Being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next month, stylish car manufacturer Mercedes will reveal its new Mercedes Benz A-Class automobile. Not only having a stylish outside, the new A-Class will feature Mercedes’ new COMAND entertainment system, which will be focused around the iPhone 4S’ Siri technology, reports AutoBlog.

COMAND will use Siri so drivers can make appointments, send text messages and emails, get weather information, and control their music through Siri’s voice commands. Siri is already a great tool and looks even better when integrated with your car’s speaker system…

Mercedes’ current A-Class is priced at £16,045 ($21,453), which is one of Mercede’s cheapest options. Mercedes says Siri integration will be rolling into its more expensive line of vehicles, the B-, C- and E-Class models, this fall.

You might remember that Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs’ automobile of choice was a silver Mercedes SL55 AMG. I’m sure he would have loved to see his Siri technology embedded into his favorite whip.

Mercedes’ implementation of Siri sounds closely related to Ford’s Sync technology, which is developed by Microsoft. It’s great to see technology that gets the phone out of people’s hands, so they can pay attention to the road.

Mercedes’ is also set to reveal a new Digital DriveStyle app to the iTunes App Store that will stream Europe’s Pandora equivalent AUPEO! radio, connect with Facebook and Twitter to post statuses and read them allowed, and Garmin navigation system technology that will provide directions. All of which will be streamed out loud through the Mercedes’ speakers.

The new A-Class will first be launched in the UK. However, we expect Mercedes’ new COMAND entertainment to make its way to at least some automobiles in the US around fall.

[iPhone in Canada]

  • Matt Lewis

    Skynet anyone?

  • Anonymous

    looks pretty cool

  • But I don’t want a Mercedes Benz. Siri Support would be killer though. 🙁

  • No es para menos

  • Another reason to have Apple products. That type of integration wouldn’t happen if the software wasn’t any good.

    Just imagine how awesome Apple software would be if they lifted a few restrictions?

    Would the competitors then stand a chance?

    • Lifting restrictions would compromise integration. By restricting, Apple is able to maintain control, making it easier for them to integrate between devices.

  • Joshua Rawlings

    Your definitely getting laid that night……….

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    Most expensive iphone accessory ever!