Let’s start the day on a lighter touch, shall we? I found this funny and entertaining piece on TheJoyOfTech.

My favorite? “iPad 3 is so awesome, Chinese workers pay to assemble it!”

What’s your favorite?

  • Chuck Norris action jeans HA!

  • The last one is ridiculous and completely unnecessary.

  • huahuahuahua

    Even the dark is afraid of the ipad 3


  • This entire thing is just so awful. These jokes are painfully lame.

  • Anonymous

    I consider my sense of humor as above average, but this is just lame, indeed.

  • loool

  • Anonymous

    Old jokes with renewed actors. In this case, the iPad 3 (although Chuck Norris is always present).
    But the last phase, about the Chinese workers, is indeed completely a lame….