The Banned Scottish Siri Commercial

By , Feb 1, 2012

It’s a pretty slow day in the iOS world, so instead of making up rumors about the iPhone 9, we thought it’d be more entertaining to show you this video of a fake Scottish Siri commercial.

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  • fireh0tz

    Yer aff yer heid

  • Kona Farry

    The funny thing is that, at the end, it’s an iPhone 4

    • Neil Sardesai

      How can you possible tell that? o_o

      • Computer Freak 

        It’s missing the black bar at the top of the volume controls.

      • Alma De Maria Cote

        I have Siri working on my 4G, so it’s plausible!

  • Siv

    Haha this was funny :)


    Oh, this is funny? Really? All the way :(

  • Tito Georgie

    He sounds like sherk at the end lol

  • HK

    This I found annoying: he turned on siri, and then tapped the button as if to start the recording, but it actually just turned it off. Bit of a mistake.

  • Amad

    Dude u guys need to go out more lol

  • Dan

    still good for a laugh

  • RobbieCFF

    Why are they using US English and not UK English?

    • Anonymous

      Because he doesn’t want some bloody English bint telling him what to do.

  • Prathik Nair

    i hope the iphone he threw is okay

  • Aleksandar Trajkovski

    hahaha that was funny >:)

  • Computer Freak 

    Just noticed, its an empty case.

  • Don Packa

    Lol this is hilarious

  • Don Packa


  • Anonymous

    “I’m not even gonna get into the pint.” Cracked me up.

  • Rahul Dudhani

    he doesnt even have a phone in the end to throw.. just a case.. note that u can see the green background through the camera hole in the last bit.. rest assured the phone in question is safe… but still hillarious!

  • Asshole


  • Ali Aledany


  • Mallouk Malek

    Hahahay…. so funny

  • Anonymous

    yeah, it will take a major siri update to understand that.

  • kailash tindwani

    quit funny ad

  • Андрей Корнийчук

    No funny but stupidly

  • Ron McLaughlin

    I watched until he dropped the Fbomb, then I lost interest! Come on iDownloadblog!

    • Anonymous

      Maybe the F Bomb was over the top but it was still funny. Hell, I couldn’t get what he was looking for until the end and it was some bread and jam. I don’t see Siri easily covering all dialects very well. It would be quite a feat.

    • Imahottguy

      Lighten up a bit there toots. Is this supposed to be a grammar school blog? If so, I missed that posting. The video was funny, not hilarious, just funny. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if he was even speaking english! lol