A couple weeks ago, we reported that the US Air Force was looking into buying a substantial amount of iPads in order to get rid of all of the paper and charts in their cargo planes, replacing the pilot manuals with electronic versions of the documents.

The deal actually fell through, as NextGov reports the Air Force cancelled its request for bids for 2,861 iPads because of one single application developed in Russia…

The procurement — kicked off in January — specified the use of GoodReader software developed in Russia to meet mission security requirements.

Michael McCarthy, director of the Army’s smartphone project, Connecting Soldiers to Digital Applications, based in Fort Bliss, Texas, told Nextgov last week he would not use software developed in Russia because he would not want to expose end users to potential risk.

Although the title of my post is very much sarcastic, I do understand the reasoning behind this decision. At this point, I assume the Air Force will look for a different application to use – Made in USA, of course – and will reopen its request for bids for several thousands iPads then once they find a patriotic replacement.

  • Joseph Torraca

    What is the app, I can make one in USA

  • Aric Bolf

    This is typical government operating procedure when buying anything. And to note, the item(s) are usually purchased with “end of year” money that is left over in the budget in September, not February. They hold back on purchases till near the end of the fiscal year in case they need the money for emergencies like Katrina. They have plenty of time to find one app that will work.

    • Actually, I disagree. I used to be a sub contractor for the DoD (actually it was my first job in the US) and I sold them for thousands of dollars of electronics every day.

      • Aric Bolf

        You’re welcome to disagree, however keep in mind i was a federal employee for 21 years with what they call an IMPAC card (a government VISA). I know the system.

  • why not just ask goodreader for the source code and compile it themselves they could try to work it out that way also :p

  • Anonymous

    What is going onnnn…, Huh?

  • they are totally frivolous, bcoz of a single plant give up the whole jungle

  • Damion Hammock

    They just wanted to wait for the iPad 3.

  • They’re just being a bunch of faggots. Idiots!

  • ipads are made in china. what about that?

  • double chin

    Let those faggots stick to pencil and paper. We need to save money. They are spoiled sobs anyway.

  • sn0wbaLL

    I was born in the USSR, this shit seems hilarious to me. Its prolly some old fart up in the military who hates the former USSR and is all paranoid about it. Jeez, let it go.

    • Commie! You would say something like that wouldn’t you!! /jk hahhaa

      No but for real. The Air Force is being retarded. Grow up guys.

  • Um….He said it in the article. It’s called “GoodReader”….I own it and it’s a very good app! Good luck!

  • Um….He said it in the article. It’s called “GoodReader”….I own it and it’s a very good app! Good luck!