Apple’s Siri is certainly not alone in trying to be our digital assistant that knows everything and can help us in any way we ask. Quite how successful Siri is in its quest will depend on how you use it and whether your accent fits, but that’s something we’ve already discussed to exhaustion.

One new app which is aiming to take on Siri goes by the name of Evi, which we’re sure was chosen for one reason and one reason only – it sounds just like its competition.

Evi is available for both iOS and Android, with the latter being free and the former towing a $0.99 price tag. The discrepancy is apparently down to the need to pay Nuance for the voice recognition engine – an engine that is not used in the Android version. At less than a dollar we’ll not complain too much…

If you’re thinking that this might be a poor imitation of Siri then you’re in for a surprise. From our early testing and reports around the internet, Evi is proving to be something of a sleeper hit, with UK-based users particularly impressed. The main reason for that is localization due to Siri’s inability to use maps and the like outside the United States.

Accuracy-wise we’d say that Evi’s success rate when providing us with the data we wanted was at least as good as Siri, with some occasions where Apple’s solution just couldn’t compete.

We’ll be putting Evi through her paces over the coming days, but the initial signs are encouraging indeed, bringing the power of Siri – and some time more – to both Android and iOS devices other than the iPhone 4S.

If you’re the owner of one such device then you could probably do much worse than to give Evi a whirl.

[9 to 5 Mac]

  • So if this is as good as Siri …when are apple going to buy them out. ?

    • Anonymous

      Or, more likely, sue them…

  • So, what I gather from the video is that Evi isn’t quite like Siri. At least they didn’t show an scheduling, voice texting, voice calling, etc. It actually basically looks like Dragon Diction in that it is a comprehensive search engine (except Dragon is free.) Gonna have to see some reviews before I dive into it.

    • smart i just bought it and it doesn’t connect to the servers =(

  • This app sucks! complete waste of a dollar, and a waste of your time for posting this up. Doesn’t connect to servers..

  • So far this kinda sucks! It can’t connect to its servers!

    That was a buck well spent!

  • Looks great. Too bad I can’t tell due to their server errors…

  • I just downloaded it fron Apple. The server was down!

  • Anonymous

    You got us on this bull. Could of save that $ for a bag of chips. My i4 just need a spire proxy tweak that will auto set Siri to function…if possible with Spire!?

  • just cracked it u can find it on installous now Boogerland11 thats me!

  • Hey people, relax. You didn’t waste a dollar. Their servers are most likely getting slammed right now because of the coverage they’ve been getting. Try again in a few hours and everything should be working fine.

  • anyone find it in installous?

    • Anonymous

      How dare you install an app from Installous, that’s piracy! And that makes YOU a pirate, a thief! You are banned!

      (Just kidding, I do that too. Just mocking anti-pirate saints in this blog)

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      99 cents buy it

  • Jürgen West

    just downloaded it based upon my trust of this website, doesn’t do anything, doesn’t speak, doesn’t look up anything, doesn’t work at all.

  • just downloaded Evi based upon my trust of this website, Evi does not speak, Evi does not answer anything, Evi does not know anything. total waste of $1.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, yes, I’m sorry. iDB is processing your refund right as we speak, sir. Would you like something else with your $1?

  • Josh Brooks

    Which is better, Voice Actions or this?

  • Anonymous

    Voice Control is WAY cooler than this.

  • thiago bonfim

    ooops! I bought it before read the posts! 🙁

  • Anonymous

    thanks but user reviews are telling me one thing .. i’d be wasting my time with it.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t tried Siri, but if Evi is any indication of what siri is, then i’m not impressed.
    Besides the server overload, when it actually get’s an answer it is more like glorified search tool, and not even good at that.
    Tried to ask “What is 100 swedish kronor in romanian currency” and it suggests me a website to go and find the result. It should just give me the result.

  • just use the “dragon” app. it’s free and does the same thing. uses voice to do searches. now if evi could send messages or make calls I would definitely purchase. dragon and dragon dictation work great for me, dragon dictation has an option to post to fb, send sms, mail. im happy with that.

  • Tom

    I’m in the UK and I just installed it. It connects to the server OK, it just has trouble understanding me. I don’t have an accent, I’m speaking clearly… I think it needs a bit of work.

  • Anonymous

    When I asked it how old Brad Pitt is, it claimed he died on June 6 2011 😀 Seriously!

  • This thing didn’t work at all for me I asked it very simple questions and everyone time it just said canny talk to servers

  • I already got a bunch of questions with Evi but any idea how to clear it?