It’s a pointless video, but you can only admit it’s pretty funny!

  • Awesome. Lol.

  • Rafael Franco

    Did it crack?

  • Lmao

    • That’s covered under AppleCare as smackmystupidbrother clause

  • that must of hurt

  • did it blend…lol…i think his jaw didnt take the for of the ipad…lmao

  • Hahaha…nice

  • great vid, LOL

  • Kok Hean

    OMG, is the iPad okay?

    • Dan

      lmao my first throught too, my gf says I’m a bad person

      • luc thibault-vallée


  • Siv

    Oh, how very convenient that there was camera recording the entire thing.

    Fake as anything.

  • …and this is how you use FaceTime with you iPad. I bet after the slap the apple log got embedded on his stupid brothers face, lol!

  • اي اي باد

  • اي اي باد

  • Joe


  • No More FaceTime now is FaceSmack XD

  • OMG!! iSlap

  • He got the wrong idea of FaceTime

  • OUCH !!! That had to hurt.. & not for nothing y would these two just tape them for no reason..? That kid did not look like he was into reading that book.. If it was set up ok cool.. But sh@@$ still had to hurt.

  • This is FaceTime 3D no glasses needed..!!

  • There’s a slApp for that.

  • Anonymous

    Lol. Now THAT’S a slap!!

  • This video is so old

  • Marcus Hennings

    This vid old but still funny everytime I see it

  • Dear god did he crack the screen? 😛 don’t fuck with apple lol

  • ahahahahahahahaha

  • Awesome that must of hurt ( The I-Pad of course)

  • Zas en toda la boka