Everyone needs to be able to keep tabs on their smartphone account. Even Sprint customers – we love you really! – should be able to take their iPhone and keep up to date on just what is going on with their Sprint accounts. Now they can.

Sprint has today launched its own iPhone app called “Sprint Mobile Zone” and it’s actually a rather nice looking affair.

More importantly, the app actually has some useful features, with the ability to access your Sprint account not the only thing you’ll be using Sprint Mobile Zone for…

The free app will also allow Sprint subscribers to check out the latest offers as well as keep up to date on Sprint news. The latter in particular may come in useful so you know when Sprint finally sorts out its terrible iPhone speeds. Oh no he didn’t!

“Sprint Zone offers Sprint customers immediate access to their account online, Sprint News and promotions and in addition, it offers the following for both Sprint and non-Sprint customers:

  • Simple device management (power controls, resources etc.)
  • Apple and Sprint store Locator*
  • Help functions, including access to a care representative”

Useful and good looking? That sounds like our kind of app! Shame we’re not on Sprint really.

Oh who are we kidding? It’s not a shame at all.

  • “Terrible iPhone speeds”?

    I’ve had my iPhone since early November with Sprint’s unlimited plan, and it’s great to not worry about varied bill charges. The ONLY sprint 3G speed complaint I have is YouTube videos. Other videos across the web load right up along with music downloads.

    • Jon Garrett

      why don’t you just get a 4G phone.

      • Anonymous

        because there are no Apple 4g phones and no we ifans will not go to any other phone even for 5g speeds. 3g is fast enough. pages load quickly, i don’t use my phone as a computer

  • 3g sucks 4g rocks