We’ve been tracking down new features in iOS 5.1, and besides the obvious addition of Japanese support for Siri, there isn’t much exciting going on.

Earlier this week, we reported about a subtle change in Safari, which now adds a “go to this address” message in the address bar. Today, courtesy of iDB reader Tyler, we found out about a new feature that’s been added to the Location Services settings…

On your iPhone, if you go to Settings > Location Services > System Services, you will see that a new icon has been added for apps that use a geofence.

Up until now, you could tell what apps were currently using your location, but you couldn’t tell them apart from those that use a geofence. Now you can!

I’ll be the first to admit that this is a meaningless feature, and while most of us probably won’t even notice this, I’m sure a few of you actually will and will be glad to learn about this addition to iOS 5.1.

As usual, if you find anything new in iOS 5.1, please make sure to let us know.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno, I think it’s a nice touch. If nothing else, it’ll let me know when I have a Reminder tracking my location vs. something like Time Zone/Traffic going awry or Find My Friends or something else checking in on me. Just one more example of Apple paying attention to the details.

  • I hate hate hate the location icon! Do I really need to have an icon always wasting space in the status bar??? I use Pocket Informant with location alarms, so the location icon never ever goes away. Apple should have an option to turn off the icon (I see they have an option ti disable it for the system services location requests).

    • you can disable it. See screenshot above. You have the option to turn OFF “status bar icon”

      • It only allows you to disable the icon for system services (I double-checked before I posted because when I saw your screenshot I was about to praise Apple for adding the option to disable it for apps).

      • Try Springtomise 2 . It can disable the location service icon in status bar

    • Use the CleanStatus tweak if your phone’s jailbroken


  • I also noticed that if you press cancel on a “select a Wi-Fi” alert, it tells you that it can be disabled in settings.


  • where can i find a list of things that have changed in 5.1 ?
    like in depth changes like this one…
    I used to find those for new builds of OSX betas…

  • i used to turn off location services..saving a lot of battery draining on my iPhone4..i wish auto location was updated to support iOS5 or there was another alternative tweak that do the same?

  • Yakir Havin

    This for sure uses less battery – for reminders at least…