Siri, Hot Wild Girls, and Doritos…

By , Jan 24, 2012

Every year, Doritos holds a contest where anyone can create his own Doritos commercial, and, if voted the best, this commercial is aired during the Super Bowl. This year’s finalists decided to include Siri in their commercial. Some light fun video. Perfect to start the day!

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  • Marlber ‘Malberto’ Cruz

    Told ya it was funny!

  • B L C K A A P L

    Lol! Three Rottweilers!

  • Luke Row

    That’s awesome

  • jose castro


  • Fernando Cassias

    What girls said in the end??

    • Cameron Carlyon

      They said “Why are we here again?”

  • Omar Zaldivar

    LOL….best Siri confusion ever

  • Rodney Gordon

    Mad lol

  • Ali Aledany


  • Clyde Nomiddlename Butler

    Thats not even a iPhone lol.

  • David Morones

    Hahaha made my day :)

  • Neil Sardesai

    But…that’s not even Siri or an iPhone…

  • Anonymous

    Time to meet the challenge devs. Make this happen.