According to sources for Macotakara, Apple will unveil the iPad 3 in early February. The Japanese blog, which has a hit-and-miss track record, adds that the third iteration of the iPad will launch a month later, in early March.

These claims reiterate an earlier report from Bloomberg, which also suspects that the iPad 3 will debut in February in time for a March launch…

A previous rumor coming from the Japanese publication suggested that the iPad 3 is already in production, with manufacturer Foxconn responsible for 85% of the order and Pegatron supplying the remaining fifteen percent. Furthermore, the report claimed that the iPad 3 will have a slightly thicker design to account for Retina Display components.

Rumors, rumors. It’s all we have so far.


  • if the iPad 3 has a retina display. Its MINE! I will probably keep my iPad 1 and let my son play with it, since its pretty much his anyways..

  • Anonymous

    Sigh…. $$$

  • Haha the term is “hit-OR-miss” as in sometimes they hit it and sometimes they don’t, but never in between. Also i just bought my iPad 2 about 6mo ago 🙁 I’ll be sad if the ipad3 launches so soon.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it everytime you felt more regret after you bought an iDevices only to realise that the newer model will come out in few months to replace your current model you just recently bought while this is not the case when you got an andriod device. Seriously

    • Dan

      please… use… punctuation…

      I read your post 3 times before I got the sense of it… but yeah, I agree, it sucks, I just bought an iPad 2 as well.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, English is not my first language. Atleast you knew what I meant. = )

      • I still don’t…

    • Well for ONE’s wasn’t 4G that much is pretty obvious, so why your griping idk, SECOND..just look @ the hardware. One the Front cam is VGA,Second the Screen isn’t Anywhere NEAR…the clarity as the iPhone4 or S, an second the You knew they were gonna have to add a faster processor, so if ya bought one 6 months ago and Don’t follow up on these things then it’s your fault. Android does the same thing with a different model of the same type. Tech is changing al the time so like i said don’t grip about it..just pay attention.

    • Anonymous

      Dafuq was dat?

      (If you know what I mean…)

  • Anonymous


    Is Apple’s Thunderbolt an equivalent to Retina Display, just in bigger screens (Mac, TV)?

    I might be wrong and it might not even be a display, but whatever 🙂