Thanks to jailbreaking, you can make your iOS device look pretty much anyway you want. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of themes in Cydia that can alter the appearance of Apple’s mobile operating system.

But we’ve never seen anything like this before. Designer Anton Repponen has posted several images to his blog of what he imagines a Mac Plus-inspired iPhone theme would look like. Introducing iOS 86…

We have to say, the theme looks great. There’s something cool about blending Apple’s cutting edge handset with the interface of a classic Mac. So if any of you talented theme-makers out there are reading this, feel free to make this happen.

What do you think about iOS 86?

[iPhone Savior]

  • jose castro

    nice classic theme,

    • Anonymous

      It’s a cool novelty but not a theme I would keep running on my phone.

      Also I was never into Mac computers so the novelty is lost on me but I understand the retro nostalgia they’re trying to capture and know there is probably a decent size audience for this.

      If you were to use this theme and buy one of those cases you featured last week that look like retro apple computers it would be a complete throwback.

  • OMG I want it!!

  • that looks great but i still prefer stock

  • relase it please,omg!

  • Anonymous

    This theme makes me think, “this is what would happen if ios were on a kindle”

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    With an anti glare screen protector it would look perfect

  • When is this released? Looks great!

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks terrible tbh, if the iPhone looked like a Nokia from the mid 90’s then ye.

  • if it was a complete theme, ( ie: icons, UI, NC, …) then it would be aswesome. i would use it for sure

  • Nice! Is available for download?

  • Winterboard themers…make it real!

  • Anonymous

    Been salivating over this all day. Poked around the internet, but couldn’t find any theme like it. Hope someone makes it happen. It deserves to live… on my phone.

    • Anonymous

      Make a theme folder, drag the original icons from the respective folders, edit them in photoshop, invert them or change the outer glow and overlay colurs and use a white wallaper … fairly simple tbh to make icons look like this.

      I’m not trying to sound big headed btw i’m just saying it is fairly easy to make icons using existing 1’s in photoshop.

  • i like it, but the fact that it needs winterboard. it makes me think twice, because i don’t know, but it seems to me every time I install a themes that uses winterboard I get a lot a trouble, because i have springtomize and it seem to be a really be issue with the two of them….

    • i’m using 3-4 themes right now on winterboar. also has springtomize 2 but dont have any issue yet

      • Installing winterboard will not allow to change icon labels custom color in your springtomize2. Well, this is the only problem i had while installing winterboard.

    • What was the themes that you installed in winterboard ?

  • I think i’ll pass on this one.

  • Dan

    neat but I wouldn’t use it

  • Anonymous

    Apple Newton would be more appropriate.

  • I Have always been searching for suck a white and black theme

    please someone make it happen

    love the iOS 86

  • chicken

  • Howard Ellacott

    The buttons are so good, makes me want to lick em.

  • Anonymous


  • how to get it ?

  • I’m loving it. Still hoping for the lock screen though, u agree?