AT&T announced today new data plans for customers who take out contracts starting this coming Sunday.

The new plans replace the existing $15 and $25 plans and are built to reflect the increased amount of data AT&T’s customers are apparently using. Existing customers can keep their existing plans should they wish, and all new contracts taken out from Sunday will automatically use the new plans, according to the carrier…

“Customers are using more data than ever before,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “Our new plans are driven by this increasing demand in a highly competitive environment, and continue to deliver a great value to customers, especially as we continue our 4G LTE deployment.”

Smartphone customers now have the following options for their data uses:

  • DataPlus 300MB: $20 for 300MB + $20 for each additional 300MB
  • DataPro 3GB: $30 for 3GB + $10 for each additional GB
  • DataPro 5GB: $50 for 5GB, with mobile hotspot/tethering, + $10 for each additional GB

In comparison, this is the pricing info for the older data plans:

  • DataPlus: 200 MB for $15 + $15 for each additional 200MB
  • DataPro: 2 GB $25 + $10 for each additional GB
  • Tethering: DataPro + $20/month (additional 2 GB of data included)

New iPad users will also have new data plans to choose from:

  • The existing 250MB for $15 plan
  • DataConnect 3GB: $30 for 3GB
  • DataConnect 5GB: $50 for 5GB

Which data plan will you be choosing come upgrade time?


  • Exspensive. Thankfully UK is £5 for 500mb my whole contract which is £35 per month includes unlimited data unlimited texts 900 minutes o any network

    • wow lucky

    • Kok Hean

      12 GB data per month here 🙂

      • You use MyWi? Have you gotten any warning text messages from AT&T?

      • Kok Hean

        I’m not on AT&T. The plan comes with 12 GB data, bundled with FREE Internet tethering (all three carriers in Singapore). Therefore, I can use MyWi without any worries.

  • I think I’ll stick with my unlimited 😉

  • F**k AT&T u greedy retards!!!

  • Thanks God ur T-mobile acquisition didn’t go thru….

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if they will make us give up our unlimited plans when LTE comes out for iPhone users

  • Anonymous

    If I was the CEO of AT&T, I would LOWER the prices and give MORE data! Doesn’t anybody know that you make more profits from having more customers not higher prices? McDonald’s anyone?

    • “If I were” …not, “If I was”

  • God all mighty!! Look at those prices!! Really? $20 for 300 MB only?? Any one that knows how to make good use of their smart phone will use that in less than a week!!! I just realize that Im really lucky to still have my unlimited for $30.

  • US is another world, its population is not dumb and do no accept any kind of price abuse, here on brazil 3g internet costs around 35U$ for a 200mb data plan and 0,60 C for each extra MEGABYTE, the worst is that the normal speedis 50kbps and after reaching the limit the speed falls to 7 kbps. Brazil government and it ridicuously giant taxes needs a kick in the balls and a punch in the face to wake up and give population what it really diserves, we have condition to have hi-tech things for low price, but what they need is shame on their face to stop stealing our money..

    • that’s terrible…here in korea I had a plan that was for 1 gig of data, then a few months later, it turned into unlimited. even the plan undermine that was for 500 megs turned into unlimited. when my contract was up i switched to the lower plan since i don’t need so many minutes as I thought i would and i still get unlimited with no throttling! when i move back to the states i wonder if i can borrow someones old iPhone 2G and put my sim in there and get the unlimited data plan. I remember seeing that tutorial up here on IDB a year or so ago.

      • yeah, unlimited plan here? Don’t evenw want to know how much it costs.. brazil and its fuckin taxes,my govern earns 200billion U$ in 1 month just from paid taxes, and you know how much of that is spent with infrastructure, schools,hospitals or shit/? Nothing, they all use the money for buying mansions and shit,that’s why I’m foward anonymous I hope they help us……

  • Yuuup I’ll grandfather that!

  • Has anyone done a comparison to the current plans?

    • Anonymous

      Yes this is by far the best service and plans out in the market. Please don’y count Sprint as the have the slowest DATA service.

  • Anonymous

    I will stay with my DataPlus 300MB for $20. I have an iPhone and I am in wifi areas most of the time. The only time I am not is when I am on the road and I don’t use the data that much when I am not in a wifi area.

  • That really sux good thing i have unlimited data

  • The cell providers piss me off. I pay hundreds and hundreds for my phone and all it’s apps, and I pay these prices for my data, and I still don’t get good reception anywhere.

  • I think I’ll stay with my unlimited for $30 plan and burn up all the data I want. Life is very good.

  • Wow, at&t gets worst. Nothing new here. I have Verizon, and I hate how the data plans have zero choices behind them. I remember when I had an unlimited plan with at&t, so I told myself, I don’t go pass 2GB, let me save 5 dollars. I thought about the same thing with Verizon when I got my iPhone 4 in February. Sadly, I couldn’t switch. It was the unlimited data plan and nothing more. Now, it’s switch to a 200 or 150 MB plan for 20 dollars, or switch the my unlimited data plan to a 2GB data plan for 30 dollars. Nice choices, right?

  • In a way this is better for the people that have unlimited data and have their Internet slowed down. Since we were in the “top 5 percent” our Internet speeds won’t slow down after 2 gigs. It’ll only increase

    • Anonymous

      Ah, that’s a really good point. Unfortunately, I’m sure AT&T will find a way to actually _lower_ that limit and start threatening us at 1.5gb. Jerks.

    • its funny it took me about five minutes to understand what you were saying. but yes good point in a month or two the average top five percent users will be using around 3-5 gb meaning more usage for us unlimited users!!!!

  • Time for everyone to go to sprint!

    • Anonymous

      Why would you go to Sprint and get SLOW data?

  • I love my country. Every carrier has the same iPhone plan. It all comes with 12GB data bundle (each month) and the best part, FREE personal hotspot. Even if you don’t have data plan, there’s wi-fi everywhere for public use. The lowest is around $30

  • dsds

  • Here, i live in Romania, and we have RDS as a provider, and with 1$ you get unlimited 3G HSPDA INTERNET…… UNlIMITED and UNTHROTTLED. With another dollar, you get unlimited minutes in the RDS network…. the only downside is that they do not have for the moment minutes in other networks… just standard costs… like 5 cents / minute in other networks. i pay for 2 mobile phones with internet , digital cable television, 100mb/s home internet unlimited, the home phone – landline and a card for my laptop with hspa internet about 18 euros. Oh yeah – unlimited texts also….

  • You have it bad in the states, i pay £15 a month and get unlimited data, txts and 450 mins, why is it so expensive there??

  • Anonymous

    I personally think that these new prices are great. The DataPro 3GB: $30 for 3GB + $10 for each additional GB is the way to go. This way you know what you’re paying for and you get that extra 10GB every month. You guys want everything for free, by far this is the best and cheapest DATA service you can get. Verizon gives 2 GB for $30 and 4 GB for $50 with no tethering. You go do your math and see what works best for you and don’t give me that crap about Sprint being the cheapest when they have the slowest DATA in the market.