realized what this means…

      • Doesn’t mean much.. it’s just a tethered jailbreak for all platforms now.. and perhaps the A5X in a few days as well.

      • It will be untethered. Where are you seeing it’s tethered? He won’t release a tethered version ever.

    • Don’t care! Would love even a tethered JB for my iPad at least.

  • yep i confirm this as well, we’ll see it soon

  • This untethered ? For iPhone too or just iPad.?

  • I need this jb I screwed up my 5.0.1 last night I accidentally deleted all my cydia packages including cydia itself is there any way to get it back?

    • If you don’t have your shsh saved, by now, your only option is to dump your blobs using iFaith and then stitch them into a firmware using redsn0w or iFaith itself. I suggest you restore and not experiment with it so you don’t screw it up even more.

      • its on ipad 2 however i thought we could not restore no matter what now that 5.1 is out i do have my shsh

      • on an A5 device device, you can’t restore to an earlier firmware using SHSH (unless you have an iPad 2 and 4.3.x blobs) IDK if this will work, but you might wanna try going into DFU mode and using redsn0w’s “install cydia” option

      • Apple is no longer signing 5.0.1, which means you cannot restore to that version. You would be forced to update to 5.1. Now that 5.1 is jailbroken, for the moment restoring wouldn’t be a problem for iPad 2 (A5), and likely also iPhone 4S. iPad 3 might be able to use this same exploit in a few days as well.

      • i guess im out of luck till we see 5.1

    • Metroview

      Removing Cydia won’t make OpenSSH uninstall. If you installed OpenSSH before, you may have a chance of saving it.

      • i dont think i can all of my packages were removed i was doing a queued uninstall and didnt realize i selected cydia too all i have now is access to the raw file system via i funbox

      • Metroview

        since you still have access via ifunbox, have you tried downloading the deb for cydia and putting it into /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall/ (case sensitive) and rebooting?

        there’s a plist in System/Library/LaunchDaemons that installs deb files automatically upon boot.

      • @Metroview that plist is part of Cydia so it woulda been uninstalled.


      • then i try to re jailbreak i get error device already jailbroken stash detected

      • I just tried dropping two files into the cydia/auto install folder, I have done this many times before however I rebooted twice and the files did not install. I think I’m pretty much out of luck, and if we don’t see a 5.1 jailbreak from I0n1c then I guess I’m just going to have to wait until pod2g works his magic and delivers us a 5.1 jailbreak.

      • Mate, try re-jailbreaking with absinthe. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what will

  • i hope this is not just a developers account jailbreak,
    though it might be, since i0n1c said in previous tweets that it would be only him having a
    jailbroken ios5.1 ipad2

  • Just woke up and i’m going over to ion1c’s house nick his ipad.

  • That’s some solid work right there dude!! Way to go…-:)

  • Someone get this guy a “new iPad” so he can do work!

  • Anonymous


  • Could’ve just changed the .plist in CoreServices and made iOS think it was at 5.1…

    • Anonymous

      That was exactly what I was thinking…

  • Hey, hey, hey, wait a sec… What about the 4S?

  • this is NOT a user-land jailbreak so it is a little better. (Just so you know)

  • Anonymous

    His real name was Stefan ( i0n1c Fucking Liar ) Esser

  • I0n1c trolling again http://bit.ly/ABf2xm

    • Just like him , there is no you in I..
      But one can alway hope..

    • Just like him , there is no you in I..
      But one can alway hope..

  • Anonymous

    Well done. I assume this is untethered?

  • Anonymous

    just realized tons of people already asked the same thing :/

  • Shot the f..k up some of you are very stupid.
    Please read before posting ..
    Try to follow the JB scene , then you probably will not post stupid question ..
    Wake up morons

    • Shugo Asakura

      Angery much? He said sorry…

  • Anonymous

    He’s a stupid troll and I bet he’s just closing everyone, now he’s going to start Elevator 2. He’s a Schmuck I tell you! Also please don’t be fools and donate money to that idiot, if he does release the jailbreak then you may. Till then think with your head and not your iDevice. HAHA I made a funny!

  • Anonymous

    he wont release to public he is a bitch


  • Anonymous

    just remember ionic is the asshole who said more DRM should be put into our iOS devices to block Installous and other software he considers “not cool” from be installed

  • i0nic’s been bragging about his ace in the hole for a while now, he’s said he’s only waiting for the ipad 3 to arrive to test this out.

  • Sorry if this question is stupid. But how can I sync my apps on my tethered jailbreaked iOS 5.1? Tried creating Cydia folder on var/root then AutoInstall inside Cydia, then put Appsync and Installous DEB files inside AutoInstall folder, restarted my device and it seems nothing happened because I did not see the Installous icon. Tried syncing my cracked apps via iTunes and the apps did not sync. *sigh*

  • Waiting. Good work. Ty

  • Anonymous

    I0n1c is à liar, see THE picture it is not possible when you jailbreak iOS 5.1 That you are on cydia 1.1.5 it is 1.1.6

  • Anonymous

    I0n1c is à liar, see THE picture it is not possible when you jailbreak iOS 5.1 That you are on cydia 1.1.5 it is 1.1.6