Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note is so much better than the iPhone! Because, you know, you can crop your head and stitch it on a basketball player’s head, all that with a very handy stylus.

  • if that’s Jeff the Samsung Note will be OWNED!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well, if you are a designer that need to be all the time in the street, then this “crop & paste” thing of Galaxy Note would be indeed important.

    Otherwise, if you are a designer that works in an office, you will probably use iMac….lol

  • Anonymous

    A stylus… GENIUS! Wow Samsung is so smart they must have invented the stylus! ;p

  • ok first of all the iphone can do most of that if u install the right apps, second i think the woman in this video is pretty much clueless with both iphone and the samsung galaxy note, third try to count the things that the iphone can do and it will be a lot more than the samsong galaxy note, at last i would rather buying an iphone rather than getting this device for free !!!

  • 2 things i don’t like about the Galaxy Note.

    1. you need TWO HANDS to operate.
    2. Who needs a stylus for a phone? Heck, won’t it be weird to pull out a stylus to use?

  • Seriously! There’s all kinds of apps for the creativity, keynote for slides or docs to go, maps for directions. Simply put in the to and from addresses and press the home and power button simultaneously and send it via mms. GNOTE does a few things creatively, but what about app comparisons? If android’s software and apps were better I think all of us would be using it on the regular instead of the iPhone. I’m not putting android down, but iOS simply works better for me.

  • Now for my next trick, I’m going to put it in my pocket…

  • It not fair but android good luck iOS always kick your a$$ …….

  • So they take the dumbest bimbo on the street who has no clue whatsoever on how to work her phone, and put her up against a guy who knows his phone like the back of his hand?

    First off there’s apps to swap faces, and we don’t need a silly “pen” to do so. Secondly why draw on the map when you can email somebody directions from Google maps? Thirdly, you ever heard of Keynote Samsung?

    These adverts really hack me off!

  • “Jealous, upset, and embarrassed” is what I see in every single person’s eyes when I pull out my white iPhone 4s. Smh at this commercial

  • I don’t think she uses her iPhone like how we use it. I, oh I mean WE, can do whatever the challenges given with our jailbroken iPhone 4/S.

    Some people just get an iPhone just to get in fad.

  • The guy on the android obviously knew his way around that thing – i.e., he was a patriot in the experiment.

    I understand that the video is trying to make a quick point, but using one clueless iPhone user vs a trained patriot is not a scientific experiment and does not hold any water.

    Now if the experimenter gave 100 people an iPhone and 100 people a GNote, told them to play with their device for about 20-30 min, and then pitted them against one another on a “functionality” test – then this may be somewhat viable. But again, such features are like comparing Apples to oranges. Just because one device does something natively and another does it through 3rd party software does not PROVE anything.

    No, the iPhone can not “natively” edit photos in a sophisticated way, but it can with 3rd party software – the fact that the lady in the video did not know how to navigate the Apple appstore does not prove anything – she may have been just as clueless if she had purchased a GNote instead of an iPhone.

    These Android commercials always make me laugh.


  • Anonymous

    As a wise man once said, “there’s an app for that”.

  • you can do the exact same thing with your iphone

  • What??? I can do all that on my iPhone. Its all simple apps. You can’t take someone that clearly didn’t know how to use their phone and put someone who did and expect results. So one way and pointless, unless your attempting to slander and sell your phone of course.

  • Anonymous

    Did you know that Samsung translates into ‘battery dead already’?

  • Sabastien you are obnoxious

  • Expert User of a Galaxy Note vs regular woman ??? isn’t it obvious

  • Bitch Please 😀

  • Anonymous

    1:10 – “my phone cant do this, and I cant even think of anything I can go to… [btw what is the App Store?]”

  • how much are both actor / actress paid? hahahaha….but im impressed with galaxy s2, rather than note….

  • Anonymous

    Why would you even need a PEN for a touchscreen ??

  • will burris

    if they had given a jailbreaker as the iphone person and someone who regularly checks out weird things in the iphone markets they would have been able to do most of that stuff. i just love how people stack the newest tech against 2-3 year old tech and are like omg this new stuff is sooooo much better!!!! wow really? if apple wanted to put stupid shit in its phone it wouldnt need the app market. it would just already be there. yes i see the benefits of some of these things but you dont regularly use them. that would be good for woman, cops, other civil jobs(firefighters ambulance etc…) and maybe truck drivers. how many people need a map with hand drawn directions when your phone can just tell you where it is by searching the address.. way over complicated…. in my opinion.

  • Why not just screw Samsung Galaxy S2. And get a life?

  • There is only one, very short moment, when they show scrolling on the mini tablet… And guess what? It’s lagging like hell! Like every other android device I have seen. Scrolling is like sideshow. iOS is miles ahead!

  • I can do all that with my iPhone. Anyone can. They just need to know what they are doing. He already knew what he was doing and she probably doesn’t even know how to enable Airplane Mode.

  • GD

    I have the IPhone 5 but thinking about switching to samsung note 2, I like how you can connect it to your tv and use it as a PC using bluetooth mouse and keyboard ,i cant do that with my iphone 🙁